The Golden Age

Spiritual Helpers

The Ascended Masters are individuals who were once embodied on Earth. They are enlightened Spiritual Beings, who lived on earth, learned their lessons, overcome their challenges and now serves as Universal Teachers.  

They are working to guide, protect, inspire and heal all planets including Earth.  Their Divine Plan is to teach about the evolutionary connection with the higher realms of Universal Love.  Their forms are sustained by the Power of Light, the Power of Divine Energy, The Divine life and the Divine Love.  It is all within their hearts.  

Centuries ago the great age of enlightenment and freedom was acknowledged in the presences of life’s eternal source.  It was known as “The Golden Age” and people knew their own truth.  They paid close attention to their physical bodies, emotions, thoughts and they meditated. They were independent by acknowledging the great saying “Know Thy Self and Thy Know All.”  

One day, along came those who wanted to control planet earth and its people.  They spread the word that it was necessary for others to solve their problems.  It generated a dense energy so the beautiful lighted souls were few and far between on earth.   “The Golden Age”   had to move into existence of the Universal Love Realms.  As time moved on gradually people began their spiritual awakening.  Changes were starting and by the time 2012 arrived there was a creative movement for major awakenings. Many people are now understanding their within and outer selves and are in complete obedience to the Universal Love Presence.  This information is   within their consciousness and is beholding the emanation of pure essence of Universal Love Energy.  

This great ascension is occurring on all levels of your being.   Individuals are becoming more heart centered, compassionate and creative.  This empowered energy has opened   a Universal Consciousness.   Universal Consciousness is intelligent, loving, all knowing, all powerful and creativity.  It is omnipresent across all dimensions of space and time and it is also present within you. There is no separation between your mind and the Universal Mind. This Unified Field energy flowing in the Universal Consciousness is an infinite eternal ocean of intelligent energy. Each one of your consciousness is a drop in that ocean.  The nature of Universal Consciousness is your nature. You have the creative power in which everything is possible and you can create any form of self-expression you desire.  Whatever you conceive, you can achieve. Whatever exists in your thoughts can manifest in the physical realm. The key is get out of your own way and allow it.  You already have everything you desire, it’s in your thoughts. All you have to do is allow it to come into your physical experience.   Your desires are the seeds of your creation and they can instantly be manifested.  This emerge makes it possible for you to belief in your creative power and know it will transpire.  Knowing that what you created in your mind is on its way for you to physically experience.  All you have to do is not allow your logical thinking to over ride your intuitive and creative side.

 Spiritual Helpers 

This celebrated Universal Love opening allows souls of the “Earth’s Light Torch” to shine brightly.  Earth’s awakening is gaining strength each and every day.  The movement is energized from the earthly souls who understand how to remove the veils from their eyes and hearts.  More souls are getting inspired by this movement and tapping into this great truth of Universal Love.  It is allowing your inspirational understanding to dip into something that is easily accessible to all. People are learning how their thoughts and emotions flow into a grid of collective energy and it manifests a great truth. “The Golden Age” is coming to fruition.   You are a “Spark of Light.”  Your spark ignites a light over earth.  People’s hearts and souls are the creation of “Earth’s Light Torch.”  It is filled with truth and harmony.

Meditation To Assist you With “The Golden Age”

1Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Inhale through your nose. Exhale out your mouth.  Repeat this procedure three times. 
2Visualize a rainbow color flowing from your toes to the top of your head.  Slowly flow your rainbow colors inside your body, up and down and slowly back and forth.  Feel your body being filled with these brilliant colors of love. 
3Flow your rainbow colors out your heart.  See these colors flowing around earth and out into the Universe. 
4You will see this bright star twinkling.  It’s twinkling for you to come aboard.   Allow it to continue to beam its rays of light and colors.   
5You are sitting on this beautiful star.  You hear harp music.  The music vibrational tones are flowing with your heart beat.  The colors and tones are filling your body with Universal Love frequency. 
6Relax and enjoy your place of security, freedom, peace and love. 
7Visualize your colors flowing back into your body from the star, through the Universe, through the galaxy and into your heart. 

Each person has their own unique energy vibration.  Every human being always holds their special vibrational field.  It is all in the current level of their evolution.  Your light resonates with wisdom and love creating you to be   “Earth’s Light Torch.”  

“Thoughts Become Things…Choose The Good Ones!”  

By Mike Dooley

With love, Shirley

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