Your Gateway

from Master Morya

You have a secret enchanting gateway, it is your spirituality living within your heart. To find this great secret, some call it a road to your heart, while others call it a path. We say it is a beautiful living journey within yourself. There is nothing higher than your heart’s truth. For it is your soul’s pure truth of love.

Imagine the great heavens, the stars and planets alike, filled by living Beings with an in-creditable beauty of majesty energy. Now imagine This great space being alive with currents of exalted energy. The life-essence of each of these mysterious stellar and planetary existences radiates a mighty wave of color, waves of sound that influence every particle and atom they encounter. This is the law of the Universe. It is filled with unity, color, tones and a love power that energetically creates its flow. And to think you were created from this great powerful universal flow.

Meditate and learn from your soul. Your soul is capable of showing you how to control and transmute every desire, every emotion and attaining a great ideal life. This beautiful flow will vibrate you to the higher realms of Universal Love. It is called transmuting fire of “selfless action.”

Do not allow yourself to submerge in doubt or superstition. They only represents a repressions and smaller vices to hold you back. There is nothing higher than your truth. And the truth of your love has the energy to overpower any unbalanced energy within or around you.

Meditation to assist in a journey to your soul:

  1. Visualize your balance colors of Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Visualize Emerald Green intermingling with your Pink and Blue Flowing inside your body.
  3. Feel the vibrational flow of these colors in your heart. Its beat and rhythm sending love vibrations out in the Universe.
  4. Relax as you tune into this beautiful universal energy that exists within and around you.
  5. Your love energy is vibrating throughout the entire galaxy.
  6. Your love energy flowing through out the galaxy emerges into a pulse in the Universal Love vibration resonating throughout the entire universe.

Everything is energy,
Your thought begins it,
Your emotions amplifies it,
And your action increases its momentum
– Unknown Author

Lots of Love,

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