“The Great Love”

Master Venetian

Love is what makes the world go round.  It’s the energy of emotions that creates the spark of action for this great love power to flow.  Love is like a fire inside your heart.   A calm soothing flame and as it grows it becomes your flickering light.  It’s through all of life’s experiences that your heart matures into a deep, desirable burning sensation.

Everything on earth is connected by love energy.  This raw vibrational energy is how the universe was built.  It cannot be manipulated and it will lead you gently through life.  Love energy is  free and when you yield to its powerful energy it will lead you the in right direction for your life’s path.

This great flowing flame will vibrate within you and around you, embracing the great planet earth.  It’s a beautiful sight.  There are different levels of love.  There is a young love ruled by emotions that are not mature enough to flow properly.    When the young loves are presented with a life’s choice, their free will can be one of major learning lessons. The opposite of love is fear. Fear brings in the negativity of misery, judgment, anger guilt or anxiety. Love does not.

The mature love brings in the thoughts of positivity, hope, acceptance, joy, freedom and serenity.  Is it through your love experiences that helps  direct you to the path of “self” love.   “Self” love is an interdependent enterprise which begins and ends with you.  This new energy teaches you to take responsibility for your own choices and reactions with any situation.  Universal Love has no beginning or ending.  It just is. Now it is time to tap into that ever present energy source and know that it never ceases.  It’s the way to live.


At this time Earth is waiting on us humans  to undergo our spiritual transformation.  It’s a great planetary alignment.  People are only one of billions of species evolving on  Earth, and anything that affects Earth will affect you and them. Earth is a living Being and it is becoming more of a conscious planet at the same time as humans are becoming conscious creators.  Earth and humans  are becoming conscious partners in working for the betterment of all.

Earth is surrounded by an energy known as the   “Ring Pass Not.”  The “Ring Pass Not” energy holds a limit in spiritual intellectual of a consciousness power.  It is something beyond most  individuals. It makes them  unable to pass through until they evoke from within the strength and the vision to move forward.  These limits are set by your own Karma.

This  circumscribe energy  is shaped like an egg.  Within the egg there are  lines, pentacles and circles  that  creates this ring.  Of course this Ring is not actual rings of matter.  Its an energy that  enables you and won’t  allow you to  pass beyond the limits set by your own strength.  It is a temporary barrier made by your Past Karma.  It is guarded by cosmic spirits and guardians of Karma.  Those who reach beyond the “Ring Pass Not”  will flow towards the greatness of this new Cosmos Enlightening  energy.

The “Ring-Pass-not”  is  separating Earth from other conscious planets are  now starting to crack.  Its similar to an egg shell cracking for the birth of a baby chicken.   Now these  cracks will put  strains on all of the Earth’s systems. That  means an increase in volcanic activity, earthquakes, climate changes, strange weather patterns and etc. It will cause energy shifts within you.  It will  be one of difficulty only if you chose so.  It does require you to realize and know these shift have an important reason.  It’s all a part of you and earth’s energies that never existed before.  It is greatly accelerating the new development of love consciousness.

Everything on earth has its own “Ring Pass Not.”    It is the level of your mental body which extends beyond the physical and enables your energy to operate at a lower mental level. Soul contact with your “self”  love will extend the “Ring Pass Not” and will allow activity on your higher mental levels.  All souls  have  to pass certain initiatory tests. You can not get past the rings until your heart  is satisfied by surrendering your ego to the soul’s higher destiny.

You may experience strange energy feeling restless feelings especially at night.  This powerful  energy flow is going in many different directions. With type of energy power  you will  learn from  experiences on how to stay focused. 

The ultimate goal being on earth is  to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is. It is a long journey, but that’s okay because the soul is eternal. Your  soul’s journey is really a process of evolving. This means growing in consciousness, steadily progressing through different levels or stages of consciousness.  How you grow in consciousness is through taking challenging experiences in physical form   That is how you discover your inner resources.

It is time to take responsibility for your actions, forgive others, forgive yourself, and help others climb to the mountain top.  The beautiful earth is moving to a higher vibration and all beings on its surface must also.


Meditation To Assist the “Great Love” Message

1 Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
2 Visualize the colors of Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
3 Feel the soothing colors of Pink and Blue balancing inside your body with a gently flow.  
4 Visualize Turquoise and Gold flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
5 Visualize you  sitting on a rock by a rushing free flowing stream of  water.  Look into the stream and you will see it  is crystal clear with a turquoise color. The bright golden sun is shinning over you.  You can feel the warmth of the sun rays. The refreshing sound of the water flowing relaxes your entire body.
6 Relax and feel Earth’s Love Energy pulsating in your veins.  It’s a powerful feeling.
7 Visualize  Pink, Blue, Turquoise and Gold flowing from your heart and out circling Earth.  Your  beautiful love colors are vibrating a new energy like a fine tumed love frequency.
8 Earth starts feeling your love energy and begins  pulsating  a rainbow color that flows out into the Universe
9 Feel the great  presence of love around you.  Your body’s energy is feeling alive  You feel your heart flame and is filled with true passion. Your heart’s colors are flowing from you to earth and out into the Universal Love Tones.
10 Bring back all colors into your heart and seal it with Silver.  Its your spiritual shield of love from the Universe, Earth and yourself. 

This meditation will assist you to relax and melt away some of your Karmic energy. In doing so people around you will feel this gentle warm  flame of love  that you have become. That is when you and earth’s  energy will  increase into a brighter light.   

Every atom in the Universe has self love consciousness  It is an atom and an angel that moves by your desire to love and create.

“It is love alone that leads to right action. What brings order in the world is to love and let love do what it will.”       By Thich Nhat Hanh

With love, Shirley

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