Energy and Universal Timing

Energy and Universal Timing

Your energy for Spiritual awareness is connected to Universal Timing. Timing is when you and everything is in synchronicity. Synchronicities are events that happen when the universe is trying to tell you something. Your energetic thoughts, intents, direction of interests and desires will align with all the natural vibrations around you creating this timing.

Being at the right place, the right time and the right action will manifest when it is exactly right for you, earth and the universe. Everything is comprised of energy and you are all connected to this energy. That makes every thought or action you have affect everyone on earth and in the universe. It is important to watch your thoughts. Negative thoughts produce negative energy just as positive thoughts produces positive energy. It is a must to keep your thoughts in focus for balanced energy.

Energy and Universal TimingAll energy is governed by Universal Laws known as the power of love, the base is Universal Truth. Universal Truth is the essences of truth and coincides with Spiritual Timing.

Each energy fields has their own energy it depends upon your life’s journey how you perceive it. You, Earth, Universal Truth and Spiritual Timing must be aligned and in tune for the proper channeling. Once understood then you will know how this energy works in a pyramid energy field.

Energy and Universal TimingWhen you think about the magnitude of all this energy you will understand how Spiritual Timing orchestrates this energy for the good of all. Not just for the individual but for everything and everywhere. You may be projecting from the right place, doing everything right, having the right thoughts and providing the right energy, but perhaps somewhere, something is not ready for what you are to manifest. Synchronicity with the whole is missing this is when Spiritual Timing comes into action.

If your Spiritual Timing is the cause of no movement towards your goal, patience and acceptance can help you cope until there is no delay. If you try to push any movement then your timing will be side tracked from its goal. When you project you must trust the universe will give what you ask for. It’s important to stay focused. There are no mistakes and there is a reason why everything happens or does not happen. You are comprised of body, mind and spirit; some or all of this area must stay peaceful and balanced until your Spiritual Timing is right.

Energy and Universal TimingIt is important to reduce stress from your life. To help reduce physical stress you must take care of your body, have a good diet, take the proper supplements make sure to get enough sleep and exercise. For mental stress quiet your mind. Mediate and pray. Foe emotional stress release attachments and maintain an attitude of love, joy and happiness. Be comfortable with knowing that things are happening for the good of all. Spiritual stress is to clean your “Self” of negativity. Feel yourself connected to Universal Love, trust your inner guidance.

Energy and Universal TimingThe Universe is always willing and waiting to show you something wonderful. It waits for your consciousness and subconscious to bring forth light into alignments with your own personal growth. Synchronicity energy will whisper to your soul a hint for you to watch and know something great is getting ready to happen.

Meditations To Assist You With
“Energy & Universal Timing”

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize yourself lying on a boat deck floating softly on a crystal clear lake.
  4. Look up at the sky and see the bright shining stars and a full moon.
  5. From the sky you will see a beam of White Light flowing down. It is flowing down over head, helping your head to relax. You feel your head relaxing.
    The White Light now moves down over your neck and shoulders.
    Your neck and shoulders are relaxing. Now it flows down over yours arms, your back, your arms and back are letting go and relaxing. It’s continuing to flow down. Over your chest and stomach, helping your chest and stomach relax. You feel your chest and stomach relax. It moves down over your legs and feet. You feel your legs and feet relaxing. The beautiful White Light is flowing over your entire body. You are now very peaceful, happy and relaxed.
  6. F eel your Pink and Blue colors inside your body being energized by the heavens beautiful White Light. Now project your colors and love inside your body that is now a brighter color mixed with the White Light. Enjoy this magnificent new energy as you watch the White Light return to the sky.

Energy and Universal TimingWater symbolizes purity, clarity and calmness. The boat represents your soul and personal life. The White Light is the Divine and pure energy to assist with your endeavors. You will rest happily knowing that you have an important role to play. You symbolize purity, clarity and calmness.

“Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world you see. It is with your thoughts, then, that we must work, if your perception of the world is to be changed.”

By A Course In Miracles.

With love, Shirley

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