By Messenger: Master Koot Hoomi

You are Free.  It’s your responsibility to feel and know that great freedom.

To realize the importance of your freedom you must learn there are many portals to your Self. You have nature, body awareness, silence and breath. Silence is very powerful and allows an opening to the Universal Divine Love Power. The inner space in silent creates nothing so your reality can not be threatened, for nothing unreal can exist. To remember this is the secret of life. When you know nothing real can be threatened you will lose all fear. When you are totally present, you experience inner and outer space has “no mind” and, therefore, no space or time. Although eternal space and time still exist, they are less important. In other words, mind-time creates worries about the past or creates anxiety about the future. The real use of chronological time is for you to acknowledge the past to understand the future.

Enlightenment ends your relationship with your ego and others like it. In enlightenment you no longer identify with the body-mind there is only the ‘I Am’ awareness shining through.

Planet earth is deprived of personal love. There are little spots of love here and there but overall, even when the flowers of personal love appear, they are soon overshadowed by the weeds of selfishness.

So many people are unwilling to love unselfishly because they fear that others will not love unselfishly. They try to skip personal love energy and go directly to a higher love. Without personal love Universal Love cannot be. Real Universal Love is personal love on a high and is not in fact impersonal or non-passionate. Earth’s spirituality has become very dry, almost heartless, simply because it lacks heart-passion. Many people acting selfishly have fallen from the grace. Their personal love is in its true and original form creating failure to love truly. Forget ego, renounce selfishness and then you can rise in love. The selfish component needs to stay out and allow personal love to flower. Only then can people love personally and naturally without fearing their tendency to do so is a problem.

When your heart flows like a river you will feel the bubble of presence of love that is always around you. Everything that is done in the true spirit of love is a gift. In true love, even your passion, even your desire is a gift.

Freedom Meditation:

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch your body slowing
  3. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head. These colors are your balance colors and helps the flowing of your Freedom.
  4. Continue the pink and blue flowing inside your body until you feel relaxed.
  5. You are now relaxed feeling your heart’s vibrations pumping your love through your entire body.
  6. Your mind is quiet and your colors are flowing with your hearts love.
  7. Allow no thoughts to entire in your mind. If you start to think about anything immediately visualize your pink and blue flowing inside your body. You are inviting your Freedom to materialize.
  8. You are feeling your heart beating while it flows through your entire body. It is filling you with your self-Love.
  9. It is through your self love that creates miracles, changes are made, you are healthy, wealth and a happy person.
  10. Now feel your freedom love frequency as it flows your love energy inside your body and out into the Universe.

“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.” By Viktor Frank

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