The Power of Knowledge


Knowledge is the power of experienced thoughts created by a person who has the wisdom to know their heart. This power of the heart knows your true desires. This truth will cause your desires to flow into a higher frequency of love. This frequency of love holds many facets from the center core to the outer layers. Your heart is the core and the outer layers are your desires. Be cheerful with this level of understanding your personal love, earth’s love and the Universe’s are one and the same. Accept and believe this and you will accomplish any desires you have.

The seemingly diversified energy that earth and you are going through is only patterns and grids that are opening to a higher level of light. As this energy passes through it will create a flow cleaning the old while bringing in the new. It truly is a fire energy passing through creating you and earth to be more sensitive and pure. When you meditate your colors you are like a huge pounding sea creating waves of energy flowing in and out. This vibrational flow of energy can be controlled by your mind.The_Power_of_Knowledge

Earth’s energy is at a crossroads of a profound shift and transformation. The new Universal Light is opening the galaxies and is stimulating everything to be more aware. The universe can hear sounds of moans and groans from Earth’s labor pains. This labor is creating a spiritual renaissance. Become a beacon of light so you can shine while the storm passes through. Many are experiencing a new awakening deep within. The old no longer fits into your life. You yearn for a better understanding of the meaning to your higher purpose. 
View this process as a journey working to bring your body, mind and heart into a stronger harmony with Universal Love.

Power-of-KnowledgeIn the Universe there is a Magellanic Cloud near the Milky Way that has brilliant stars, these “superstars” shine brighter than your sun. They are a brilliant beacon shining in solitary splendor. This attribute causes a spiral density shock-wave, which can take gas in a circular orbit, compress it to form stars, and cause it to go into a new, elliptical orbit. This helps to reinforce the spiral structure. As the universe expands it will carry other galaxies into its dimensional enlargement. The origin of these stars some would say is a mystery when in reality it’s a natural cause. Meditating in a quiet state you will see images, colors and tones. They flow within you and the Universe. Trust in this process and you will have the power to communicate with the Universal Divine power. It is the All of the All creating oneness with the source of creation. This creative inspiration when performed optimally will cause the world to flow in perfect harmony. Listen to your “inner ear” and your heart they will connect you to help you evolve into mastering what you desire.Power_knowledge

This love vibration harmonically resonates in your heart inaudibly connecting your spiritual essence to the spiraling reality of earth and the universe. Color and tones are at the heart of everything. It is the difference between making love not war. It is the energy driving universal prosperity; the bio-energy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration of self-esteem or self-love that lifts your heart and Divine voice in harmony with heavens. There is nothing missing or broken in this loving perfection. When you are in it, you are in tune with your creative spirit, and everything just flows in perfect rhythm and rhyme.

Meditation for Your Assistance with “The Power of Knowledge”

While meditating remember color is all around you and is seen all the time.
Color is a vibration of light and has a huge impact on your life. 
Listen to your heart rhythm for those are your spiritual tones.

  1. Stand and stretch your arms and hands up in the air. Holding them in the air stretch to left. Now stretch to the right.
  2. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  3. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Visualize your charka colors flowing clock wise, from the left to the right. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Gold and White. Allow them to flow out the top of your head. Your rainbow colors are now flowing out to the Universal realms. Listen to your heart beat. Those tones are connecting with the Universe.
  5. You are the Universe, you are connected and linked between your conscious and unconscious mind. You are feeling this wonderful vibration in your body. This spiritual Oneness with the Universe is the center of your being. 
  6. You are the source of universal love and light. You are on a spiritual journey flowing and discovering your hidden wisdom, you inner revelations of truth and your divine path of love and light.
  7. You have opened your heart with a readiness to flow with the alignment of the truth through Universal Love and Light
  8. Now allow your colors to flow back into your body. Seal the top of your head with a Silver Shield. You are now filled with Universal Love’s connection within your body.


“There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 

By Albert Einstein 

With love, Shirley

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