Surroundings & Boundaries

Surroundings & Boundaries

Your surroundings are the areas around your physical or geographical vicinity. Your energy and matter move freely within those surroundings. A boundary is a limit or edge that defines you as separate from others. Your skin is a boundary, everything within your skin is the physical you. Other boundaries that extend beyond your skin are emotions, spirituality, sexuality and your relationships. You are surrounded by an invisible circle this defines your own comfort zone within your boundaries. You have a limit to what is safe and appropriate. You have a border that separates you from others. Within your border you are an individual different and separate from others. You have a set of feelings and reactions that are distinctly yours

You will meet people who react similarly to you, but none reacts precisely as you do. When it comes to how others treat you emotionally, you have limits on what is safe and appropriate. Your emotional boundary is a set of feelings and reactions that are distinctly yours. You respond to the world uniquely based on your individual perceptions, your special history of values, goals and concerns. Set limits on what people can say to you. Emotions are fire energy: so healthy expressions are important. 

You have spiritual boundaries. You are the only one who knows the right spiritual path for yourself. If anyone try’s to tell you they know or have all your answers, they are out of line. You can be assisted, but not forced. Your spiritual development comes from your inner self. The most important boundary you can protect is your spiritual boundaries. There are spiritual boundaries that are important for your protection on earth. Your inner spiritual boundaries are core values. Core values are misunderstood and can cause chaos in your life. As you define who you are you must also define each area of your life to understand who you are and the boundaries you want to set. This begins with your core values. If you’re not careful external spiritual boundaries can allow bad influences, bad habits or non-self-convicted opinions around you. Know that your inner self has the answers so listen and follow its guidance.

Your sexual and spiritual energy are the same for they are the universe’s creative energy. This energy can be used for passionate lovemaking or art, poetry, music or they can be channeled for transformation and manifestation.Surroundings & Boundaries

Love, sex, and spirit are very much inter-related. You can think of them as a triad; each one impacting the other. Through sex, your souls and your bodies share and intermingle in energy and insight. At this time in your modern society this form of sexual energy is being used just like a play; you enjoy each other and after that you forget it. It is just like the way nuclear energy is used either for constructive or destructive purposes. If you desire this fusion because of its rewards in physical pleasure then there is no love and you are being selfish. The selfishness then can turn to hate and will cause illness within. The selfishness will cause a desire for a sexual quick fix that lasts for only a split second by doing so this act will lower your energy frequency as well as your spiritual consciousness. This lower energy then will allow you to go only so far with your spiritual growth causing frustration in your life. No other activity or expression of mankind provides such a total outlet for love when the sex act is with a true mate. 

Your relationship boundaries deal with parents, partners and friends. The roles you play define the limits of appropriate interaction with others. It is important not to lose track of each others’ uniqueness and devotion. This relationship must be to give and to receive. You decide who can touch you, be close to you and through that choice you must have a relationship that moves forward. Otherwise you must move away from someone who invades your personal zone energy field. Boundaries bring order to your life. As you learn to strengthen your boundaries, you gain a clearer sense of yourself and your relationship to others. Boundaries empower you to determine how you will be treated by others. With good boundaries you can have the wonderful assurance that comes from knowing you can and will protect yourself from the ignorance, meanness or thoughtlessness of others. 

You begin to form boundaries in your infancy. In a healthy family, a child is helped to individuate, to develop a self concept separate and unique from the other family member. You learn about boundaries by the way you are treated as a child. You then will teach others where your boundaries are by the way you allow them to treat you. Most people will respect your boundaries when you indicate where they are. You need to actively define what they are. Boundaries require maintenance. You skin is an example of your physical boundary. Your emotional and relational boundaries will be less obvious but they are just as important. If the barrier of your skin is breached by a scratch, you become vulnerable to infection. If your emotional or relational boundaries are breached, you also become vulnerable to harm. When these invisible boundaries are trespassed by the thoughtless or intrusive actions of others, it is called a boundary violation. Healthy boundaries are flexible allowing in affections, kindness and positive respect. Surroundings & Boundaries

To set personal boundaries you must respect and honor your authentic self. Your boundaries help define who you are and what you will and will not tolerate in your life. Learning to set these boundaries may feel uncomfortable at first, but the process becomes more natural to you as you move into living and honoring your genuine self. You set emotional and spiritual boundaries as you embark on virtually all aspect n your life’s journey. 

Just a Little Tip on Setting Boundaries:

  1. Know your personal choice, and when to say yes or no. This is the essence of setting emotional boundaries. If someone demands your time or energy and you do not wish to participate then say no and explain why. Causing a major confrontation is not necessary.
  2. Watch for warning signals that trigger the need for boundaries. Various situations require you to set emotional boundaries. You usually receive warning signals. You must distance yourself from anyone who is abrasive. If you notice someone is undermining you, not being truthful you will need to move on and keep away from that individual. Do not allow others to take advantage of you. When you maintain healthy emotional balance you are taking giant steps on your path of your power. You will gain great strength in your emotions and mental energy each time you stand up for yourself and protect yourself.
  3. Decide how to set your boundary. If someone crosses your emotional boundaries, you may choose to address the issue outright and work toward a mutual understanding and solution. Or you may decide to quietly set your boundary through limiting your time with that person or being involved in a particular situation. You will find removing yourself from a toxic environment is necessary. Take time to define your boundaries and see a solution that allows you to maintain self respect and live authentically.
  4. Make healthy boundaries a part of your life. Your spiritual boundaries help define your soul’s growth. As you pursue your spiritual journey, you will know your truth in your heart. Love, kindness, generosity and healthy support for your fellow travelers become part of your life as you experience your inner power, joy and peace. Setting boundaries in your spiritual life includes making time to mediate or pray. 
  5. Always involve yourself with causes that are dear to your heart, cultivating your divine relationship with the Divine Source and live fully in your own truth.

Surroundings & Boundaries

Remember when you were a child how magical the world seemed. The sense of enchantment is thespirit of your inner child. Recapture your magical sense by remembering that a miraculous intuitive energy of great power surrounds you. Do not allow yourself to feel trapped into any situation. Whenever you realize that you have the power to protect yourself you will then feel the power of self freedom. Everything that you have in your life is by choice, you are free to choose. It you do not like self freedom then make changes. If you like it then hold it close to your heart.

A Good Meditation for “Surroundings & Boundaries” 

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize pink flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Visualize a Blue shade of Turquoise, Gold, White and Purple flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  5. Allow these colors to flow in and around your heart several times. Feel the vibrations of your body and the colors.
  6. Visualize these colors flowing out of your heart and around the outside of your body. Create your own colored bubble protecting you from the outside energy.
  7. Look up and see the beautiful the sky, the galaxy and the universe. There is a bright golden ball of light flowing down connecting with your colored bubble.
  8. Through this Divine Energy you are protected and connected with the Universal Love and its colors.
  9. Trust and follow your intuition.

“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.”

By St. Augustine

With love, Shirley

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