“Strong and Loving”

July 2020

Master Koot Houmi

When confronted with the disasters occurring daily, you must stay strong and keep your love light shining. Do not give in to the hatred, or to laziness; especially the kind that is caused by depression. The doorway to your everlasting happiness is your true Self.  Up until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be transient and temporary. As you accept your true Self, your dwelling of infinite bliss will accomplish eternal happiness.

Those with mere material objects will not be completely satisfied. It may provide temporary happiness, but it will either consume you completely or after a while leave you dissatisfied teaching you this short-lived mirage of happiness is not truly what you seek. 

To quench the spiritual inner thirst, it is essential for you to sincerely seek the answer to the more profound questions in life. Your mind is skeptical by nature as it always looks for a beginning and an end. For this reason, it is beneficial for you to trust the facts of your spiritual wisdom.  It is wise to recognize this inner calling for true knowledge and not fall prey to procrastination. Instead take your spiritual journey for the ‘Absolute Truth.’ The spiritual world governs the material world. It is an eternal realm beyond the immediate grasp of the material mind which people have. You need to trust yourself without questioning too much. The concept of eternity is not easy to grasp because your conception of time is limited. You are unable to reconcile the notion of something or someone being eternal it does not have a beginning or end. Earth’s modern scientific method of learning and thinking does not lend itself favorably to believe facts such as, God is eternal, or the scriptures are eternal. Planet earth’s energy consists of balance with science, which is negative energy and spirituality, positive energy. One without the other will not work for the whole situation will not be of balance.  

Meditation to Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath and exhale out your mouth.
  2. Take another deep breath and exhale out your mouth and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. (Your heart is a metronome that when combined with breath becomes a meditation focus point, like an internal mantra.)
  3. Visualize you are standing in this brilliant white light. You are standing into the very heart of this glorious light of Universal Love. 
  4. This is eternal white light is filled with love, the love from which you have come, the love to which you are returning. Within the bright light you begin to become aware of the perfected love in your heart, the perfect life and you are truly looking through the gateway energy of Universal Love into the Christ White Light in your heart. 
  5. You are feeling the love from your heart and the greatness within the Universal Love. It is an eternal flame of love and light.  

When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love. By Marcus Aurelius 

Love, Shirely

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