“Your Spark of Love”

Great White Brotherhood of Light

The flame of Universal Love constantly flows over Earth helping everyone to reconnect with his or her original Universal Spark of Love Energy Data. This energy creates your path of light that directs you toward others with the same love energy. This version of love energy is your elevator that carries you to the heights of greater vibrations. For those who try to take the elevator without love will not have the power to do so. It takes the spark of passion to ignite your love for the creation of this needed energy to make it work successfully.   

You will feel an excitement once you experience the flow of this love and passionate energy. It will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning and stay up all night. It is a different feeling, and the difference is the connection of your love and passion frequency. Passion gives love power. The passion that makes Universal Love effective is to experience your own personal love within yourself. Your personal love turns and tunes you up. In the process, it awakens psychic awareness, enlightening your mind and body as it raises your consciousness. 

True personal love brightens the world and will cause you to experience what Universal Love really is. It is far more than a theory or a philosophic position; it is your steps to the higher realms. It vibrates your heart, so you feel a great bounteous love as your heart fills with the new energy. Your heart energy will overflow, and that overflow is agape. Once your heart feels this sparked energy, then you will fill the world with your flame of Universal Love. Your flame is the fire that cannot be contained. It is the connection to the Universal Love naturally and automatically experiences with all life. When your energy has resurrected this power of personal love, you will naturally flow this love from your heart. 

Your vibrational light allows you to journey forward as an Ascended Light Being living life through love. Through this understanding, you become one within your Universe. You begin the process of expansion as you share your Divine Light and Love within many others. As your collective consciousness realizes you are living life through love for Earth’s living life cells, you will know the Quantum of Evolution is collectively increasing to new heights. You will expand to be a higher Light Being within the Universe.


A great empty space is in the north nebula of Orion where a heavenly cavern that is so brilliantly beautiful, filled with luminous colors unlike anything on Earth. The light shining and glowing behind clear, clean walls of ivory and pearls, and studded with millions of diamonds like shining stars. The colors have a hue peculiar to Orion studded around the opening, so they appear as a pavement of starry sand. This is the inner heavens of Orion’s doorway to the splendor of the Universes. The belt of Orion acts as the central control for higher evolutionary programming and orchestrating planetary evolution. The Pleiades is the synchronization point for all cosmic timing cycles, the place from which the rhythms of the galaxy are orchestrated. From the Pleiades, you receive the Omni-universal Divine positive energies. The Pleiades and Orion are the propagation of light. They are the Father and Mother centers for the opening to the Universes. It is a key function centers for you to experience the union with your “Oneness” source.  The Ancients called this the constellation “Cradle” or “Seed Bed” of life and is central to the cosmologies of many ancient cultures. This energy has created a new dimensional Earth shift, and it will create an ever-widening difference in the frequency between the forces. Earth itself will begin to shift into a different light force, creating an increase of people recognizing Earth has more spiritual people. These people have moved into a higher dimension of thought nurtured by the higher love and light. 


Everything you do in the true spirit of love is a gift of pure love. It is an energy that makes the Universe flash colors and play musical tones. This frequency enlightens your spiritual being to spark and recognize your physical body’s attunement. 

Meditation To Assist With “Your Spark of Love”

  1. Visual Pink and Blue flowing from the toes to the top of your head.
  2. Feel the Pink and Blue energy flowing through your entire body.
  3. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. Feel your heart beat to the beautiful tones of love.
  5. Visualize your heart beat love flowing calmly and peacefully.
  6. You are in a bubble of love, vibrating your colorful vibrations and looking up at the sky.
  7. While you are floating in your bubble of love, looking up to sky, you will see your spark of love unveiling your powerful spiritual mysteries.
  8. You will discover your true love power. 
  9. After you rest and relax in this energy, then flow this power back into your heart. Your heart is your treasurer chest. Seal you heart with a silver energy.

“Shirley’s Comments”

The Earth cleanses herself of unwanted energy just as people do. You energetically connect with Earth, so what happens on the Earth level, you will notice in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

Earth cleanses and realigns her energy in ways such as earthquakes, storms and volcanoes.  As Earth experiences these changes, people need to cleanse and realign their bodies. Earth actually experiences earthquakes and tsunamis where people experience natural physical disasters on the psychic or energetic level. It is very important to stay energetically aligned for the spiritually aware people are who help Earth by staying energetically aligned in the midst of all these shifts. 

It is important to release physical, emotional and mental toxins. Toxins are everywhere.  They are in the air, food and water. Your overall health can be vulnerable to exposure of these environmental toxins.

For the Physical Toxins, a “Simple Cleanse” by Enzymatic Therapy provides the basic start with a gentle, natural laxative formula and fiber fusion. This combination helps to move your toxins out in a matter of two weeks. In doing so, it will help to restore your body’s own natural balance.

Emotional Toxins is to look at your life and notice the things that are the most uncomfortable. It can be your career, relationships or money. Your most important emotional energy is communications. When you realize what is causing you to over think or maybe not sleep, then it is time to communicate and express what is disturbing you. With communications, you will automatically flow with your power, and the body will mend quickly. 

Mental Toxins is to be aware of when you start having negative thoughts. Realize that every negative thought can be changed into a positive balance. In meditation, look at those negative thoughts, and then release them to the love and light in the Universe. Learn how to quiet your mind, so you can receive communications from the Universe. If you are having trouble sleeping, then meditate flowing colors inside your body. Keep your thoughts on those colors and continue to flow them. You will soon fall asleep. Make peace with your past and gain understanding of your soul’s journey. Doing so, you will become a vessel of light and carry messages of love, healing, peace and joy on Earth. 

Know that you are unveiling the mysteries and discovering your true power. You develop a personal relationship with you and the Universe, while you are learning to feel, see and consciously channeling this powerful energy. 


“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

 Oliver Wendell Holmes

With love, Shirley

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