“The Waves Of Love”

Master Morya

2012 has manifested a flow of energy, creating the  Pleiades to be in position for the right vibrational frequency to Earth, which creates a light into the solar system.  This shift has caused the energy to vibrate into the frequency of the Photon Belt of Light.  Then, this light creates a flow from the Octave of Light filled with waves of love and colors.  Earth’s solar system is now in the Photon Bank of Light, causing direct waves of energy from Alcyone.  The Galactic Core of the Milky Way, in addition, will move to a different cycle.  This new energy will bring forth the ending of the old and the beginning of a new.  This great alignment wills plicate electro-magnetic waves of love vibrations to the central sun, and then it flows down to Earth.  The Universe’s Galactic Core is now pulsing electromagnetic waves of love vibrations to Earth from Alycone the brightest star system in the Pleiades.

This new energy will open your pineal and pituitary gland, allowing you to focus more on the power of your ability to do things and your will power. The pituitary is the doorway to the Divine, and when it opens, coupled with the pineal energy, the two of them working together vibrates a light. This transformation of energies makes your body become of a brighter light.  This beautiful energy flow helps your soul to enter into a totally different dimension; you will enter and reflect into that which is known as Awareness. This new awareness energy will create a dimensional shift for humanity.

Those who accept and understand will move beyond the stage of this great power. When the pineal level accepts the pituitary as the doorway to the Divine, then the pineal yields and gives its energy. Then, the two energies merge together. These energies merging together create another chakra known as the Eighth Chakra. This energy flows out the top of your head and out into the Universe. It flows beyond the physical realm of Earth. This is the higher dimension, creating a dimensional shift that many people will move into. 

You and Earth’s light source is very important. Your body has a spectrum of colors derived from your Chakras, and those light colors help you and Earth. You, like Earth’s sunlight that contains all the wavelengths, consist of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that exists.     

Light consists of the seven color energies:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Gold.  Each of these colors is connected in your Chakra centers. They will affect you differently:  physical, emotional and mental. That is why it’s important to know each color’s influences. 

Chakra No. 1:  At the base of your spine with a Red color meaning high energy.

Chakra No. 2:  Stomach area, flowing the color Orange, representing changes.

Chakra No. 3:  Solar plexus, flowing the color Yellow, meaning connections.

Chakra No. 4:  Heart, flowing the color Green, is healing.

Chakra No. 5:  Throat, flowing the color Blue, represents sending and calming 

Chakra No. 6:  Third Eye, flowing the color Indigo, holds the meaning of Protection.

Chakra No. 7:  Around your Forehead, flowing the color Gold, represents Spiritual completions and abundance.

Chakra No. 8:  A flow of all your Chakra colors out the top of your head. It is the color White and means Love Purity connection to the Universal Love.


After awakening in the morning, give yourself some time, five minutes would be sufficient, to stretch and meditate your colors to help you have a great day.

If you feel you need more energy for the busy day, then flow Red color a little more, and it will give you courage, confident and strong will energy.

To bring in more happiness, confidence and resourcefulness, flow more Orange. It will bring in joy for your workday.

To have more knowledge, health or decisiveness, then flow more Blue. It helps you to release.

Flow more Yellow for the day to bring in clarity of thought and increase your awareness.  Yellow energy is related to the ability to perceive and understand.

Flowing more Indigo energy, you will be wiser, fearless, idealistic and intuitive.

Green energy will help you to relax your muscles, nerves and help you with thoughts. It will bring forth balance and self control filled with Love.

Extra flow of your Gold will bring in completion and abundance filled with spirituality.

With the White flow of energy, you will have pure thoughts, feelings of giving, inspiration to all undertakings. It connects you to your spiritual self and brings guidance filled with wisdom from your inner strength. It enhances your artistic talent and creativity. 

“The Waves of Love” are flowing from the Universe, to the galaxies, planets, Earth and through you. Join your colors with this great energy, and you will be a lighter person. One filled with Love and Light.


“The Waves Of Love” Meditation – will assist your connection to the Universal Love Energy.  It’s filled with power:  Light and love.

“The Waves Of Love” Meditation:

 1.   Take a deep breath and exhale very slowly.

 2.   Stretch your body by putting your arms and hands up above your head, and then stretch well.

 3.   Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head. Flowing back and forth until you feel totally relaxed.

 4. Visualize your Chakra colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Gold.

 5. Visualize all these colors flowing out the top of your head, creating a White Light to flow out the top of your head.

 6.   Visualize your White Light flowing out the top of your head, connecting with the energy of Universal Love.

 7.   With this powerful connection, you will see a spark of White Light. This spark opens you to a new realm of knowledge and understanding. 

 8. Visualize yourself standing in the middle of these beautiful free-flowing colors. See your feet in a stream of turquoise water. Feel the softness of this free-flowing water.

 9.   As you feel the water element, you will notice all your colors are flowing down this stream. It is flowing from the sky, the Universe, and down through you and into this stream of water. You feel peaceful and connected. You are now connected with “The Waves Of Love” from above and into you.

 10.   Your vibrations are flowing through the entire solar system, out into the Universe and back to you. It’s a loving feeling and a feeling of completions.

 11.   Visualize your White Light coming from the Universe, back through the top of your head, flowing through your entire body. Seal the top of your head with the color of Silver.


 “It is love alone that leads to right action. What brings order in the world is to love and let love do what it will.” 

By Jiddu Krishnamurti

With love, Shirley

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