Closing The year 2016

December – the closing month for 2016. Disappointments of the past will disappear, leaving the way open for anew.

It is time to open your hearts and minds for this new year of 2017. A year to be filled with great joy.

Numerology, 2017 (2+01+7=1) #1 Universal Year’s energy will bring in new beginnings and a year of starting a new nine-year cycle for the planet. It holds the promise of exciting new adventure. It is to be a strong year for planet earth and it will bring in more peace and love. Love is what you are born with. Fear is what you must learn. To unlearn fear and prejudices you must accept the love in your heart. Peace and love truly has more implications than you realize. To love yourself is a major step in helping Earth’s whole collectively consciousness.

When you think collectively and see what is being adversely affected, you will realize you are part of the collective humanity emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Because of this resonance there is a cause and result of consciousness. It is important to put more energy out for peace, to help people realize that within themselves they too have peace and a heart filled with love. When people know their own love, they will be filled with peace and that heals earth. This uplifts the collective consciousness of humanity because as above, so below. As below, peace with yourself, so above.

Look at how many adults and children are intoxicated on legal and illegal drugs that tends to dull and confuse their minds. A healthy and inexpensive remedy is called meditation. Meditation naturally stimulates the pleasure centers while it balances and heals. Quieting your mind will elevate earth’s consciousness. Meditation will naturally unify and uplift your collective mind. It helps you not to absorb the collective mental chaos on planet earth.

People meditating each day collectively can dramatically improve the peace consciousness for the whole planet. It is incumbent upon you since everything is linked with all humanity. It is important to create peace not just in our own mind with meditation but to spread that energy and create a field of peace in the collective mind for all humanity and Earth.

Peace within you will create a peace within your family. That peace then flows out into the community and the world starts to have peace. Peace with the family, mind, and body creates a strong resonance field that will uplift and amplify peace in the community. At the spiritual level, you are one with the living planet. Earth must be protected just like you protect your own body, mind and spirit. The divine result of peace is with the God energy flowing into the Divine Consciousness. When you cut through the collective lack of peace on all levels, you will understand the divine name of God and Universal Love reigns over the chaos. You can see on a different level it is all part of the Divine plan is to help awaken you. When your consciousness is at peace with the Divine and you are in harmony, automatically you will see there has never been anything other than the peace and love for all.

Meditation to assist

  1. To relax your body, take a deep breath and push it out slowly
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head. Pink and Blue are colors that balances your body with harmony.
  3. Now visualize you’re in the temple of your heart. See this perfect pink rose lying at the doorway of your temple to your heart.
  4. Its petals are opening to the Sun. Every Petal is living and glowing with light.
  5. There is an ineffable light in the heart of your pink rose.
  6. Visualize you enfolded in those petals, in soft pearly light.
  7. Visualize you are in the temple of your heart; the Sun pours down into your heart.
  8. The Sun is the Christ White Light, the all pure love. You are part of that Divine light. Your Divine Light flows out from you heart to all humanity, covering planet Earth.

Wishing you a Season’s Greetings filled with energy of warmth, love, peace, joy, truth and goodwill. They are real gifts you can feel around you at this great Holiday

Lots of Love,

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