“It is your Soul’s gift to your Self.”

October 2020 Message
Master Morya 

Have you ever shrunk yourself in life to make others less uncomfortable around you? Do you frequently find yourself stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage, constantly unhappy and uncertain of exactly what to change or how to change it? 

All of You are born originals, but too many dies as copies… And the good news is that you can change this! You can shift and transcend those self-imposed limitations! True happiness and freedom naturally flow in your lives as you align with your soul’s purpose and your True Self. 

The time for evolution is here. Do you feel that urgent call? The Time is Now! Look around – old beliefs are in chaos and you get to change them! 

Commit to creating a safe and nurturing community for claiming your Love and Light, the Self-love light! Own Your Divine Light Show: Accelerate your Divine Light, Live your Soul’s life.

Recognize that you DO have a choice—that you have the power to break free from the patterns and beliefs that stop you from having the life you desire!

A road of enlightenment will accelerate you through a spiritual evolution by discovering your soul’s purpose. Create your goal with your own Divine Light by taking a spiritual journey through meditation. You already own your Divine Light; it is by meditating you will find it.  It is your Soul’s true gift to your Self.

Meditation To Assist You:

  1. Take a deep breath. Inhale peace and exhale with happiness.
  2. Take another deep breath. Inhale love and exhale peace.
  3. Visualize the colors Pink, Blue and Silver flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Visualize your colors of Pink, Blue and Sliver pumping through your heart. Its flowing peacefully as you feel your souls love.
  5. Visualize your state of life which is wholly in the Light. You are raised in spirit into realms far, far beyond earth. You find yourself being taken into a disc of light, bright and shiny. You are into the heart of your glorious light. You are truly looking into your life within through the rays of your life of your whole being.  You will be healed and strengthened and illumined by the power of your Light and the Universal Love.
  6. Visualize the life changes you desire.
  7. Visualize your light back into your heart filled with the light energy of Universal Love.

“You’re always One Choice away from changing your life.” By Mac Anderson

Lots of love, Shirley

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