Master Koot Hoomi It’s time to get back to your natural state of inner and outer harmony. To reconnect your soul and spirit in a deeper way and rediscover your “Divine Rhythm.” Establishing your Heart-Mind connection allows you to celebrate the truth of who you are. When you bring forth your solid commitment and mindsetContinue reading ““Self-Commitment””

“Your Power”

Master Morya Meditation frees you from any perceived weaknesses and as you practice feeling better you will leave behind all your negative limitations and self-doubts. Raising your vibration will awaken you! Your true powers and your potential will have access to a brand new and exciting life. You will move on with endless new possibilities withoutContinue reading ““Your Power””

“Universal Love Energy”

Master Koot Hoomi The God frequency is the manifestation of all creation through Love. The atom is the All of the All. Love is full of beauty, peace and contentment, which is the energy of All into the vibrational frequency of the All.  God Loves, you love. This love increases the manifestation of more intoContinue reading ““Universal Love Energy””

“The Importance of Meditation”

To feel healthy and live a Happy Life it is essential to meditate. It will help you to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, all factors that can prevent you from being or feeling happy. It has been shown that the practice of meditation, carried out on a regular basis, will mitigate the symptoms of stress, anxiety andContinue reading ““The Importance of Meditation””

“The Universal Law”

Master Koot Houmi It has always been in the nature of people to believe mostly in the things they can see, feel, taste, hear or touch while doubting anything else beyond the perception of their immediate senses. However, whether you believe it or not, Universal Laws influence your everyday life and there is no changingContinue reading ““The Universal Law””

“The Universe is Mental”

Master Morya The Universe’s life is all mental therefore everything on earth is ‘All Mind.’  The truth is the Universe itself, at an underlying and foundational level is Mental.  It is the phenomena of life matter and energy of the material and your thoughts are infinite with the Universal living Mind.  Describing the universe asContinue reading ““The Universe is Mental””

“You are Enlighten”

Master Morya The Ancient Vedic Scriptures enlighten people in 1500 BC, when the oldest writings of Hinduism and Sanskrit literature were composed. This enlightenment created, nobody works without a reason. There is a reason for all your actions and every person has a purpose.  Some ask, what is purpose?              The main reason behind allContinue reading ““You are Enlighten””

“Meditation Has Your Answers”

Master Koot Hoomi Earth is living in the dawn of a new beginning. Everything is changing including the traditional religious and spiritual ways. This movement is causing religion and spiritual to be in decline and new ways are replacing them.  It is best to learn how to approach this new beginning, and how to increaseContinue reading ““Meditation Has Your Answers””