Future Process

Master Morya

The year 2011 is moving the “Dark Ages” energy towards the light. The Dark Age is known as the Faith vs. Enlightenment era. People are learning that underneath all of their actions are thoughts, feelings and intentions. This knowledge creates change in their lives by their intentions, their intention creates their thoughts and thoughts create their feelings and feelings create their actions. It truly is the dawning of a new age and its power is creating a new enlightenment. 

The Dark Ages were a tumultuous time. Roving invaders charged the country sides. Religious conflicts arose; Muslims conquered lands. Scarcity of sound literature and cultural achievements marked these years; barbarous practices prevailed. The concept of all sufficiency was the builder of essentially all philosophical and religious systems in their original form until the second century A.D. This is when the war against self knowledge and self reliance began. The ancients taught that to understand your self was to understand God, and through the process of meditation you could release Divine Energy from within and transmute discord into harmony, fear into love and ignorance into wisdom. Future Process

In 180 A.D., Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, attacked independent thinking and all teaching relating to the Oneness of God and the people. Believing that a spiritual consciousness and a personal union with God would undermine the authority of the priests, he directed his wrath upon Gnosticism. He issued “Five Books against Heresies,” followed by a list of acceptable writings choosing only those words which supported his demand for fixed dogma. It shifted people’s minds from a direction within to without and the “Dark Ages” begun.

Despite the religious conflicts, the period of the “Dark Ages” were seen as an age of faith. Men and women sought after God; some through the staid rituals of the Catholic Church, others in more Orthodox forms of worship. Intellectuals view religion in any form as, itself, a type of “darkness.” These thinkers assert that those who followed religious beliefs lied to themselves, creating a false reality. They were dominated by emotions, not fact. Religion was seen as contrary to rationality and reason, thus the move towards enlightenment — a move away from “darkness.”

The world’s 21st Century is no less dark it is an individual darkness and it is changing. People are learning more about their strengths and potentials. They are learning the power of their thoughts with the proper actions and how important it is to meditate. People are aware of the war against self reliance and the Barren age. With this awareness it creates a love light quantum frequency to hover over earth and all living life forces. It is the power of Self Love and Light connected with the Universal Love. Future-Process

Particularly in this “Now” moment as you anchor and activate your energy of light it will take you through the higher dimensions of the Heart and Mind of Universal Love. You will see the widening of the light polarities and it is these light frequencies that will collectively shift the consciousness of earth. The darker areas are coming up to be transmuted and moved into a higher frequency. It embraces the solar system in this cosmic energy of unconditional love so the heart chakras are expanded. This creates the crown higher chakras to be activated toward a particular light frequency of power, love and wisdom. It is at this point electron positron pairs within the body release any frequencies still holding you in a three-dimensional limited state of consciousness.

Atoms and subatomic particles in the body spin its increased frequencies of Light through photonic ray energy of what are the super electron and the spiritual microtron. The spiritual microtron in particular increases the vibratory cellular light within the body breaking down the sub-atomic particles splitting them into increased light frequencies and spinning them faster in this increased light through the energy of this super electron. This allows for the crystalline matrix of light to be built on a physical level as the chakras merge in on unified column of Light.

The ray of Universal Love is a beautiful platinum flame of Light, emphasized in particular by the energy of the Light within the central ashrams in the Orion Constellation. At this point the energetic vibrations of this ray assist in completely activating the full information gateway to be experienced energetically through the lifting of any further veils of illusion. This beautiful flame of light further assists in lifting all life into a higher mind of Universal Love Teachings.

The Earth plane is shifting and lifting into the Wisdom of the Cosmic Mind of Universal Love. This will move consciousness to recognize the divine equality of life. The energy to this ray further brings through an aspect of Higher Love known as compassion, and allows this compassionate energy to be experienced through this sense of Unity Consciousness and the wisdom of Universal Love Energy. Future_Proces

As you watch the changing of Earth’s ways and the energy shifts it will make history like you have never seen before. Through these times know that Life is your garden. Only you can choose the proper plot, plan and then complete through this process. It is time you will have to plant all kinds of seeds, seeds of positive thought, showing unconditional love, seeds having peaceful energy etc. Your Future garden must be well tended to for the process from beginning to completion. It is a time to watch your dreams, they are like watching your story unfold, and you may be an observer or even take part in the story. 

Dreaming does help maintain memory and makes emotional adjustments within you. It can bring you messages to assist you in the future. Dreams are recognized as arising from an emotional or spiritual experience, and take form as visions or prophesy. Science and religion/spirituality, which seem so far apart, are really not, the energy and emotional flow is both the same thing-Love. Love is the Source to understanding the power of dreams.

Meditation to assist you with “Future and Process” 

  1. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Take a Deep Breath and let it out slowly.
  3. Visualize a White Light flowing into the top of your head. Your crown charka.
  4. The White Light begins to flow down and around your spine the Root/Basic-red chakra.
  5. Building in intensity, this powerful White Light easily and gracefully flows up around your spine to your heart center-green chakra.
  6. This White Light then flows intensely around your heart center that you can feel it in the front of your body, the center of your body, and the back of your body.
  7. This beautiful White Light then swirls and no longer can be contained as it surges upward in the stream of infinite motion around the throat-blue charka, swirling up around the third eye-indigo chakra and looping up around your crown-gold chakra. 
  8. This infinite motion continues downward as the stream curves back around the purple Charka, the indigo Charka, the blue Charka and the ending the infinite shape by looping around your green heart center. 
  9. This flow continues moving smoothly and effortless around all your charkas. 
  10. The intense White Light surges inward through your heart, shifting your conscious awareness to the Platinum Flame of Light flowing above you.
  11. Feel the Ray of Universal Love Platinum Flame enter your body with great joy.
  12. Feel the greatness of this energy filled with freedom, and love. You are the light of creation filled with pureness and freedom.
  13. After enjoying this Divine Energy visualize the top of your head sealed in Silver.

This meditation will assist you in knowing your own Natural Energy Field. Life is cause and effect, invisible and visible, consciousness and form, giver and gift. When focusing your energy, your power source will rise supplying you the all of the all energies. 

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” 

By the Dalai Lama

With love, Shirley

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