Face Your Life’s Purpose

Face Your Life's Purpose

Nothing worthwhile in life is sudden. You wait for birth, you wait for love and you wait for life to reveal its meaning to you year after year, experience by experience. You will be at ease with the uncertainty of the world when you realize the certainty of your own consciousness. Often people do just the opposite, they are certain about the world but uncertain about their spiritual being. The most stable thing in the universe is your “Self”. 

The ultimate result of any truly spiritual path is the negation of the individual ego. You cannot begin on your personal path of spiritual realization unless your individuality is known. It takes courage to face your life. It takes faith to know your way and when you recognize this as a fact life will be much simpler. When you flow with everyday life then “Life” is no longer a wonderFace Your Life's Purpose

Goal setting is a vital technique used to get you through troubled times. It creates energy for your ultimate success in facing your “Self and Life”. When you feel as though you have lost all sense of progress in life, crossing off the smallest of accomplishments will keep your head above the clouds. You feel the world shifting, from governmental riots to unexplainable weather patterns, things are happening in chaotic extremes. It’s not easy to rationalize without considering that something beyond explanation is taking place. As you venture into what is happening, you will relate to others around the world that are experiencing peaks and valleys of humility and greatness, rejection and success, hope and despair. These are some functional goals to help you move forward through these chaotic times and on towards getting more clarity.

Find your strength: Look within yourself to find your strength. You will gain strength through the practice of meditation. Make an effort to learn from experiences. Essentially developing your strength is a spiritual connection that works towards identifying what you believe in and how those beliefs can give you inner strength through life. When you have developed spiritual strength, you can respond to others honestly regardless of the situation. You will express the values that you uphold and stand behind them at all times. You will understand the meaning of life and become in tune with the meaning of your existence. This will lead you to a fulfilling life. 

Find your life purpose: Discovering your real purpose in life is not about your job or your daily responsibilities. It is the real reason of why you are here, the very reason you exist. If you want to discover your true purpose in life, you must first empty your mind of any false purposes you may have. Face Your Life's Purpose

Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Eyes are the window to your heart where your soul lives. Ask yourself “What is my true purpose in Life?” Continue to look at yourself for a while and see what appears or what thoughts you may have.After you are done looking in the mirror write on a piece of paper “What is my true purpose in life?” Write down your first response.
On a daily basis read your purpose and then meditate. If you feel you need to change your purpose then change it to your satisfaction.

Everyone wants to have a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, some people miss a key ingredient to finding and facing their life’s purpose. They can spend years only to find at the end that they did not accomplish their desires. While many others achieve fame and financial success but feel empty inside. Do not allow this to happen as your time is too precious.Face Your Life's Purpose

Facing your true life gives meaning to everything you do. You could be successful outside, but if you don’t find meaning you will feel empty inside. Facing your life and its purpose will help you with direction and guidance. Not only can your life have more meaning, it will give you clearer direction of where and how to go with life. It helps you make big decisions by building a strong foundation. It is part of the Universal formula and it is a personal experience. Everyone has different purposes and different ways to find it. This is your journey, connect with the Universal Love Energy to see where it leads. 

Meditation for “Face Your Life’s Purpose”

1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head. These beautiful colors will balance your body, mind and spirit.

3. Take another deep breath let it out slowly.

4. Visualize Indigo, the prime color of your third eye, flowing around your heart. 

5. Allow your Pink, Blue and Indigo colors to flow from your heart out to the Universal Love Tunnel right above you.

6. Visualize these colors connecting with the Universal Love Tunnel.

7. Once you are connected then ask any questions you may have. The Universe always has the answers. 

8. Flow your colors back to your heart and seal it with Silver. 

This meditation will assist you to understand and realize you can fulfill your life’s dream and achieve success. After your meditation beware of signs like you may be thinking of someone and they call, the radio may play a song that you and someone else like or it could even be a road sign. You have to pay close attention. Your awareness is a sense of flow that attracts synchronicity into your life’s events. This magical sense of awareness enables you to always be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time in order to gain the most out of the experiences.

If for some reason you have any difficult with this meditation then you are holding on to some fear. Fear is your worst enemy. You must eliminate any fears by meditating and releasing them to the Universe. Fear is a product of your thoughts therefore you can dispense them if you wish. You have that power. Protect your mind. If you let bad thoughts flow through your system, then you are blocked from success. As much as possible you have to control them. You have to think of positive thoughts and do not encourage negative ones. Think “I can” instead on “I can’t”.

Face Your Life's PurposeThis beautiful heart connection with the Universal Love Tunnel will create a door through which you can connect yourself with the great heart of the Universe. In a quiet moment, use this great power of love and light to see the Universal Love Light. It is beautiful. 

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.” 

By Joseph Campbell.

With love, Shirley

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