Glorify Love

People glorify love as the source of the most splendid creations of art; productions of poetry, and music; They reverence in it the most powerful factor in human civilization, the basis of family life, and, consequently, of the development of the state. So, wonderful is love and so immeasurable important is its influence on mental life, that in this point, more than in any other, “supernatural” causation.

Most people have a war going on inside themselves. This war has been symbolically coined, “the war between light and darkness,” when truly it is a war between Love and Fear. You are the one that has the power to decide which one of these forces wins the war inside of you, and together you are the one who has the power to decide which one of these forces wins the war in the external world.

You merely need to come to the realization that you hold the greatest power within yourself and that power is Unconditional Love. Your love in your heart will speak much more loudly than anything you can say.

The first step of loving yourself is to take care of your physical body. To eat healthy, try and get enough sleep. Love yourself by forgiving yourself for what you have done in the past and let it go. Humanity needed to walk the path of fear in order to appreciate the path of Unconditional Love. You choose to see horrible atrocities that fear would create to comprehend what a wonderful world Love we can create.

When making mistakes in life sometimes you focus only on the mistakes rather than the good they have done. If you are abused in anyway by others, they are not to be excused because they are unaware of what they are doing wrong. You must realize that many of these abusive are fear based people and not at the level of understanding to know what they are doing is wrong. This understanding is not a mental but an emotional understanding. Show these people your light and let them simmer in their own darkness of fear so they may also choose to pursue the light of Love.

At the most basic level, Unconditional Love is about having compassion for others. To have compassion for those who are weaker than you. To have compassion for those who are suffering in some way, be in suffering mentally, emotionally or physically. You need to be able to use Love as a tool to eliminate fear. In doing so you must first unify all the separate parts of your internal world in Love soe you can be in harmony with yourself. Then you can teach others how to Love. By teaching others how you are in effect unifying yourself with the external world, and helping the process of bringing the world together in true peace based on Unconditional Love. The proxies of fear will naturally try to stop this process, including the ones in your life. The proxies of fear will do everything in their power to induce fear into those who they seek to oppress simply to keep the power. As a unified mass with one thought on all your minds, that thought being Love, you will demand that the world is changed for the better.

When fear is confronted with Love it has no choice but to give in to the demands because Love is more powerful than any fear. It is time to nurture the power of Love and recognize the presence of your heart. Time will allow it to take precedence over everything in your life. To recognize the power of Love may dissolve every fearful experience and heal every truth that you believe has been broken. I will restore your everlasting oneness with Universal Love that is one life.

Meditation To Assist Your Love:

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

  2. Visualize the balance colors Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Slowly flow Pink and Blue intermingling with the colors Gold and Turquoise from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. You are feeling relaxed with the vibrations of your heart beating Pink, Blue, Gold and Turquoise pumping through your entire body.
  5. Your colorful heart beat is vibrating your Love the colors Pink, Blue, Gold and Turquoise out into the Universal Love vibrations that exists within and you out into the Universe.
  6. Your Love and the colors are being spread throughout the entire solar system and out into the Universe. Your Love flowing will receive more love and light throughout your entire body, earth and the universe.
  7. Visualize your colorful heart strings of love flowing back into your heart.
  8. You have connected with the energy of Universal Love bringing it back into your heart. You will have new energy and a more powerful feeling of love for yourself, people and the planet earth.
  9. You have become a Love Vessel sailing smoothly in the Power of Universal Love Energy. Enjoy your new love, peace and tranquility. You made the effort to manifest this new love power creating it to be yours forever.

“By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” By Edwin Elliot.

Lots of Love,

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