Master Koot Hoomi works with the Great White Brotherhood to assist Earth’s transformation to a higher level of energy.  Those of us, who have blocked energy, must learn it’s time to experience the knowledge of the Universe’s Love energy movement and raise our own level of energy.   It’s the knowledge of the higher levels of consciousness that allows us to raise our own vibration.  Their ambitious endeavor is for us to rise to the new frequencies that will evolve us, and earth more rapidly. 

The Mayan calendar ending 12-12-2012 created some confusion over our earth’s reality.  The Mayan calendar counts long cycles of 144,000 days equal to 394.26 tropical years, meaning there is an energy shift from the universe flowing the new frequencies of different types of energy.  The Mayans had a concept of a long continuous timeline on their calendar but never anything about the end of time on earth.  It’s similar to earth’s yearly calendar; when the end of the year arrives you just start a new one.   Mayan’s knew how a planet alignment would affect Earth, and all aspects of people’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

These new energetic waves flowing to Earth has significantly changed people’s consciousness starting in December 2012.  The change of this base foundational frequency for people on Earth is now the new field in which humanity will transform and ascend to a new Divine humanity.  At this level of evolution within the new Divine energy, people’s spirit and soul emanates as one with the body.  This is when people start expressing a new dimensional harmony within their heart center consciousness of love, creativity and peace.   These new wave patterns; Galactic, Solar, Earth and People, have been progressively changing for the last several decades.  People are becoming more conscious of this great movement at different levels through spiritual awakenings and a change in perception of time. They intuitive know that Earth changes are reaching a higher level. 

It was on December 3rd and 21st 2012 when Earth had a planetary six solar alignment.  These planets were Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Earth, the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon was close by.  All these planets represent different types of vibrations as they interact with Earth. Saturn represents Structure; Venus is Values, Beauty and Love.  Mercury energy deals with Communications and Rational Thought, the Sun is Energy of Life, Jupiter is Expansion and Moon is Nurture and Instincts.  Now visualize that type of alignment in the Universe, pulsating their energy, creating a new energy opening for Earth.  It’s like a door being forced open allowing all this new energy to encircle Earth.   It’s an energy that enhances your heart’s love flow. Your heart, feeling this new love energy, creates an intentional journey desiring more love, joy and harmony.  It actually created a spiritual transformation for earth and all of its living life cells. Earth’s spiritual transformation is a manifested solar system and is the periphery of influence from the sun.   It creates you to move in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level of reaching your “Christic” level known as the Christ-consciousness of Universal Love. 

The “Christic” seed is planted in your heart and is the truth of your “Divine Presence”, the light of your soul.  Each level influences your emotional stimulation affects to all levels, indirectly within you and out, into the Universe Love Energy.  With Earth’s fear-based consciousness, people will lose control with their greed and conflicts that have created dimmed awareness.  It is from the awareness of this energy and intention that heals the heart.  It is important to have your energy balanced so your consciousness will be anchored into a higher frequency transmitting the harmonic frequencies in your heart.  January 12, 2013 there was another shift allowing a galaxy barrier to be removed creating another major Universal Love energy flow. 

What you are experiencing with this great energy is like a leap between the physical aspects of your being to become a lighter being.  You were born into earth’s realm with a physical body that is manifested, created and use the key of Earth’s elements.  Your physical body is connected with earth ream for without many of its elements you could not exist for very long.  As your physical body re-aligns with the new flowing energies you will feel lighter and freer.  Your cellular level of your physical body’s cells are not dense, they are light.  The more light you receive the lighter your chakras.  The lighter your chakras the stronger you physical body becomes with a brighter aura energy field.

Experiencing this new energy in your heart it will allow you to access more light.  The inner space of your heart is the inner space of your cells and your light energy.    Feeling this new energy shift will create unexplainable feelings and moods.  You may go through crying, feeling you are lost, thoughts of the past, odd dreams, illness, not trusting your intuition and etc. Your emotions will be flowing in many various directions working to release old data that is no longer necessary.  You will always have memories.  It’s all in the way you put them into perspective with life’s changes that makes it easier to deal with them.


Emotions are the energy power that flows to your heart.  Emotions reflect your intentions. Without an awareness of your emotional currents you are not able to experience reverence.  Reverence is not an emotion; it is a way of being.  The path to reverence is through your heart.  Only awareness of your feelings will open your heart.  With this new energy phase is an evolution that will take you into the experiences of the multisensory human and the nature of authentic power.  It does require the proper emotional flow enhancing your heart to feel safe to open its light to a higher conscious.  I am creating a release so your light can penetrate from within and then connect to the energy of the Universe.  Your “self” generates from within and yearns for the connection to the Universe’s Love energy. Your human design from the Universe at this time is telling you, your body is indeed a giant mechanism of holding light.  When you chose to access light from within, you are choosing to awaken your connection within your being that creates an access point.  This access point, once awakened, flows and informs you of other aspects of your physical body.  This is why when someone holds fear, it is not truly coming from external sources but rather it is self generated from the very access point of that which you create and radiates out to the more physically dense matter of your body.  In your cells, the organs the blood the tissues, etc. will resonate with the frequency of fear.  As you become more in alignment with the internal and external energy, it is quickly reflecting a great rise in your vibrational level as you align with the Universe.  It is the support that you are open to receiving which is a great help to your evolution. 

In awakening to your unity consciousness of your heart, it is a must to release the emotional work of integrating the false self defenses of shadows through mediation.  It must be done with the clear intent to live a life filled with love and creativity.  In this process your nervous system changes for the necessary opening of your heart from the lower thinking in your mind.  Meditation will help you create frequencies to the higher unity mind. 


Meditation To Assist Your Transformation.

1.   Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

2.   Take another deep breath and while exhaling stretch your body slowly.

3.   Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head. Pink & Blue are balance colors for your body.

4.   Now flow rainbow colors out your heart and circle you entire body clock wise. Left to right.

5.   Visualize yourself walking in the Red Wood Forest.  Feel the magnificent trees casting a serenity feeling throughout your entire body.

6.   Walk to one of the tree’s and lean against it.  You have your feet on earth’s soil and your tree has its roots solid into earth.  This energy brings forth your feeling of connection with earth’s powerful energy.

7.   As you lean against the tree, you will feel the energy of great strength and power within.  You will feel no matter what comes your way you have the power of moving through it.

8.   Look up and you will see a ray of light shining through the tree limbs.  This ray is encircling the tree and you. 

9.   Your heart is now connected with your entire body, earth and the heavens. 

10. Send out your thoughts with this great connection.  Feel, listen and watch how your body re-acts to this energy of this wonderful meditation. 

11. When completed cover your heart with Gold and the top of your head, your crown charka, with Silver.

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”  

By Ram Dass

With love, Shirley

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