“Earth’s Spiritual Healing”

Master Serapis

Master Serapis is devoted to the great Divine Power of Light and Fire for all souls.  He has a strong determination to save souls from self-indulgence and to move them along the most efficient path to their ascension.  Serapis helps people prepare to receive gifts that vibrate the Universal Love supernatural miracles.

At this time Spiritual Healing for the world is a topic on minds of many and is in the hearts of all on earth. World events appear to be spiraling into ever greater manifestations of negativity.  There are many people who are working with hope, to change the world to create more positive actions and intentions.  To understand the process of world change from the spiritual perspective, it is necessary first to understand the current times you live in. Never before have human beings been more interconnected. The acceleration of communications technology has created what is truly a global community.  It is increasingly awareness of the whole earth and humanity. The spiritual teaching that you are of “One” is rapidly manifesting itself.  As the reality of your interdependence and interconnectedness comes to light then this energy will help manifest a stronger balanced earth.

Earth is alive and everything on earth is its living life cells.  This planet has water, proteins, DNA and that helps to animate what is alive.  A natural law dictates that the atomic and cosmic realms abide by identical organizational constraints are the atoms in the human body, the solar systems and the universe.  They all move and behave in the exact same manner.  Every human thought, all earth’s noise, everything is part of Earth’s make up.


The extreme imbalances on Earth are being revealed. It is no longer possible to shut out the reality of which you are all a part of.  The people who are greedy or want to control are now being exposed for what they are. World change is needed on Earth. As spiritual healing on the Earth progresses, it will become apparent to more people that these imbalances, where one part of your human family suffers at the expense of another, are actually detrimental to everyone. This awakening of consciousness is just beginning now. It has not yet fully manifested, but it will. The current time of world change has been prophesied in many different cultures and religions, and each of you are an important and essential part of this great evolution in consciousness.  This great change is happening at an accelerating rate, connecting souls to their Divine Source of Spiritual healing. 

Each individual who opens their heart to the Universal Love energy embraces the spiritual calling to awaken.  With this awakening they add their light and love and consciousness to the planetary collective consciousness. It is through many individuals awakening that world changes will manifest and transform the current global situation. Your daily actions and thoughts have a huge impact on the world.  This new planetary consciousness really started in 2007.  The many events that have transpired since then for individuals and humanity it has left a mark of truth imprinted upon the collective consciousness. It is now clear for people to see that individual actions as well as your collective actions are needed in order to avert the current planetary crises.


As humanity’s consciousness transforms, you may experience shifts in your own awareness. You may find yourself at times feeling overwhelmed by the new sensations, experiences and changes that are occurring. At the same time, you may also be feeling an upsurge of old emotional, physical or mental patterns from the past. They may appear seemingly out of nowhere, causing distress and discomfort. These difficulties are the result of greater Spiritual Light which has been infusing the Earth and accelerating her development. The light acts in two distinct ways.  It is opening and revealing the presence of Universal Love and illuminating your Divine connection. By bringing any emotions to the surface will heal your inner pain and illuminating the parts of you that have become separated from Universal love connection.

This action of Universal Love Light creates healing, but in the process of this healing, there can be pain and suffering that is brought to the surface of consciousness. You are seeing this on a planetary scale as well as individuals. The many ways that humanity has become separated from love and goodness.  It is being revealed and sometimes in shocking and traumatic ways.

Throughout this process, Universal Love continues to be present, and is beginning to awaken individuals to their divine spiritual purpose. It may seem that you, as one individual, would have little effect on the larger course of humanity’s evolution, but this is not true. Souls are being awakened to a larger understanding of the sacredness of life.  Those who understands the effect that their consciousness, thoughts and actions have on Earth creates a center of Universal Love Light within themselves.  This divine center of light begins to infuse your physical body, your living space and Earth’s living sources.   This light also has an impact on those that you love who you hold in your consciousness and communicate with. The light acts to bless, heal and support others. Like ripples in a pond, the light radiates out and interacts with others whose centers of light begin to expand from the contact with light.  As more and more ripples flow outward from the centers of light, they become intertwined, interconnected, and begin to resonate at a more conscious frequency. Soon even those who are not conscious of the light begin to be affected by it, and their lives begin to transform. The Earth herself benefits greatly from this expansion of consciousness and helps her own divine spiritual evolution.

 It Is Time 

 Meditation to assist you with “Earth’s Spiritual Healing”

  1. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds then breathe out your mouth slowly.  Repeat the breathing technique three times before starting your meditation.
  2. Visualize the colors pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.  Visualize your love colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Gold and White.  Visualize those colors expanding out from your heart and permeating every cell of your being.  A feeling of love and peace washes over you.
  3.  Feel your emotions rising to the surface, this is completely natural.  Be an observer and allow the emotions to surface and release.
  4.  Breath slowing and deeply and allow the emotions to subside.  Your body is filling with light and love, healing all aspects of your being.  Enjoy and allow this flow of healing energy to continue for a while.
  5. To assist you with this healing process.  In your mind repeat the following affirmations: 

•         My body, mind and spirit are healing now.

•         Any past pain or upsets are being released now. 

•         It is now time to release the past and embrace the present. 

•         The power of love is healing me now.  It is healing on all levels of my being.

•         I am now healed and grateful that my energy is helping my beautiful planet Earth. 

•          I’m healthy, wealthy and happy.

6.    Now inhale… and exhale.  It’s now time to visualize a White Light sealing your aura and flowing to your heart chakra.

After this meditation you will immediately feel more relaxed, more at peace and more in tune with yourself.  You have healed yourself and in doing so you have brightened Earth’s Love and Live.

“Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world you see. It is with your thoughts, then, that we must work, if your perception of the world is to be changed.”      By Course In Miracles

With love, Shirley

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