You and Universal Love


Universal Love is an ecstatic energy frequency that connects to the “All”. It is an energy that flows from the universe through the galaxy and on to your planet earth. This energy is connected with you allowing you to be a part of this beautiful Universal Love power. 

It is inevitable the universe has always been in existence. Its energy is filled with color, tones, creation, manifestation and love this is only a part of its powerful vibrations. When you connect your energy and your colors, tones and love to this great power then its called Universal Love Connection. 

Universal love is a unification of all aspects of this essence, once it is understood you will know what true love is all about. This energy is within and around everything. It connects everything into harmony creating any action you take to be right for what is needed at that time. It will help you to understand how to keep your ego in harmony. It creates everything to fit into the function of an oneness. You-and-Universal-Love

You can use your heart’s love and connect with the higher realms to create any changes you wish to make in your life. Your soul is where your heart lives and it will help you create anything you desire for a better life. In meditations your soul actually transmits a heart quality vibration such as love, joy, accomplishments, clarity of your awareness etc. It is through meditation you actually fine tune your energy field while strengthening yourself. It is through meditation that you strengthening yourself which leads you to a higher level of energy.

When you were born your mind and body were in alignment with the wholeness of your soul- heart. You were in a perfect flow with the source of your creation. As you got older there are certain pressures, limited beliefs or social conditions that can cause you to get off center. This out of balance energy is what causes illness and suffering. It is important that you realign your energy on a daily bases. Life is to be simple, easy and enjoyable. Simplicity allows your feminine energy to merge with your masculine energy creating a balance for your true nature. As you incarnate your simplicity and bring it into you activities and experiences you will be more productive with your energy flow. You then will have the desire to express your soul- heart’s passion.Universal-Love-heart

Life starts and ends with your heart. Your spirit is your emotional flow ; it guides your heart toward the path you desire. It’s all a flow of energy within you. The more you open your heart the closer you get to the source of Universal Love. It is your energy that enables you to function to the level of receiving Universal Love. Universal Love energy has always been there. Learning how to connect with it is to commit to knowing yourself, meditating and listen to your intuition. Universal-Love-chakra

Your physical body can absorb the energy of others. The family, friends or even the outside world’s energy can cause confusion or feelings of low energy. It is important to meditate on a daily bases and check your chakras. Charkas are your center points that help to create a higher frequency of energy. When they are flowing properly your aura will be brighter, and you will have more energy. The first charka is Red, your Root Chakra, which is responsible for self esteem.

The second charka is Orange it is your Sacral Chakra, which influences your sexuality. Yellow is your third charka and is your Persona Power. Your fourth charka is Green, your Heart and it influences your relationships. Your fifth charka Blue your Throat which is yourself expression. Sixth charka is Indigo, your Third Eye which is your connection to intuition. The Seventh Charka, your Crown is connection with the Universe. 

If you see any of your Chakras that are not flowing properly meditation will create them to be strong again. That is why it’s necessary to check them daily. It is important you learn how to strengthen them so they do not hold you back from your spiritual, material and emotional goals.

You should endeavor to deepen the quality of energy as you know and it will start another cycle of energy on a higher level. Certain interactions among the different levels of energies produce new energies in a process that leads you to your own transformation. This energy will touch your heart intimately thus creating a greater force for love and spiritualization.

Meditation To Assist you with “You & The Universal Love: 

  1. Before starting your meditation take three deep breaths, exhaling each time slowly.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize your charkas flowing clock wise, from left to right. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Gold and White. 
  4. Feel you heart beat your tone. Listen to your rhythm of your heart beat like a “Talking Drum”. You heart beat and rhythm will be vibrating out into the Universe.
  5.  Your heart tone and beautiful colors are now connected with the Universal Love heart beat and colors. 
  6. Relax and feel this beautiful energy encompassing you. This energy embraces you while filling you with more love and light.
  7. Feel your body being healed, filled with happiness and joy.
  8. After you have completed relaxing with the Universal Love Energy
  9. Visualize your physical body surrounded by rainbow colors.


The various energies within the galaxies and the Universe’s are going through major shifts. These shifts are creating tunnel like waves filled with quantum physics of Universal Love and Light. This energy is intense making it important for you to keep focused. Earth’s healing energy is rising in parallel to your increase in your energy. However this can create conflict in those people who are out of balance and or not in tune with this frequency. Take some time and look at your life. If there are areas that appear to be complicated then meditate and change it. With the new Universe’s doorways opening you must protect your energy, be focused, follow your heart and be true to yourself. This will assist you in keeping away from the out of balance energy on earth. Your energy is important so is earths, the galaxies and the universes as you all are part of this great connected energy. Universal-Love

“Every thought, action, decision or feeling creates an eddy in the interlocking, inter-balancing, ever-moving energy fields of life, leaving a permanent record for all of time. This realization can be intimidating when it first dawns on us, but it becomes a springboard for rapid evolution.”

By David R. Hawkins

With love, Shirley

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