Levels of Love Energy

from Master Master Morya

Love is not something you do, it is something you are, or something you have become. Spiritual Love is a state of being. So it doesn’t involve any other person or object. It’s a state of energy you create within and around you and it will connect you with the heavens.

Love is like a staircase. You have life’s ups and downs, but your love within, your spiritual love and your Angels/Guides, can take each step with you. Your reward is to experience haven on earth while being happy and you will with radiant happiness.

When you know your love, you will find that love is a fire that cannot be contained. It becomes Universal Love naturally and automatically. With your love, you will find yourself loving everything and your life experiences will be filled with love. When your spirit has been resurrected then your love with Universal Love flows from your heart quite naturally. Its energy will vibrate an overflow from your heart and out to the universe.

People who know their love will have an overflowing abundance that creates their heaven on earth. More love is what earth needs. If everyone knew their power of love, what a wonderful place earth would be. Just imagine!

There are five steps to learn for clear understanding of Universal Love. It is an energy connection.

  1. Love Within You.
  2. Your Spiritual Love
  3. Unconditional Love
  4. Emotional Love
  5. Universal Love

As you apply your understanding of the dynamic laws of the Universe you will create a unique method of your own energy flow. Universal Love is the source of all treasures. Flowing your heart with the connection of the Universal Love’s abundance you will exploit your clarity. Your heart always carries and flows this love, it’s your brain that seeks the understanding of its knowledge.

Meditation is a tool to connect your soul’s love power with your brain to finally understand this great knowledge. It is a connection of energy that must happen before you can successful manifest your desires in a speedy fashion. It’s the short cut of making it happen.

Meditation To Assist Your levels of Love:

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. TakTake a deep breath and while exhaling stretch, your body slowing.
  3. Visualize Visualize your heart beating the colors pink and blue throughout your entire body.
  4. You are relaxed feeling the vibration of your heart beat flowing
  5. Take another deep breath, flowing it out slowly.
  6. Your breath of life and your heart’s beat is flowing your love out to the Universal Love energy.
  7. Relax and feel this powerful energy emerging from your body out to the beautiful universe.
  8. You now have the connection with the love from your body out into the Universes energy of love.
  9. Feel the power of that wonderful energy. And know this energy is within and around you. It is always there just for you.

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”
–By Oliver Wendell Holmes

Lots of Love,

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