“Universal Love Energy”

Eternal Presence

Master Koot Hoomi

The God frequency is the manifestation of all creation through Love. The atom is the All of the All. Love is full of beauty, peace and contentment, which is the energy of All into the vibrational frequency of the All.  God Loves, you love. This love increases the manifestation of more into the atom of all atoms into the Galaxy waves into a vibrational frequency covering the Universe. It is like a blanket being waved with the waves flowing on forever.

Emotions are the creative flow of the body and mind. Your DNA connects in and to the right brain bringing in data from the cerebral cortex to assist the pituitary gland, which connects into the higher consciousness to bring in more data from the Universal realms.  With this understanding your brain will comprehend the information, therefore the data is saved. The human side has not fully awakened to this concept. As this concept becomes clearer, with the open mind desiring to learn more, you will receive more wisdom from the realms.  As your genetic coding rises to its new frequency pattern the DNA’s over all processing will slow down, allowing you to assimilate the new Love Light data. The emotional data, is a part of the formula of the heart’s desire, creates an action very powerful with tones, love and light.  That Is why meditation is so important. Meditation is an outlet for your body to process and receive information, so the DNA can release its coding.  The DNA and the RNA then will have the balance to flow to the higher conscious realms.

This light flowing through the Universe moves into the oneness of all souls between the higher consciousnesses, interconnecting other systems with the divine light. These light rays flow in and out of a myriad system, the love and living life cells throughout the Universal and Spiritual realms. This living life code is in every human body. It reaches its master from when the pituitary gland releases its flow through the genetic system. It allows your third eye to open into the color spectrum of the universal electro energy force field. This field is always there. This is called the Living Light Code for all people. 

It is up to you to pull your energy fragments together into your heart before this coding is released in and to your physical body. A great clarity will occur when you complete this process.

Meditation to Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale out your mouth.
  2. Do not think logically about anything. Relax and breathe feeling your heartbeat.
  3. Just breathe and feel your body relaxing
  4. You feel your body relaxing from any anxieties.
  5. You are at a safe place with your body and the Universe’s vibrational flow.
  6. You will step away from your emotions and observe your heart connecting with the Universes love and light. 
  7. As you meditate, visualize a path through a forest, down a mountain, along the beach, – wherever you are comfortable – and allow your mind to lead you to any answers you seek.
  8. Quietness and your connection with the Universe is your love power of manifestation!
  9. Now return to the focus of your heartbeat and take another deep breath.
  10. You have just connected your heartbeat with the Universal Love heartbeat. God’s Love.  Enjoy!

“You are never alone or helpless. The Force that guides the stars, guides you too.” By Shrii Shir Anandamurti

Lots of Love,

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