Happy New Year 2018

“A Year For Balance”

The numerology for 2018 is Earth’s  #2 Universal Year.  The #2 year flows the energy of being careful, protective and nurture all plans.   Tact and cooperation will keep moving forward to help integrity rise.  It can be an emotional year creating frustrations to help Earth’s balance.  It will be a year of slow growth, which requires patience, secretive and discriminating in associations.

2018 being the year of #2 represents a slow journey of connection, partnership, relationship, patience, attention to detail, cooperation, sensitivity and gradual progress.  It will be an inspiriting twelve month in which there will be an exciting connection between past, present and future.  Eventually, this information will set an ambitious happy motion.  It will be a year to slow down and stop pushing to get results. It will teach people to move slowly, attentively, and to have mutual interests.

Earth’s energy will move slowly, attentively, and people will realize the importance of having mutual interests in mind.  If not, the energy will miss many clues and connections to make any kind of measurable progress.  It is a time to discover Earth’s bigger picture and discover connections to everything that is influencing Earth’s survival.   #2 Universal year is an energy to help create peace and accomplishments. Correct timing and patience are major aspects of this year. And, achievements will develop through teamwork.

Earth’s past and future will connect by the decisions made and the actions will take into the present.  Mother Earth will recognize and feel the nurturing energy of this year 2018.  It will be a relaxing flow in the gentle state of being carried along for freedom.  Free Will is the future for without it Earth is enslaved. Earth’s energy will demand a warm and willing attitude toward others.

To find your personal year add your date of birth month and day to the Universal Year.

Example: Your birthday is April 5th.
Month:  April = 4,  
Day = 5
Universal Year is 2018 = 2+0+1+8=11.  1+1=2
Add month April = 4…. Day = 5 + Year 2018

4+5+2= 11.      1+1=2
Your 2018 Personal Year is # 2


No. 1 Year… Your 1 Year is a time of change, progress and new beginnings. Whatever you do this year will have a significant effect on what you will be doing during the next nine years of your life. Create new goals and begin the work to achieve them. Seek out new opportunities and take advantage of them without hesitation. You can begin something new, such as starting a new business, even expanding an existing business in a new direction or taking on new interests or activities. You may find hidden tests of your character in this year, and you must show what you have and what you can do. Individuality, independence and courage are needed to navigate your 1 Year.

No. 2 Year… Your 2 Year dictates that your success and happiness depend, upon how much tact, diplomacy and cooperation you use in dealing with others. You may find yourself in the role of a mediator more than once in a 2 Year. Diplomacy must be used, and your patience will be tested, but know that is the only way to proceed in this year because anything else will cause a break in relationships or problems. It is not a year to be aggressive. The plans or new things you began in your 1 Year are still in the growing stages, so this is a year to remain patient. It is usual for a person to feel indecisive in a 2 Year so be patient, even with yourself. This year can bring new partnerships, new friends and even a soul-mate relationship.

No. 3 Year… Your 3 Year is perfect timing to make the best possible use out of your creative talents and abilities. Any activities having to do with writing, acting or singing are greatly enhanced. It is a year to use your creative talents, though you may have to work harder at remaining focused. What will inspire you is expressing yourself. Pleasure, travel, active social life and entertainment are keywords for this year. Use your imagination. Spend time thinking about your dreams and visualize your future as you wish to create it. This year places emphasis on friendships, old and new. It deals with the joy of friendship but also the problems associated with them. Do not let what your friends’ thinking influence you or become overly important as this is where some problems this year may lie. Be careful of gossip or being careless in what you say. Your words may come back to haunt you. Just stay positive in all that you do and say. It is a year to bring out your inner child and find the joy in life and living. Practice smiling more often, be cheerful, avoid moodiness and stay optimistic.

No. 4 Year… Your 4 Year emphasizes “getting down to business,” and you may work harder at your career or at home during this year than most years. It is a time to be practical and Down to Earth. You will find you have little time for personal pleasure or vacations. This is a building year for your future and, by the time it is all said and done if you put in the effort this year, you will have made a significant contribution to your security in the future and rewards will follow. It is a time to be organized, pay attention to details and to work hard. No procrastinating. It is not a good year to take a risk or to try to cash in on a get-rich scheme because luck is in someone else’s future this year. You may feel limitations and restrictions around you in a 4 Year because you must carefully follow the rules. This year wants us to stabilize all areas of your life, including health, so you may need to do some work in that area. The stress of your workload can also take its toll on your health, so be sure to pace yourself. If you are the type of person who is normally scattered, this is the year when you may feel a bit more disciplined.

