Your Power

Master Koot Hoomi

It’s time to get back to your natural state of inner and outer harmony. To reconnect your soul and spirit in a deeper way and rediscover your “Divine Rhythm.” Establishing your Heart-Mind connection allows you to celebrate the truth of who you are.

When you bring forth your solid commitment and mindset your behavior will support you. This is the true value of commitment and self-discipline. It gives you the drive and the will to get through seemingly unpleasant, uncertain, and unwanted experiences in the present moment which will lead to rewards in your future.

This applies to every aspect of your life, whether it’s your love life, social life, work, health, finances, hobbies, etc. Everything you set your heart and mind to do will require some kind of commitment in order to reach completion. Your thoughts set your intentions and creates and shapes your reality, it is your feelings and emotions that carry all the power. By now you should know the importance of setting your intentions. But few can activate those good feelings and positive energy that is needed to make their desires and intentions an actual reality. It is manifesting and it is very evident that some people seem to attract everything they want, whereas others continue to struggle. You may have thought to yourself, how can others attract a life of abundance and success, while it seems you are struggling. You may think were they born successful, talented or they are just plain lucky. This mystery is easily explained, because if you want to create the magic you need the magic powers. Those who are very wealthy and successful, have a vision, they think positive and they emit positive energy. Yes, they have to take inspired action. But they are backed with an unbreakable faith and positive creative energy forces. You cannot access all the good things that you want if you’re offering a vibrational match to what you don’t want or don’t have, it just doesn’t work.

When you focus all your attention on what you want, you become a vibrational match to your desires and goals. You will then start moving towards the life that you do want. When you allow what your current observing to dictate your thought processes and vibration, then you will carry on getting more of the same. This is the single biggest hurdle and a concept that trips most people up. The reality is…your current beliefs and emotions are what is creating your reality at that very moment. Some people cannot grasp the fact that, you have to change from within before you can change your outside circumstances and results for the better. This means you must have a strong faith and positive expectation. What you want is already yours, it’s a done deal, before it has even manifested. This can prove a bit tricky and more often than not and proves to be the downfall for most people. When you really desire something, which you don’t yet have, especially if you have been working towards a goal for a while. It can be hard to trust that it will show up in your reality at some point, especially when you are clearly observing the not having it yet. When you raise your vibration, not only will good things happen, things will work better and solutions to your problems will show up accessing the answers to your question. It allows new and exciting opportunities to present themselves. You will feel more at peace when you feel calm and happy. You will be able to tap into your true creative talents and inner potential.

“Meditation to Assist You”

  1. Take 3 big deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. BIG sighs!
  2. Begin breathing naturally, feeling the gentle expansion of your stomach and chest as you inhale and exhale. You are relaxing your body through your breathing. Feel the natural flow of your breath through your entire body.
  3. Begin to feel your own vital life force moving in your body. It’s important to take your time to establish your breath and body connection. 
  4. Be aware of your body. Visualize the colors Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head. Say to yourself I am aware of my entire body, my toes, my feet, my ankles, my shins, my knees, my thighs, my hips, my pelvis, my stomach, my chest, my fingers, my wrists, my elbow’s, tops of my shoulders, my whole body. I feel and see my pink and blue colors flowing through my entire body. (Enjoy some time in complete awareness of your whole body. Notice all the sensations that come and go. Stay fully present and aware of your body. 
  5. Now visualize you are sitting in a comfortable chair in front of a very large white movie screen. Images will begin to appear on this screen, and you see your life exactly as you wish it to be. You are watching a movie of the life you desire. See the key people, the places, and the environment. Notice the activities, your job, your friends, and family. See your clothing, your surroundings, and your home. See what you are doing and whom you are doing it with. See where you are and the variety of experiences that move across the screen. 
  6. Now see and feel yourself in this screen. It is now. It is real. See and feel yourself living this life you desire. Feel and absorb it all in. Experience the sights as they interact with you in the now. Feel through your body sensation the wide variety of emotions as you live your desires right now. Notice the tastes and flavors moving through your mouth. Listen to all the sounds that surround you. Hear the conversations, the sounds of nature, of the environment. Inhale deeply and caress in the scents. Participate in the environment, touching and feeling until your whole being is enveloped in vibration of your ideal life happening in the now. Allow yourself to immerse in the experience of living the life you desire, creating it and feeling it into being right now. Trust and know it is happening now. Relish this wonderful experience. 
  7. Allow yourself to continue being relaxed. Rest in the beauty of your stillness.
  8. Send out your thoughts, 3 times, “I am living the life I desire.” 
  9. Slowly began to come back. Start deepening your breathing. Gently moving your body. Open your eyes. Bring hands to heart center and bow to the light within, giving thankfulness.
  10. Always allow your heart to be your guide and your head to facilitate the action. 
  11. You have the essential power to manifest anything you desire. A gift not to be taken lightly and used very attentively. Always follow the light that is in your heart.

“You can’t cross the sea by merely standing and staring at the water” By Jack London

Lots of Love,

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