Your Love Connection

from Master Koot Houmi

Universal Love surrounds Earth like a soft summer breeze. It will entice your soul to create a happy heart.

People must stop allowing the outside world to interfere and you will feel this great love. All you need do is allow yourself to be silenced to the brain chatter. Love has a great beauty, it is elegant and it’s yours to have and to hold. This love power is within your soul, it flows from the heavens connecting with you to emerge into a burst of more love. It is called Unconditional Love flow.

Any time your dreams or goals are not happening, you must stop and be silent. Ask yourself what energy am I allowing to stop me from gaining what I desire? For it is the world’s outside energy you are allowing to hinder your accomplishments.

When was the last time you walked in the woods? Walked silently feeling the softness of nature and listening to her beautiful sounds. Natures energy is healing and will calm you faster than anything else. Nature cares and has all the healing supplements your body needs.

People wake up and smell the roses. Look at how earth’s clutter is exactly what you are doing to yourself. Mother Earth and Father Sky is your energy source from the beginning. They want to nourish you and love you but you are fighting them. As you battle within yourself then the battle will carry forth like a negative energy encompassing you and your planet earth. Meditate and see your beautiful sparkle within and then your love sparkle will glow outside.

Have you really meditated to journey within yourself? Once your inner self has experienced a journey, you will see there is only eternity. Once that reality flashes upon your mind you know forever. No matter how difficult life may become, you will never forget that at the depth of your being, you are rooted in the Eternal. It is so, once your inner self has been awakened, you will realize from there that you gain mastery over your whole nature. It is then you must rein in the mind, purify it, sharpen it, direct it in totally new ways, and make it so crystal clear that it will carry out the will of your Inner Self. Knowing yourself will be a blessing for it truly is a beautiful paradise.

Your meditations can start with illusions, but once you get past those tricksters there is a source of love. This great love can help you daily. Within you there is strength and energy to accomplish whatever you desire in this life time. With an open mind, a pure heart and a readiness to give and receive advice, you then are willing to climb and enter the Divine Wisdom of your truth.

Meditation to assist with your love connection.

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Take another deep breath through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth.
  3. Visualize Pink and Blue, your balance colors, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Feel your heart beating Pink and Blue throughout your entire body
  5. Be sure to close your eyes. Clear your mind. No concentration. Just be. You will start to see twinkling lights. No thoughts, just allow the magic to happen.
  6. The twinkling lights are colored. The colored lights are starting to flow around you.
  7. These colored lights are flowing around and through you. They are filling you with love, with peace and with great happiness. This energy is your love energy. Your heart is beating and connecting with the Universal Love energy.
  8. You are love, you are light, you are calm, and your entire body is vibrating this love energy. You will radiate this energy.

Start Your day with Love
Spend your day with Love
Fill your day with Love
End your day with Love
For Love is your daily answer
–Unknown Author

Lots of Love,

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