Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy is the equivalent of compassion it will cause you to seek the Truth. As the truth surfaces and you recognize it, you will automatically follow your spiritual path. Spiritual Energy manifests through the experiences of your being.
You must pay attention to details in selecting your next move in this life. You must plan, prepare and perform each task in this life as you move down your spiritual path. If you do not listen then you cannot answer your life’s questions with precision which can put you on the wrong path. This Spiritual Energy fashions foresight and forethought.

Sometimes you will become so engrossed in a task not realizing it can be huge or overwhelming causing you to feel like an ant trying to eat an elephant. Spiritual Energy would urge the “ant” to proceed to eat one bite at a time. Through spiritual energy there is no giving up when set-backs or personal defeats occur. Instead, you use these setbacks or defeats as an opportunity to learn; thus wisdom is created.

Spiritual Energy will create you to over-rule any unhealthy temptations, to correct bad habits, to perfect your skills on a daily basis and to stay prepared to handle any situations. You will have the energy to deal with any problems as soon as they arise then handle them in a creative way. You will refuse to take “no” for an answer when you are certain the task is sufficiently important. Spiritual Energy gives a sense of feeling peace and a deep satisfaction from doing a task that needs to be done.
The success from having completed the task will give you a feeling of tremendous joy and elation.
Spiritual Energy

There is a difference between the dreamers and the achievers. The dreamer only dreams but the achievers will work on turning the idea into reality. Waste no spiritual energy. Success is achieved by spirit and spirit is channeled by what you give your attention to. All conscious development and sacred practices are for the purpose of cultivating spiritual energy and directing it properly. The first rule of spiritual power is to waste no spiritual energy. Wasting no spiritual energy allows you to be more powerfully and creative.

Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy. Everyone and everything are energy beings and the higher your vibration or frequency, the higher the quality of life. To raise and maintain your high frequency follow these simple steps:

  • Take responsibility for your energy and emotions. 
  • Optimize the functioning of your primary energy centers (the chakras)
  • Develop your intuition
  • Co-create with your Guides and Angels
  • Balance masculine and feminine energies.
  • Live your life in balance

The understanding of spiritual energy becomes a key factor as people become more interested in spirituality and how it can change the world. When this reality is accepted and developed the nature of spiritual energy will be used in many ways.

Like the principle of electrical generation, the principle of spiritual energy generation shows how a specific type of energy flow may be generated. In the case of electrical generation, a flow of electricity is created in a certain direction. In the case of spiritual energy a flow is also created in a certain direction. Spiritual energy is etheric energy conditioned by spiritual intent.

Etheric energy is a primary energy of the universe, while electric energy is a secondary, denser form of energy. Just as the atmosphere is filled with electrons, ready to be channeled through an electric generator, so is it also filled with etheric energy. All energies are supplied and replenished by the Sun, including the mental energy that forms the global mind atmosphere or mind belt around the Earth.Spiritual Energy

The mind belt is conditioned by the thoughts and emotions of humankind. Each person constantly attracts mental energy, conditions it by their thoughts and actions, and passes it back into the mind belt. Every one of us affects everyone else. A spiritual act one which expresses unconditional love by anyone anywhere on the planet improves the mind belt of the whole planet.

A destructive act by anyone anywhere on the planet degrades the mind belt of the whole planet. Etheric energy is a more subtle energy than electricity, and a more dense energy than mental energy. However, because of its vibrational proximity to mental energy, it responds readily to applied mental pressure. The human mind can, through visualization and intent, attract etheric energy, condition it in any way desired and then direct it towards any desired objective.

There is a key difference between plain, unconditioned, etheric energy and spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is etheric energy conditioned by spiritual intent. In order to achieve the spiritual conditioning of etheric energy and transform it into spiritual energy, your consciousness has to first rise into the frequency range of spiritual consciousness.

In every human heart lies the doorway from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness. There are two levels of heart-centered consciousness, and they resonate at different frequencies. It is a yin and yang situation. The lower, passive level is heartfelt consciousness, where the person adjusts to the experience of unconditional love. The higher, active level is heart-powered consciousness, where the person puts that heart-centered awareness into action.Spiritual Energy

The doorway to spiritual consciousness is between those two levels of heart-centered awareness.
There are two major tiers of your consciousness, each tier contains six stages. The basic tier has a materialistic focus and ranges from the earliest historical expression of your consciousness, all the way through the evolution of empowered action and achievement, and into heartfelt awareness. In this heartfelt state of consciousness you will shift expansion into awareness. The Principle of Spiritual Energy Generation states that spiritual energy is generated by the mental direction of etheric energy, conditioned by spiritual intent.

Meditation to Assist you With “Spiritual Energy”

  1. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  3. Visualize yourself lying on a warm sandy beach. Feel the sun rays on your body.
  4. Feel your heart beating a white and golden color through your entire body and out into the universe.
  5. Feel your peaceful soul filled with love
  6. Your mind is filled with peace. Your heart is filled with love.
  7. Hear the gentle waves flowing with peace and love.
  8. Peace and love is now flowing through your entire body.
  9. Feel yourself becoming lighter.
  10. Enjoy your light body.
  11. Radiate your light and love out to the world and Universe.
  12. The light and peace will envelope you and the waves of peace, love and light will shine like a lighthouse for you, Earth and the Universe.

“The choice that you, as a Soul, have in relation to anything is always to be loving. Do you understand that this is the divine purpose that all of us as humans have been given — to love unconditionally? 

By John Morton

With love, Shirley

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