“Images of Your Colors & Love”

Master Koot Houmi The essence of your colors enforces the energy frequency within your heart and touches the Universal Love energy flow.  When you are presented with news or information you have both visceral and cerebral responses.  The visceral comes from the emotional reaction and occurs immediately and almost spontaneously while the cerebral response arisesContinue reading ““Images of Your Colors & Love””

“Everything is Energy”

Master Koot Houmi Every moment of everyday your thoughts and emotions creates your life. Since these thoughts mold your life it is important to have a balanced energy to ensure a more meaningful life.  The way to increase your flow is to “neutralize” your energy and then it will provide the perfect fuel to powerContinue reading ““Everything is Energy””

“The Height of Enjoyment”

 Master Koot Houmi   Life’s fullest enjoyment is created as you intermingle spirituality with your daily life.  This connection brings forth a harmony energy constituting you to dance in the Universal light.  The five steps to dancing with your light are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritual and meditation. Dancing physically energizes and aligns your body.  EmotionallyContinue reading ““The Height of Enjoyment””

Universal Year 2014 Numerology

Numerology is an ancient teaching from Pythagoras known as the Pythagorean Doctrine.  It is a language that allows you to be an observer of the apparent intersection of earth and the sky.  It will open doors to your spiritual awareness and allows you to see what truly exists.  Once your spiritual horizon has been expandedContinue reading “Universal Year 2014 Numerology”