“Capture Your Heart’s Moment”

Message From Master Morya

Love is an energy that warms your heart. It never stops beating to the essences of your needs. Flowing your love out to others will create rewards from the higher vibration of Universal Love. Your heart is filled with great blessings. It beats your love as it sings to your body flowing an energy of greatness inside and out of you.

For the sake of your love, you must clearly distinguish between love and Unloved. Never think that the disasters created by ego are about personal love, or about love of any kind. Instead, recognize the truth, ego’s reaction is an energy against love, joy and the brightness of Universal Love. Isn’t it clear then that ego is the problem, not love and not personal love? The problem is when your ego becomes selfish in the presence of your pleasures of love.

Renounce selfishness and then you can rise in love. To cultivate deep personal love is to meditate. In your private time of meditations, you can relax, focus on what you desire and be happy. Being happy with your love feelings will intensity the midst of loving yourself. Love and happiness sincerely creates a little flame in your heart and will burn a spark of love in your mind and body. It is very loving and personal. The more you meditate the longer it stays with you even after your meditation.

When your body comes alive and you feel alive is the time your love flows freely. Allow love to consume you. Love will make you happy, helps healing and is your self’s purpose in life.

There is love and then there is falling in love. Falling in love with yourself is the biggest treasure of all. Reason it touches your soul. Your Soul is full of love and you were born with all this love. It is you who puts restrictions allowing only a small portion of your love to flow.

Lets all allow love to consume us. To bring love back into power we must have a passion-fire love. With passion, love can live and burn like a wildfire over Earth. Love has the power to convert this world and everything on it. Love can burn all the hate, and plant beauty in its place. Let all of you be the light of earth by allowing your love to light this beautiful planet. It is important to know that you are truly loved, and it will indeed create you to find yourself in love.

Meditation to Assist:

  1. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly
  2. Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch your body slowly.
  3. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Flow Pink and Blue colors through your heart and out into the Universe
  5. Visualize your loving Pink and Blue colors flowing and wrapping around you like a blanket. It is your loving cocoon creating you to feel loved, secured and happy.
  6. Feel your personal love intermingling with the Pink and Blue colors from the Universal Love Energy.
  7. The Universal Love Energy is filling you with pure love from the heavens. It makes you feel happy and contented.

Lots of Love,

“Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams.”
By Hal Elrod

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