“Images of Your Colors & Love”

Master Koot Houmi

The essence of your colors enforces the energy frequency within your heart and touches the Universal Love energy flow.  When you are presented with news or information you have both visceral and cerebral responses.  The visceral comes from the emotional reaction and occurs immediately and almost spontaneously while the cerebral response arises from your brain involving conscious thoughts and takes a while to absorb it.

There are different levels of colors.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are the shimmering colors of the rainbow that inspires people with their beauty.  White also inspires people when it splashes across their surroundings, brightening everything.   However there is more to these colors than what meets the eye.  Some people see more than just refracted light in the rainbow’s colors and more than just the white light around them.  They see rays that represent different ways that this level of energy works in people’s lives.  By thinking of these colors helps people to focus their Thoughts according to what type of help they are seeking.

This level is known as the “Seven Rays.”  The Bible describes the seven angels who stand before God in Revelation, Chapter 8; the philosophic system of spiritual evolution features seven planes of spiritual existence.  The chakras  of energy within your body has seven levels; and the rainbow has seven rays.  Each color has different frequencies.  The light waves for the seven colors vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies within you and the Universe’s flow  that  attract the similar kinds of energy.  The colors are ways of symbolizing the different types of wave levels that flow  within  the Universal Love.  This connection will  help with any  manifestation.


Color is the language of Energy.  You truly have a visceral, emotive relationship with color.  Color is not an easily defined perception, language or science.  It is part of your intuitive language.  Color heightens your perception in life and is a core tool in healing with meditation.  Color precedes words and connects as it is to the limbic system of your brain.  It is the subject experience and objective feature of earth.  Color is tied to emotions as well as being a physical reality.  The intellectual left side of your brain becomes stymied when attempting to describe the experience of color.  From the atmospheric phenomenon of rainbows to the structure of the atom, from the artist’s palette to the multihued cloths you wear, color is a key that reflects your physical, emotional, and spiritual world.  The source of all color is light.  Without light, there is no color.  Light is the messenger and color in what you receive.  Color is light energy and is stored in light.  Matter is frozen light.  Light is the cornerstone of quantum mechanics.  Colors actually flows changes for  your emotions. Color is also processed differently via the intuitive senses than it is by the brain.  They are processed in different regions of the brain than those that handle other types of visual information.  The brain cells that transmit color information carry more than one message about the wavelength.  The spatial distribution of the light and interprets the information by decoding the color through a pooling and comparison of the data.

 Energy Shift And Changes 

Meditating with color, light and love  has been used to reset the emotional brain for centuries.  Your daily moods are influenced by color in your environment, food, and other objects around you.  All these colors have a potentially monumental influence on your well-being.  Surround yourself with colors and love.  Try on different colors in your clothing as you walk though life and observe their effects on you.  Consciously use color though out your daily activities to create the most comfortable environment in which to live.  As you walk, fill yourself with colors.  It is impressive to see the powerful effect on you and the people you meet during your walk.  It’s a great way for you to set your mood for the day.  At work fill yourself with color. Surround yourself with gold energy as a personal protection against others energies and it will mirror healing to those around you. 

Your perspective on color and your experiences with it are valuable teaching tools.  Create a daily chart of the colors you meditate with and how the color affects your moods you experience during the day.  You can chart colors before and after your meditation, after a day’s work. And so forth.  Experiment with adjusting your color frequently during the day then compare your moods and experiences.  You will learn a tremendous amount about how you are affected and how your conscious manipulation of color can change your reality.


Meditation slows your brain waves, creating greater coherence among all the frequency oscillations in your system.  This releases you from physical and mental perceptions, producing expanded perception during all the still points.  In this state of expanded subjective time, you can better absorb, collect and manifest information.  That is why being in a quiet, meditative state of mind is so powerful and effective.  Color meditation is a tool for you to heal, release blocks, restore vitality and tap into information and provides emotional protection.  Color can alter moods and subtly communicate with your emotions.  All people radiate colors around and throughout their body.  When you see colors in someone’s aura it is a reflection of their soul, spirit, mind and their body. 

Below is a list of ways for you to know when your energy colors are in harmony.

  1. Your color immediately appears during meditation or with your thoughts.
  2. The colors resonate with your body.
  3. You feel empowered and uplifted by the color’s healing properties.
  4. You experience a natural attraction to resonance with the color.
  5. The colors cleanse your energy or bring in the desired application effectively.
  6. The color feels good in your body.  They look bright and positive.
  7. You sense on internal validation.
  8. When filling up your chakras or other parts of your body with color you feel calm.
  9. All your body energies feel like they are vibrating at a comfortable and joyous rate.
  10. The color looks or feels in synchrony with your body.

Meditation To Assist you with Images of your Colors & Love. 

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Repeat this breathing technique    three times.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize your “Seven Ray’s” of colors.   Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet flowing from your toes to the top of your head.  Feel those colors filling your body while sending love with all those beautiful colors.
  4. Visualize  the Universal Love rainbow energy connecting with your love and color energy.
  5. Feel the vibrational power of this powerful energy connection.
  6. Visualize this powerful energy from the Universe and your color connection flowing around Earth.
  7. As this energy encircles Earth send more loving thoughts over Earth.
  8. Now Visualize your love and colors flowing back into your body.
  9. Your love and colors are flowing inside your body.  Visualize Silver on the outside of your body.

When you learn to notice and act on colors perceptions you will be using a Universal Human Language.

The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.  

By Kahlil Gibran

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