Energy Shift And Changes

Master Koot Hoomi

In The year 2011 Earth’s energy field will be shifting and changing creating everything to become lightener and faster. As the energy vibration on earth changes so does the individual person’s energy field. As this energy moves faster it is similar to being caught in the eye of a hurricane. All those who change with the energy will move towards the center of the hurricane where it is quiet and peaceful. For those who choose not to change, they will move to the edge of this turbulent energy field. They will experience the intensity of the energy instead of the center where it is quiet, peaceful and calm. In order to be in the center, it is necessary to change your personal energy vibration fields. Meditation is a powerful tool to teach your body energy field to understand these sacred changes.Energy Shift And Changes

This Shift is a spiritual and creative awakening for humanity. This transformative movement has gained momentum in recent years. You are moving forward towards this new stage of conscious awareness. It means you will experience new vistas of awareness and new levels of creativity. You need to follow your heart to express your inner joy through making your own meaningful life. You have been woven within this new energy system putting you in the midst of the biggest energy shift of all times.

The Shift into this New Reality is real. It is happening and is unstoppable. . These changes will lead to greater connection with earth, people and the universes. This greater connection into the Cosmic Consciousness leads to greater knowledge, which is a form of Intuition.

These changes can be initially profound or subtle, but they will always manifest. They manifest in unique ways in each individual. The individual begins to know beyond their current time frame or belief system.

People are truly in unchartered waters when processing these evolutionary changes. Uncharted territory or uncharted waters literally refer to places where no maps exist. It means things you have not experienced before will occur. Some will be feeling their way since they have no map to guide them. Others will meditate and get their proper direction.Energy Shift And Changes

Humanity is continuing to rise in spiritual frequency and evolve which is truly a glorious sight. Great progress is constantly being made as more and more of you experience insights, moments of spiritual awareness and recognition that harmonious loving acceptance of one another leads to unexpectedly serendipitous results. The Universe’s divine plan is unfolding most wondrously throughout all of its creation. The results of the continuous infinite outpouring of unconditional love onto your beautiful planet are quite amazing to behold. The spiritual energy that prayers and meditations are creating is a symphony of grace and healing and it is affecting every aspect of planetary life by bringing in the conscious awareness.

Any repressed fears or anxieties about life are coming to the surface of your conscious everyday awareness this will demand your attention. People are beginning to seek spiritual guidance and answers to the many questions that are slipping into their minds. The unsatisfactory way in which governments operate and betray the trust invested in them is becoming more and more apparent causing anger and dissatisfaction. It is awakening the masses while rapidly growing.

A sense that enormous changes are essential and imminent is being felt across earth throughout every culture, and nation. This feeling will be increasingly validated as major changes start to occur and become apparent. You are all set for a great and thrilling ride as change after change flows across your world, offering the most startling and exciting possibilities for renewal. There will be a realignment of how you live and interact with each other and the whole environment. 
Energy Shift And Changes

The culmination of this stage of Universal Love’s divine plan is upon you. This will bring a new and beautiful age in which there will be peace, harmony, and joy. Ascensions are not mere mechanical events; they are consciousness shifts. Such shifts have a cyclical aspect. They occur within parameters of cycles determined by the light quotient. Space is a congealed time, and time is liquid space. You and earth operates on a cycle of time. The cycle of the Earth is that of the twelve, and approximately every 12, 000 years, taken from your current dimensional perspective of time-space sequence, the Earth completes a cycle, just as your human biology does every seven years.

When you allow your body to express how you are feeling, all your tissues and muscles vibrate for a few seconds and then relax. If you cover up or stay ‘straight-faced’ various muscles and nerves stay tense. After a while this tension with its accompanying layer of static energy can literally get bulky enough to swing your energy fields backward, forward or sideways or just get too heavy to shift with the earth’s magnetic field. There are ways for you to bring in fresh supplies of energy. When you meditate and express yourself that is called “Soul Expression”. In doing so you will keep your energy fields clean of tensions and you will then receive new fresh energy from the Universe.Energy Shift And Changes

It is easy to quickly restore your body, mind and rehabilitate yourself and get fresh new energy. 

Play Dead
Yogis call playing dead’ ‘Shav-Asana’ or the Corpse position. You lie down straight on your back and go limp. Play dead. When your brain isn’t directing energy to some specific part of the body, the energy body falls in line with the earth’s magnetic lines and balances itself with Universal Love. Play dead whenever you feel stressed out, tired and need immediate energizing. It really works. Make it a part of your day every day.

Next “Play Blind”

Your eye balls are little energetic representatives of your energy fields. When you direct your vision, you move energy around your field simultaneously. When you want to get back into sync with the earth’s field naturally, you can simply close our eyes and play blind. You will be amazed how your entire body rests and balances when your eyes are resting.Energy Shift And Changes

Honor and feel Earth’s Times, Seasons, Morning and Night energy. Honor the sunrise and the sunset, the spring, summer, autumn and winter for it is the basis of healthy life energy. Mother Earth is always in a beautiful dance with sunlight and darkness, heat and cold. When you flow into her rhythm, you will flow into your own unlimited reserves of fresh natural healing energy. When you meditate and calm your brain chatter your frequencies rises. When you live close to nature, your energy fields are in synchrony with the energy field of the earth. You will then experience a more balanced focus and love connection with the Universal Love Energy.

Meditation to assist with your “Energy Field Changes”

  1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, slowly, and naturally.
  2. Visualize a rainbow flowing clockwise, all around your entire body.
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. Visualize pink and blue colors flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  5. Gradually relax and feel the meditation energy taking you deeper and deeper.
  6. Feel the radiant person you are with a balanced energy filled with Universal Love and Light.
  7. You are a radiant being of light and spiritual love.
  8. Visualize something you want to manifest. Then see it has already manifested.
  9. Picture it clearly in your mind. Now visualize your desire in a pink bubble; put your desired goal inside the bubble. Pink is the color associated with your heart, and when this color vibration surrounds whatever you visualize, it will bring to you only that which is in perfect affinity with your being.
  10. The last step is to let go of your bubble and imagine it floating off into the universe, still containing your vision goal. This symbolizes that you are emotionally ‘letting go” of it.
  11. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly. Picture your colors flowing evenly and freely through your body.
  12. You now will feel relaxed, peaceful and free. 

When you master your own mind and control the thoughts in your mind, you will create your own reality based on continuous balanced thoughts flowing within your mind. With this awareness, other people’s thoughts will not affect you adversely; instead your thoughts will become a positive inspiration for those around us.

“The best path to happiness is learning to change as rapidly as life does.” 

By Don Miguel Rutz

With love, Shirley

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