“The Christmas Spirit”

Message from Master Serapis An old-fashioned Christmas is or even a modern one, is very simple: its all about loving others. Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. Those who do not have Christmas in their hearts will never find it under a tree. It’s the most wonderful time ofContinue reading ““The Christmas Spirit””

“Happy Thanksgiving”

Message from Master Koot Hoomi Thanksgiving is more than a day of eating mashed potatoes and gravy or watching football.  It’s a time to be thankful! Scientifically, the positive effects of thankfulness have been proven for a variety of purposes. Thankfulness will boost your neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin and the hormone oxytocin, all associated with well-beingContinue reading ““Happy Thanksgiving””

“Your Core of Vibrations”

Message from Master Morya  At your core of your Being, you are made up of energy, and your vibration is simply the movement of your energy through space. Your vibrations are very important, they are responsible how your life unfolds. Your life vibrations through the ‘Law of Attraction’ creates your entire life. In the simplest terms,Continue reading ““Your Core of Vibrations””

“Your Higher Consciousness”

By Messenger Master Koot Hoomi Higher Consciousness is something our ancient cultures knew how to achieve. The sadness about it is somehow much of the knowledge was lost along the way only allowing us to know bits and pieces of its remains. Also, some of the ancient’s names for Higher Consciousness include Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness orContinue reading ““Your Higher Consciousness””

“Eternal Presence”

By Messenger Master Morya Eternal Presence. You can’t see, taste or touch it, yet the utmost people realize Eternal Presence is within. The problem is many have no ability to express it. That’s why they express only what is in their present time. Humanity is under pressure to evolve because their survival is at stake. Unfortunately,Continue reading ““Eternal Presence””

“The Art of Balancing Your Love”

By MessengerThe Maha Chohan Spiritual Love is an awareness that you are all ONE and that the nature of source is always Love. When you love anyone and everyone it is a love characterized by detachments of drama and the absence of lower emotions. This love is your source of Universal Love. It is then you canContinue reading ““The Art of Balancing Your Love””

“Capture Your Heart’s Moment”

Message From Master Morya Love is an energy that warms your heart. It never stops beating to the essences of your needs. Flowing your love out to others will create rewards from the higher vibration of Universal Love. Your heart is filled with great blessings. It beats your love as it sings to your bodyContinue reading ““Capture Your Heart’s Moment””

Happy New Year 2018

“A Year For Balance” The numerology for 2018 is Earth’s  #2 Universal Year.  The #2 year flows the energy of being careful, protective and nurture all plans.   Tact and cooperation will keep moving forward to help integrity rise.  It can be an emotional year creating frustrations to help Earth’s balance.  It will be a yearContinue reading “Happy New Year 2018”