The Levels of Love

Do you know how to create a connection with your soul? Looking at the world’s events it appears many have lost their root to connecting with their beautiful soul.

History shows in A.D. 180, Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, attacked independent thinking and all teachings relating to the Oneness of God and man. Believing that a spiritual consciousness and a personal union with God would undermine the authority of the priest, he directed his wrath upon Gnosticism. He first issued his five books against Heresies followed by a list of his acceptable writings choosing only words which supported his demand for a fixed dogma. The shift in mind-direction from within to without had begun, and the innate power of the individual was gradually given to an outer structure and a lower authority. It was in the first 400 years of this period is considered the “Barren Age” in Europe. The feudal system controlled secular life and the keys to spiritual enlightenment were held by the church leaders. This is when we got disconnected from our soul.

Through an understanding of your spiritual reality and a dedication to your wisdom, love and service you will attain supernatural powers with the ability to bring in your enlightenment of love.

It’s through the different levels of love that helps you get in touch with your soul and your great enlightenment of love. You may have a love for everybody and that is good, but it really has no polarity. The central part of the personal relationship has polarity. Without it there is no driving force. Within polarity you will have a ‘high’ through love, but remember there are also low levels. People think when they meet their soulmates they have the answer for their soul. Which may not be true, God gave everyone free will. In a sacred relationship, there must be trust but the most important is to have polarity that energizes. You must create space for the other person to blossom. Not on your terms. When each person allows the other to develop their own spirituality, and agree on what is in their everyday life, it is this kind of love in a relationship that has the power of polarity.

In the process of sacred relationship, you will face your angels and demons. It is love that is your rock that helps you to overcome any fear of reconnecting with your soul. Without self-love, you will disconnect from your heart and soul. Reason you are living through someone else’s life choices.

Love is the driving force that helps you to face anything. This includes your family patterns, group patterns, and fears of intimacy. Polarity that allows you to be your own uniqueness is really what helps you to blossom and to connect with your soul.

Love is your power and pathway to reconnect with your soul. When you are in touch with your soul it can become a problem because society does not really want you to be in touch with it. Look at the fundamentals of socialistic or communist models, they have always failed because they are about breaking down the family so that government can troll the individuals. Loyalty then is to the government and not to the family. It is very important concept to understand. The deeper issues are about getting rid of polarity, breaking down family, breaking down sacred relationship and breaking down the driving force that helps one become unique. When you are really in touch with your soul, then you can cut through and see clearly what is going on with this great planet earth.

If you are suffering, be a physical, emotional or mental then you need to use Love to end that suffering. If you are going through your own personal suffering, then you must gather the strength inside of yourself and be thankful for at least being alive. Drawing a breath is the greatest thing that you can have, and you must use that breath wisely while you are alive. The wisest thing you can do is Love yourself, and Love others. Whatever suffering you may be going through, does not compare to the power of Love. Sometimes it is very difficult to see the beauty in life, or see what meaning anything can have. You are weighed down by guilt from the past and worries of the future. It is as if you are being crushed from the inside out, with all of life’s problems. Many times, it feels as if there is no way out from your guilt feelings from your past and worries for the future. The important message here is to live in the NOW.

Living in the now is a very powerful, because doing this will enable you to move forward and accelerate your own personal development. You cannot move forward if you are feeling guilty about the past, and you cannot move forward if you are worried what will happen tomorrow. Just do what needs to be done right now.

Life is like the brightest of lights and shinning that light on yourself will allow you to see all the darkness within you. When you shine the light of Love on others, you can see the darkness within them also. Do not judge or criticize others. As you become a beacon of Love, you will watch the illusion dissolve before you instantly. You will be amazed and filled with gratitude. What unfolds from that point is the great joy and beauty that speaks the truth of Love in the symbols on Earth.

EXERCISE: Experience your Love

Rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds, until you feel heat developing between your palms. Then slightly curve your fingers as if you were holding a ball. Send through intention your love power into that space between your hands. Breath softly in through your nostrils and out your mouth. Wait a spell as you do this for the energy to build. Then slowly try and close your hands together. You will feel some resistance in the gap, as if you are holding a spongy rubber ball. This is your love and your life force.

Meditation to Assist You with Your Self Love:

  1. Take three deep breaths through your nostrils and breath out your mouth.
  2. Visualize the colors Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Inside your body, you feel these colors Pink and Blue flowing as it builds harmony and peace within you.
  4. Flow out your heart, your Pink and Blue colors into the Universal Love’s Pink and Blue Magical Colors.
  5. Feel you heart colors beating to the tones and colors within the Universal Love’s colors.
  6. Feel this wondrous energy filled with Love and Colors.
  7. You will bring back the joyful feeling of your great journey into the Universal energy.

Your heart must become a sea of Love. Your mind must become a river of detachment.” By Sri Chinmoy.

Lots of Love,

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