“You are Enlighten”

“You are Enlighten"

Master Morya

The Ancient Vedic Scriptures enlighten people in 1500 BC, when the oldest writings of Hinduism and Sanskrit literature were composed. This enlightenment created, nobody works without a reason. There is a reason for all your actions and every person has a purpose.  Some ask, what is purpose?             

The main reason behind all your actions is the desire to attain happiness. Deeper reflection divulges that it is believed you will be happy upon attaining some object. However sometimes, that item is knowledge. Everyone has a desire to know God is omniscient or all-knowing. Thus, each thought you have in your mind is known since endless lifetimes. After all, that’s the results of the past karmas. As tiny parts of Universal Love, you too harbor the desire to know—to know everything, to know it all. Since the part is naturally drawn to the whole, this curiosity for knowledge stems from a desire to be like God.

People’s quest for knowledge led to learning about the Milky Way and other galaxies; the curiosity led Newton to the discovery of the law of gravity; and Einstein to develop the theory of relativity. The inquisitiveness led to the discovery of atoms and sub-atomic particles, electron, proton, neutron, etc., and finally to the concept of energy. Research continues and new theories are being proposed daily. However, after all these centuries of research and discovery, the fundamental questions of your existence and origin continue to delude you. Who are You? What is the purpose of your life? What is the purpose of creation? What is the cause of all causes (the answer to all why’s)? It appears the more you progress, the more your quality of life and relationships deteriorates. Why?

After so much ongoing research and daily new discoveries, why is it that you are still unable to understand and answer the fundamental questions related to your existence and purpose of life? What is lacking in your approach or process? What are you missing?

This great secret is your understanding spirituality. You will be unable to understand material knowledge until you understand spiritual knowledge. Knowledge can be categorized into two: Material & Spiritual. In other words, one type of knowledge that resides under Maya (translated as ‘illusion’ or ‘unreality’. That the world is Maya is the basis of the emphasis on yoga and meditation in Indian thought, which is regarded as the means of moving beyond Maya.) and one that is beyond Maya, meaning, one material knowledge and one spiritual knowledge. Many have struggled through endless lifetimes for the material knowledge and understood plenty, but nobody can gain a complete understanding of this material knowledge without the spiritual knowledge.

Understand this concept by an example. In order to learn about pots made from mud, knowledge of the mud is essential. If anyone learns about the mud, then they will automatically understand everything about all the vessels made from mud. The same can be said of gold. Once we understand the properties of gold, we’ll comprehend everything about the jewelry made from that gold.

Similarly, behind all creation is God. If we get to know God, we will automatically become knowers of all material knowledge. On the other hand, without spiritual knowledge, will be incomplete. That is why one kind of knowledge—spiritual knowledge—is necessary. We pay very little attention to this spiritual knowledge. Most of your time, effort, and energy is spent on material knowledge, while less is spent on spiritual knowledge.

Learn your truth through understanding your spiritual self for all answers to all your questions are within you! 

Meditation To Assist You:

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch your body slowly.
  3. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head
  4. Visualize your heart beating your beautiful Pink and Blue, feel your colors vibrating throughout your entire body.
  5. Your heart is beating your wonderful balance colors of Pink and Blue
  6. Feel your body relaxing with the balance of your love and colors.
  7. You are Intune with your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of great happiness.
  8. Enjoy and carry your happy energy with you dailty

“Happiness is not something readymade.  It comes from your own actions.”  Dalai Lama X1V


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