“A Time of New Beginnings”

Master Koot Hoomi

When you spiritually awaken there will be an understanding, it’s a small, humble choice on your part to follow your spiritual life.  You will seek harmony, peace and goodness to help whatever way you can to make Earth a better place.  This choice has a massive impact on you, your loved ones, your community and the world.

Each soul is created with a divine spiritual blueprint.  It is a unique gift which is given to further the expansion of your soul while blessing others. As you seek this divine blueprint within your being and follow your heart’s desire you will be lead to the fulfillment of your highest purpose.

This sacred process is  simply for your own healing and for Earth’s healing. Your consciousness is one with the larger collective consciousness of earth and all embodied beings. Seek to follow your own inner guidance and in doing so you will bless all of life.

The way of the world has, until now, been categorized as being opposed to the way of Spirit, your free will.  With the reference to the ego and the Spirit you cannot serve two masters.  The union of ego and spirit is rapidly approaching, and in this union there will no longer be two masters to serve.  It will only be one, the God within and the God without, for those two are but two parts of one unified whole. The God within is the Divine essence of being that belongs to each soul. The God without is the creator and author of life.  


The time of new beginnings are coming into being now, invisibly, quietly, and not without hardship. The ways of the world are firmly in place and are being continually reinforced by energies that would have them remain in place. And yet in the midst of what appears to be an entrenched world picture, with events on the global scale often appearing to spin out of control, the new ways are being born. They are in the air. They are in the greater openness of people to spiritual thought and experience. They are in the greater longing of the heart for peace and love as values. And they are in the purification issues that are coming up for many individuals.  As the old self seeks to be released from its bondage within the physical and emotional levels a new version of self can emerge and take its place.

You and earth are in the midst of both personal and global purification.  There are many dedicated souls who wish to see more change occurring, more completion, however they still have to wait to find their heart’s desire to manifest. This level of manifestation cannot be brought about by one’s intention alone. It must be accompanied by the advent of greater light making possible an emergence of capacities and feelings that have been dormant since the beginning of time. The transformation and change that is sought is an act of grace as much as it is an act of longing, desiring and intending. The human instrument is becoming divinized.  The capacity to hold more light is central in your ability to finally achieve the depth of healing that is being sought.    Your ability can and will expand into a new level of engagement with light, love and life.


Still, during this period of waiting, much is taking place. The light, already present, is doing the work.  It is helping to free you by clearing out old energy from your body  that was not yours to begin with.  You had only acquired it in the course of time. Change is occurring for many, and new opportunities, new relationships, and new perspectives are also emerging. These shifts are in the air because of the advent of greater light.  You and earth’s consciousness has become more open to perceive new vistas.

At this time of transformation and new beginnings it is important to let go of what you have held onto out of fear or a sense of loneliness. It is time to give yourself the Divine and holy purpose that flows  through you from the deepest layers of “Self.”  There is no one without a purpose and no one whose life is merely ordinary.  Earth is in the grand scheme of things.  The people who have embodied God’s light and love upon the earth will help the planetary transition into light. This sacred opportunity is already present with you.  It is a matter of turning toward it with love.  Have the  courage in order to perceive the fluid and unknown road before you.  It is in the knowing that this road will take you to the greatest expression of your true nature as children of Universal Love and  Light.

Meditation To Assist You With “A Time of New Beginnings”

1Inhale, feel the air fill your body, and exhale, feel your body release tension and stress.  Feel the air fill your body and feel  your body releasing all of the energy that no longer serves you.
2Starting from the top of your head, crown charka, feel the stress and tension melt away.  Your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw, your tongue, the back of you head and your neck.  Feel the tension just melt away.
3Over your shoulders, into your upper arms, down past your elbows, into your forearms, past your wrists, into your hands and fingers.  Feel the energy flow through your crown charka down your arms and out your hands.
4You are feeling more relaxed, peaceful, more in tune with yourself.  Stay aware of your breathing as you continue with the physical relaxation.
5Continue to flow from the front of your chest, the back of your chest, your solar plexus, and your lower back, your stomach, your hips and upper legs.  Over your thighs to your knees, front and back.  Your calf muscles and your ankles.  Feel the flow of energy, flow smoothly from your crown charka encompassing your arms and torso, legs and ankles, and finally your feet.  Feel the energy flow freely from your toes. 
6Now  you are relaxed visualize your stepping into a shower.  This shower is your magical shower.  The water comes out at  the perfect temperature.  Just stand there and feel the warm water run over you.  Keep your breathing  nice and slowly.
7The warm water has now washed away all stress and tension.  Look down to your feet, and see all your tension and stress simply being washed away.
8Now the water starts to change color.  The water turns into a beautiful vibrant red.  The red water pours down and energizes you, right to your core.  Just stand there a moment and feel yourself infused with this beautiful vibrant red.  Now feel this color washing away all of your fears.   They are simply washed down the drain and taken away in a natural easy flow.
9The water starts to change color again.  This time it is a brilliant shade of orange.  Orange opens you to experience joy and allows you to release shame and guilt.  Feel the orange wash over you.  Feel the orange color wash through you, washing away all that no longer serves you.  Now you have made space for your joy.
10The water now becomes a bright shade of yellow.  Feel the yellow water cleanse emotional pain.  Realize that some things are out of your control and you can best handle them when you are calm.  Feel your body strengthen and become more secure.  Yellow clears the mind and invigorates the digestive system.  Take a deep breath and feel the clarity within.
11Now the water turns to a brilliant shade of green, balancing and restoring your physical body.  Green purifies the whole system, renewing your expression of love and forgiveness.  Just as you are love, you are loved.  Feel this green water open your heart to all the love you deserve.  Know that you are connected to the Universal Love energy.
12The water changes to a beautiful, cooling, magical blue.  This blue enhances self-expression allowing you to speak your truth, the universal truth.  Feel the blue all around you, allowing you to express yourself, according to your true-self.  Tilt your head back so that the blue water falls right on your throat.  Let the warm water relax all the muscles of your neck.  Breathe in and out freely.
13The water changes color again.  It now changes to the color containing indigo and purple.  Feel it land on your crown charka and wash all over you.  Indigo and purple stimulates your own healing power and wisdom.  Indigo stimulates your third eye and intuition, and purple increases your cosmic connection.  Feel the calming influence of the velvet dark colors of indigo and purple.
14Now the water turns to a brilliant glowing White Light.  Feel it embrace you with warm and pureness.  This heavenly white takes away any pain and heals any hurt.  It shows you the peace  and joy within your own spirit.  Take this moment to enjoy the White Light that surrounds you, that fills you, that holds you secure. 
15Enjoy how you feel, Enjoy being yourself.  Know that you are perfect.  And as you bathe in the White Light, know that you are now cleansed inside and out, in body, mind and spirit.  You are feeling peace and harmony within yourself and the world, both physical and spiritual. 
16Appreciate the time in your magical color shower.  Take a few refreshing breaths before you turn off the taps and step out of your magical shower.
17As you towel yourself dry feel your relaxed body, feel your relaxed muscles, feel your clear mind and feel your revitalized energy.  Your spirits are fresh your mind is clear, and you are filled with the Universal Love Energy.

“When our actions create discord in another person, we, ourselves, in this lifetime or another, will feel that discord. Likewise, if our actions create harmony and empowerment in another, we also come to feel that harmony and empowerment.”  By Gary Zukav

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