Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 2013 is the end of this year A time to say hi to family & friends Reflections of many for this great year Will definitely set your heart free Creating  another Happy New Year May your Love and Light Always shine for all It makes a glow over this great planet Earth Earth’s greatContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

The Golden Age

The Ascended Masters are individuals who were once embodied on Earth. They are enlightened Spiritual Beings, who lived on earth, learned their lessons, overcome their challenges and now serves as Universal Teachers.   They are working to guide, protect, inspire and heal all planets including Earth.  Their Divine Plan is to teach about the evolutionaryContinue reading “The Golden Age”

“Dancer’s in the Sky”

Master Melhizedek Melchizedek is a great Master working to raise the higher consciousness through color and tones.  His symbol of the “Maltese Cross” represents the four planes of matter and the mastery over all of them. He and other Ascended Masters have mastered these planes and its Master Melchizedek duty to teach those who areContinue reading ““Dancer’s in the Sky””

“Your Spiritual Gifts”

When you consciously become one with Master Morya’s energy, you will find it is concentrated upon a Universal Love service.  It is a born action of a continuous urge to help mankind.  This connection with the Universal Love energy will open your heart to the understanding of your great Spiritual Gifts.  Master Morya is aContinue reading ““Your Spiritual Gifts””

“Think It and It will Happen – Believe It and It Is Yours”

Master Serapis Bey vibrates the energy of a quality frequency for prominent assistance to earth and people. This movement flows towards the frequency for purity, discipline, joy, hope and excellence. Master Serapis helps people develop these qualities and gain mastery while gradually releasing any unbalanced energy that maybe stored in their physical body. He assistsContinue reading ““Think It and It will Happen – Believe It and It Is Yours””

“A Time of New Beginnings”

Master Koot Hoomi When you spiritually awaken there will be an understanding, it’s a small, humble choice on your part to follow your spiritual life.  You will seek harmony, peace and goodness to help whatever way you can to make Earth a better place.  This choice has a massive impact on you, your loved ones,Continue reading ““A Time of New Beginnings””

“Earth’s Spiritual Healing”

Master Serapis is devoted to the great Divine Power of Light and Fire for all souls.  He has a strong determination to save souls from self-indulgence and to move them along the most efficient path to their ascension.  Serapis helps people prepare to receive gifts that vibrate the Universal Love supernatural miracles. At this timeContinue reading ““Earth’s Spiritual Healing””

“Universal Consciousness””

Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh Ascended Masters have been human’s “Wayshowers” for eons.  The Ascended Masters together with the angels, other cosmic beings and the Universal Love vibrations, comprise a spiritual order called “The Great White Brotherhood”.  They are dedicated to helping all humans realize their bright spiritual paths.  They are one with Universal LoveContinue reading ““Universal Consciousness”””

“Love Consumes All”

All love energy consumes and vibrates into a frequency connection with the heavens.  In the Universe’s dimension, negative energy is lower vibration because it is denser and heavier. Positive energy is higher vibration because it is finer and lighter.   All negative energy makes you feel trapped and heavy. All positive energy makes you feelContinue reading ““Love Consumes All””