Enjoy Your Love And Light

Naster Serapis

Become the star of unlimited love and light you were born to be. Enjoy your love and light through happiness for it is your original nature. It is what you first experienced before identifying with a body, a family role, a nationality, or any other labels you may have. True happiness is being faithful to your true nature. The better you know what you love, what inspires you, or what you desire, the happier you will be. Love light and happiness is your spark of creation radiating from your soul. 


When you forget who you are, something very strange happens; you will begin to search for happiness! Happiness is your spiritual DNA. It is what you experience when you accept yourself. As you relax and stop nourishing what you should be doing instead of what you are doing in life it will increase your love and light happiness. You will then start accepting that the happiness you hope to attain, you already have. Joy is the organic state of your soul. It is not something you achieve; it is something you accept. 

There are two meta-attitudes that can significantly increase your happiness. The first is gratitude. The miracle of gratitude will shift your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see. Before you practice gratitude, you are in the dark and there it appears to be very little to be grateful for. Once you begin, a new light dawns, a very brilliant light, a light as bright as the heavens. Gratitude changes your brain; and it changes the world. The more you practice gratitude, the more grateful you are. The word “present” has three distinct meanings: here, now and a gift. Practicing gratitude teaches you that the greatest gifts are always available to you here and now! One way to practice gratitude is to start expressing it. Gratitude is double happiness because it blesses both the giver and the receiver.

Resentment keeps you stuck in the past; forgiveness brings you back to the present. Resentment costs too much, and it doesn’t make you happy. Resentment is a ball and chain; forgiveness sets you free again. Forgiveness offers you insurance against premature aging, a blocked heart, an unhealed past and an unhappy future. To increase your happiness try this forgiveness prayer:Enjoy Your Love And Light

“To the Universe I declare today a day of amnesty, in which I gratefully volunteer to hand in all of my resentments and grievances to the energy of Universal Love. Please help me to handle well all of the peace that must inevitably follow.” So Be It.

It’s time to have fun. To be truly happy, you have to get your head around the idea that circumstances does not matter as much as you think they do. People who have high levels of happiness experience markedly better life circumstances. So why are they so happy? Well, one answer is they know how to enjoy their life. Good humor always has an element of truth in it. You are so preoccupied with the pursuit of happiness that you can be in danger of forgetting how to enjoy your life. Promise yourself that you will enjoy life and you will be glowing with your love and light. Remember to enjoy the miracle of existence now. You can increase your happiness immediately by being more spontaneous. Disengage the autopilot, switch off the controls, stop being so sensible, issue a friendly restraining order to your superego, and, for God’s sake, let yourself have some fun today.

Take care of your health and well-being. You cannot neglect yourself and find happiness. One of the side effects of chasing happiness is you become estranged from yourself. The quicker you chase, the faster time passes and the more difficult it is to locate yourself in your own life. When you don not stop, you press on in hopes that you will catch up with yourself somewhere down the line. But all the while, you keep leaving yourself behind. Make some time for yourself now. Check in with yourself. Catch up on your own news. Listen to your heart and to how you really feel. Give yourself some of your own best attention. Stop trying to be strong, and to be positive, and to keep going and simply be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “What are my needs right now?” And, “How can I be kind to myself today?” No one will suffer when they become kind to themselves. The better you treat yourself, the more your love and light glows with your happiness.Enjoy Your Love And Light

Get in touch with your spirituality. If you are committed to a spiritual path in your life, you are twice as likely to say you are “very happy.” Spirituality gives you a context for your life that is greater than your ego can see. The ego, which is basically your self-image, is based on an optical delusion of separation. Its outlook is everything is good outside. A strong spiritual faith helps you to connect to what is real, to what is here now and to what has already been given to you.

A daily spiritual practice that you enjoy doing will help to increase your happiness filled with love and light. The essential aim of any spiritual practice, be meditation, prayer, yoga, or etc.—is to help you remove the blocks to the awareness of the happiness that already exists in the center of you. Spirituality connects you to your “being” so you don’t get lost in going, doing and having. It helps you to identify with the idea that the soul is joy, and to realize that you are what you seek. 

View happiness as your greatest opportunity for healing. Since time began, the ancients have taught to be here in the now and to enjoy the moment and to seize the day. Not living in the now is a chief cause of unhappiness, pain and lack. You do it because you fear happiness is somewhere else. When you miss out on the present, you miss out on so much with life. Truth is here, inspiration is here, love is here, peace is here, help is here, joy is here, Universal Love is here and it is all because you are in the present.

It is your ego that seeks to be constantly entertained. It does so as a substitute for the truth of your being, a big distraction. The world and its appearances are a distraction from you going within. All the happiness you find in the world does nothing but strengthens your ego and further the illusion that your joy comes from the world. It’s more important to turn within than to focus on the world outside of you. You will not find that which you seek by looking to the world.

As you find yourself inspired and guided from within to move in a particular direction you will bring joy to the world. This energy will flow out into the world and helps to bring Universal Love down to earth. Enjoy Your Love And Light

This Divine radiating bright light will continue to glow within you allowing you can tap into it anytime you need happiness around you. This connects your soul to Divine Source. The Divine Energy and your soul will meld together as one. It’s so pure and unconditional. Feel the love, feel the light and feel your happiness. Your love is infinite. Your compassion is infinite. Your light is infinite. Every time you do this meditation you will bath in the love and light. After meditating it is wise to write down your experience in a journal.

Meditation To Assist “Enjoy Your Love and Light”

  1. Place both your palms over your lower abdomen. Breathe into your lower abdomen. Relax your face, your cheeks, jaw, teeth and gums. Relax your shoulders. Relax your spinal column, hips and legs. Relax your feet and toes. Relax every cell of your body. 
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head. 
  3. In your abdominal area visualize a Golden Light. This Golden light is vibrating brightly. 
  4. Visualize the Golden Light flowing through your entire body. 
  5. Every cell in your body is being nourishing by this Golden Light. 
  6. Feel the Golden Light and joy rising in your heart and your soul. 
  7. This great happiness is a version of yourself saying hello to your soul. 
  8. Look up and see above you a brilliant glowing Rainbow flowing from the Universe connecting with your Golden Light Glow. 
  9. Say to your soul, “I love you. Thank you for supporting my life. And ask do you have a message for me?” 
  10. Now listen to your Message.
  11. Visualize the Rainbow colors flowing up as it disconnects from your Golden Light.
  12. Visualize a Golden Shield of your body.

Happiness is found in who you are, not what you do or how much you have. Happiness is a state of mind. Think happy thoughts, be happy. Think unhappy thoughts, be unhappy. You can find happiness today if you only look. It’s right next to you. Look into the eyes of a child. Reach out to hold your husband or wife’s hand. Give a friend the hug they need. Happiness is found in the here and now, in the people who touch your life, and spirit you live with in all its imperfections and uniqueness. Happiness cannot be seen with the naked eye. During trying times, happiness comes in the form of blessings in disguise invisible to the naked eye.

“Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions”

By Aristotle

With love, Shirley

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