The Year 2012 – “A Year For Freedom


Master Maha Chohan teaches civilization how to evolve through the Breath of Life sacred energy. His focus of a White Light Energy shines in and over earth bringing forth the intelligence aspect of Divine Energy. This energy helps civilizations to evolve and know there is a power and will within everyone. Its known as the “True Self”.

The Mayan calendar is at the center of attention with some people believing 2012 is to be the end of the world. It is the end of the world as we know it however it is a new beginning. 2011 was to be a year for reestablishing control over what you needed in life and start building the foundation. Now 2012 will be the Universal Year that brings in freedom to finish the job.

January 1st, 2012 is a #5 Universal Year. 2+0+1+2= #5. The number 2’s creates balance, 0 is unity and 1 is a leader’s number. It will be a year with a highly progressive mindset that creates an attitude with skills to make the world a better place. The meaning for 2012 is “Freedom.” In the pursuit of freedom, people will be naturally versatile, adventurous, and be advanced in their thinking. They will strive to find answers to questions that life poses. The positive universal year with #5 is constant change and improvement. People will want to be totally unrestrained, as this is the year that is associated with the productive use of freedom. They will be more compassionate with this freedom and welfare for others with this free fast moving year. As the ultimate progressive energy the potential in government, the law, and other positions of authority is unlimited. Communication and motivation will be the strongest and most valuable trait. Because of this energy people will truly be like a natural born salesman getting their ideas across. This energy will motivate people to whatever ideas or concepts they have to embrace.

Through 2012 earth will continue to have changes and so will the government. The chaos in politics, demonstrations, environment and etc, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and hurricanes will continue. The largest economies in the world will be held hostage to their own greed, and therefore their survival becomes dependent on the weakest. The political arena will continue to get deeper into the quicksand. These transformations are necessary as it is a cleansing process to clear the road for the future.

Earth’s new technology will allow you to see new planets, new galaxies, thought projections and thought communications to name a few. This energy is a spiritual change from one way of thinking to another. It’s a transformation and is driven by change. The energy of Spiritual Transformation has changes that are visible on individual or groups planetary level. You will witness an extremely rapid development of information, medicine, cultural exchange, art, alternative sciences and Spiritual Technology.

Earth is not an isolated planet. There are invisible threads that connect it to other worlds and universes. 2012 energy has created doors that are wide open to new wonderful dimensions and universes. The future holds a promise so exquisite, so unbelievable beautiful that is not easy for some to comprehend.

Personal numerology is more important to you as an individual. Your personal year will show how you react to the global experiences in your own life and help you to prosper in 2012.

Example: If your birthday day is September 3. You will add 9+3+2012= 8 personal year.

You always add the numbers then reduce them to their smallest whole number. Below is the explanation of what a personal year number represents.

The Meaning for each Personal Year

#1 Personal Year — This year is one for new beginnings it is an energizing force for success. It is time for you to put your ideas into action. A #1 personal year symbolizes ambition, invention and progression. Negative aspects of this 1 personal year can bring out the egotistical, selfish or eccentric energy in you.

#2 Personal Year – Is a year to balance your personal life and career. It will be a slower moving year, which will help you gather information to fulfill any circumstances that need to be cared for. A #2 Personal year symbolizes understanding, receptivity and cooperation. The negative 2 can make you vacillate or shy about making progress for your life changes.

#3 Personal Year — Is a year of high emotions, one that needs to be calmed by using your creativity. Your Emotions are like gas to an automobile, the driving force, gas, is your energy. The #3 year constructively is for you to be artistic, sociable and enthusiastic about life. The negative 3 aspects to watch for include being overly critical, superficial and careless.

#4 Personal Year — You will find security and stability important this year. You will desire security above all else, whether it is economic or emotional. Create your own security by sensibly conserving your resources, and then you will feel a strong sense of stability. It’s time to look around and see if you want to make changes in your life. When making any changes it is necessary to build a strong foundation that will last and support you. You can’t afford a flimsy foundation, so work diligently and precisely to establish yourself as a strong individual.  Concentration, dependability and organization are constructive highlights for this year. The negative side of the #4 energy can reveal that side of you that is stubborn, self-righteous and phlegmatic.

#5 Personal Year — Freedom to live according to your precepts is essential to your spirit. It’s a fast year that will include travel and selling your ideas to others. You will know how to change conditions cleverly and quickly to ease any situation. Constructively, a #5 personal year is reflected in the ability to be adaptable and progressive by using your resourcefulness. A negative< #5 manifests its self in irresponsibility, carelessness and thoughtlessness.

#6 Personal Year — You will notice family and relationships are more important in a #6 year. You will feel compelled to show others what to do and how to do it, your chief concern is for those you love and serve. It’s an emotional year, its best to do creative work for your personal life and career. Constructively, a #6 personal year brings compassion and convention. A negative #6 is being overly proud, worrisome and opinionated.

#7 Personal Year — It’s a year for many changes in your attitude, it’s important not to create any unnecessary interruptions for this year. Flow with the changes and accept what you have created. If you don’t like what you have created or the foundation built over the last six years, then meditate and make the necessary changes. A #7 personal year means using your intuition, poise and spirituality to succeed. On the negative side, your #7 personal year could find you are too critical, melancholy and skeptical.

#8 Personal Year — Power and money is what this year is all about. Use it constructively you then will surpass any obstacle in your way. To use this year’s energy constructively is to be an organizer and leader; you will flow in a special balance. A negative #8 will manifest in intolerance, stubbornness and stress.

#9 Personal Year — 9 is an ending cycle it is the best time to conclude any unfinished business. Clean out your closets; organize your life and rest. It is best not to start or purchase anything new, as it is an ending cycle. If you do, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last long. In a constructive #9 personal year, you are tolerant, humane and creative. It is a highly emotional year. It is best to take hikes, meditate and have a creative outlet. The negative #9 aspects reflect that which is emotional, egocentric, or dissipating.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness…

By Dalai Lama

With love, Shirley

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