No. 5 YearYour 5 Year requires you to be quite flexible and adaptable because the Universe is about to put you on a bit of a roller coaster ride for the year, and change is definitely on the agenda. You gain freedom this year, which is such a relief from the limitations of last year. You may feel a bit uncertain, as if you are wondering just what might come next, but it is an exciting year. This is a wonderful year for career expansion as there is a great opportunity for advancement and progress. If you are unhappy in your job, the energy of this year will allow you to change jobs. It also can allow for a change in residence and even a change in relationships. It is a good year for traveling, adventure, new experiences and promoting your ideas. Just be sure you do not have too many irons in the fire, taking on more than you can handle. Be careful of overindulgence in a 5 Year. When it comes to the physical body, moderation is the key. Many affairs happen in a 5 Year.

No. 6 Year… Welcome to the year of duty and responsibility to family because you can bet they will be plentiful this year. You may have a new addition to the family or perhaps someone in the family is in ill health, and you find yourself caring for them in a profoundly real way. This is the year for you to accept the responsibility for caring for your loved ones and do it selflessly and compassionately and with a happy heart. You must maintain harmony in your life when it comes to your home life, family and friends because, if not, you might find yourself parting ways. In fact, many divorces happen in a 6 Year. This is a year that tests our relationships. On the flip side, this year can bring you a committed relationship that leads to marriage. This is a good year for business and not one where you have to be overly concerned with money. You may receive a promotion and increase in pay, but it comes with additional responsibility. Artistic endeavors are supported in this year, especially in the areas of music and interior design. 

No. 7 Year… Your 7 Year is quite like being on sabbatical and one guided more by intuition than by reason. It is an important year in your soul development. This is a quiet year and one for rest and reflection. You may find that you require additional sleep this year. You also could find yourself feeling a bit withdrawn from your usual outgoing self and spending more time alone. You may question the meaning of your life and delve into more philosophical pursuits. It is a time to meditate and look deeper into your inner self. This year is like a mental-house cleaning, taking stock of who you are and what is important to you. It is a time to think, not act. The No. 7 is a highly spiritual number and, in a 7 Year, you may open yourself up to a more spiritual philosophy if you have not already. It is not a year to be concerned with business, and you actually may find you have unusual circumstances, which enable you to take some time off from work, such as a temporary layoff or perhaps you get time off because of a medical condition. Have faith that what you need will be provided. It is a great year for education, research and teaching. The focus of this year is inner development.

No. 8 Year… Your 8 Year is the year of accomplishment. You may receive recognition, promotion, advancement and improvements in your financial affairs. It is a time to use good judgment and be practical, efficient and resourceful. You may be surprised the role powerful and influential people play in your life this year. It is not a time to be focused upon the money (however, you will) but to be focused upon what you can achieve in this year. Set some goals this year and work toward achieving them. Real material progress will be present by year’s end. With that said, it is also a year that brings Karmic balance to your life. If debts are owed, they will be collected.

No. 9 Year Your 9 Year brings completion, finishing up all old business and making way for a new beginning. It is a time to let go of those things in your life that no longer serve your greatest and highest good. Things you may well have brought into your life in the past eight years but have now decided you no longer want or need. It is time to leave behind anything that has acted as an obstacle in your life. You may decide to leave a job that you are unhappy in or end a relationship that does not fulfill you. If someone is leaving your life in a 9 Year, it is best to just let them go and not try to hang on to them. If something or someone is moving out of your life, try to look at the situation in the light that it is clearing the way for your future happiness. Regardless of what it is, you are doing a house cleaning of your life. It is not a good year to start anything, such as a new business venture or a marriage, but better to wait for next year to do this. Whatever you do, this is the year to remain tolerant, forgiving and compassionate, and this year will turn out to be beneficial. Much emotion may be attached to this “letting go” year, but it is necessary to prepare you for the new opportunities next year. 

“The snow goose need not bath to make itself white.  Neither need you do anything but be yourself.” By Lao Tzu. 

Lots of Love,

The Miracle is not to fly in the air or to walk on the water, but to walk on the Earth.”  Chinese proverb.

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