Energy and Universal Timing

Your energy for Spiritual awareness is connected to Universal Timing. Timing is when you and everything is in synchronicity. Synchronicities are events that happen when the universe is trying to tell you something. Your energetic thoughts, intents, direction of interests and desires will align with all the natural vibrations around you creating this timing. BeingContinue reading “Energy and Universal Timing”

Prophecy & Explanations

As I watch Earth change during this year, it has caused me to reflect on my world travels over the years. Meeting and learning from different cultures, how they live, their beliefs and listening to their stories were very enlightening. I became fascinated with World Religion which created a burning desire in me to learnContinue reading “Prophecy & Explanations”

The Power of Knowledge

Knowledge is the power of experienced thoughts created by a person who has the wisdom to know their heart. This power of the heart knows your true desires. This truth will cause your desires to flow into a higher frequency of love. This frequency of love holds many facets from the center core to the outer layers. YourContinue reading “The Power of Knowledge”

You and Universal Love

Universal Love is an ecstatic energy frequency that connects to the “All”. It is an energy that flows from the universe through the galaxy and on to your planet earth. This energy is connected with you allowing you to be a part of this beautiful Universal Love power.  It is inevitable the universe has always been inContinue reading “You and Universal Love”

Laughter Is Music To Your Heart

Laughter is a spiritual experience that vibrates musical tones in your soul. The universe is filled with music waves embracing you with its essences of harmony and love. Together it’s an endless song that awakens the truth that heals the world. It’s a love sound that dances within the universe and it vibrates within you. ListenContinue reading “Laughter Is Music To Your Heart”

Face Your Life’s Purpose

Nothing worthwhile in life is sudden. You wait for birth, you wait for love and you wait for life to reveal its meaning to you year after year, experience by experience. You will be at ease with the uncertainty of the world when you realize the certainty of your own consciousness. Often people do just theContinue reading “Face Your Life’s Purpose”

Enjoy Your Love And Light

Become the star of unlimited love and light you were born to be. Enjoy your love and light through happiness for it is your original nature. It is what you first experienced before identifying with a body, a family role, a nationality, or any other labels you may have. True happiness is being faithful to your trueContinue reading “Enjoy Your Love And Light”

Future Process

The year 2011 is moving the “Dark Ages” energy towards the light. The Dark Age is known as the Faith vs. Enlightenment era. People are learning that underneath all of their actions are thoughts, feelings and intentions. This knowledge creates change in their lives by their intentions, their intention creates their thoughts and thoughts create their feelings andContinue reading “Future Process”

Energy Shift And Changes

In The year 2011 Earth’s energy field will be shifting and changing creating everything to become lightener and faster. As the energy vibration on earth changes so does the individual person’s energy field. As this energy moves faster it is similar to being caught in the eye of a hurricane. All those who change with the energy will moveContinue reading “Energy Shift And Changes”