“Spiritual Time”

Zeitgeist The encyclopedia explains Zeitgeist to be “the spirit of the Times” known as the “the spirit of the age.” Zeitgeist is the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual and political climate with Earth. It is energy within a nation, specific groups, along with the ambiance, morals, social cultural direction and mood associated with the current era.Continue reading ““Spiritual Time””

“Earth Is Awakening”

The Great White Brotherhood of Light is a group of supernatural beings whose great power spread spiritual teachings through selected humans. The main purpose of the Great White Brotherhood’s work with Earth’s dimension is to help individuals to open their own personal intuition, so they are in direct contact with their love source energy. This miraculous year ofContinue reading ““Earth Is Awakening””

“Your Spark of Love”

The flame of Universal Love constantly flows over Earth helping everyone to reconnect with his or her original Universal Spark of Love Energy Data. This energy creates your path of light that directs you toward others with the same love energy. This version of love energy is your elevator that carries you to the heightsContinue reading ““Your Spark of Love””

“The Waves Of Love”

2012 has manifested a flow of energy, creating the  Pleiades to be in position for the right vibrational frequency to Earth, which creates a light into the solar system.  This shift has caused the energy to vibrate into the frequency of the Photon Belt of Light.  Then, this light creates a flow from the OctaveContinue reading ““The Waves Of Love””

“Walking In Beauty”

Walking In Beauty is to look and feel everything with your heart and mind. Look behind the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within any situation. There is beauty all around. Sometimes it takes the asking of your “Guides” to help you see the beauty to make it apparent. WalkingContinue reading ““Walking In Beauty””

“Universal Connection”

A universal connection has a chain reaction with waves of energy to your soul.  While meditating, your spiritual framework brings forth a woven pattern within your DNA. Your consciousness contains ideas that express this real connection.  These ideas are a link in a chain of other ideas and conceptions.  The forms of connection are aContinue reading ““Universal Connection””