Collective Consciousness

Master Morya

Every day, whether you are aware of it or not, you experience the effects of collective consciousness. Your moods and energies shift are affected by the moods and energies of others no matter how distant they are. You are all part of a Universal Whole.

With the strong negativity projected in the world at this time, it takes a little more effort to sift through the negative collective noise and reach the positive collective voice. But it can be done by consciously shifting your own thoughts in a more positive direction on a daily basis. Prayer circles, meditations, distance healings, or anything that seems miraculous is positive proof that collective consciousness can be harnessed, and used for the collective good.

One of the best examples of collective consciousness can be found by observing nature. Look at an ant farm. These tiny insects live together in colonies, doing their work for the group. If you separate or relocate a portion of the colony, they will perform the same tasks at the same time as their brethren. If you drop a crumb of food that is too large to be carried by a single ant, and do this to an ant that is distanced from the rest of the colony, other ants will come and help. Do it simultaneously with a colony that is divided and separated and both colonies will respond simultaneously to their particular relative who needs the help. This is a glimpse of collective consciousness in action.Collective Consciousness

In order to harness the power of collective consciousness, you must first accept that you are already a part of it. All things in this life are a part of the collective energy. It is this powerful flowing of energy that connects all things, and is all things. It has no beginning, middle or end. Because you are a part of it, you have access to it. Simplistically, it is the “Law of Attraction” you receive what you project.

There is a very strong energy power in positive thinking and collective consciousness. It is the reflection “Law of Attraction.” Every moment of every day, each of you add to and affects the balance of the collective energy. Because negative attracts negative, the mental stone you throw today could be the real life rock that chips your windshield tomorrow. Likewise, a random act of kindness, long forgotten could be the momentum propelling an unexpected moment of joy today.Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness is experienced as the invisible field of connectedness and intelligence that arises and accessed when those with aligned intention gather. As human beings, you are connected in ways you are not fully aware of, but which the modern scientific community is now discovering, and which the great teachings have been describing forever. This Field of Oneness, of Unity, gives you an incredible potential for bringing people together in a whole new way. Working in “Collective Consciousness” means working with an Invisible Force, valuing it, and allowing the space between you to come alive, and grant its Presence, Intelligence and Love.

It is a sense of unity, a connectedness with others present or at distance on an invisible but nonetheless real level, and a sense of inner creative potential, lightness, fun and desire to express. You will feel stronger with a sense of aliveness. Almost universally there is an accepted awareness of a frequency in the space between that is a force field of knowingness, wisdom and healing that is has a great power.

Spirituality of the earth means a spirituality that is directed toward an appreciation of earth. Help earth’s concerns with the maternal principle out of which you were born and whence you derive all that you are and all that you have. In your totality you are born of the earth. You are earthlings. The earth is your origin, your nourishment, your support, your guide. Your spirituality itself is earth-derived. If there is no spirituality in earth, then there is no spirituality in you. The human and the earth are totally implicated each in the other.Collective Consciousness

Understand that the earth acts in all that acts upon the earth. This spiritual energy emerges in the total complex of earth and your functions. Each form of life is integrated with every other life form. Even beyond the earth, by force of gravitation, every particle of the physical world attracts and is attracted to every other particle. This attraction holds the differentiated universe together and enables it to be a universe of individual realities. The universe is not a vast smudge of matter, some substance extended indefinitely in space. Nor is the universe a collection of unrelated particles. The universe is a vast multiplicity of individual realities with both qualitative and quantitative differences all in spiritual-physical communion with each other.

The first shaping of the universe was into those great galactic systems of fiery energy that constitute the starry heavens. In these celestial furnaces the elements are shaped. Eventually, after some ten billion years, the solar system and the earth and its living forms constituted a unique planet in the entire complex of the universe. On earth life, both plant and animal life, was born in the primordial seas some three billion years ago. Plants came out upon the land some six hundred million years ago, after the planet earth had shaped itself through a great series of transformations forming the continents, the mountains, the valleys, the rivers and streams. The atmosphere was long in developing. The animals came ashore a brief interval later. As these life forms established themselves over some hundreds of millions of years, the luxuriant foliage formed layer after layer of organic matter, which was then buried in the crust of the earth to become fossil formations with enormous amounts of stored energy. One hundred million years ago flowers appeared and the full beauty of earth began to manifest itself. Some sixty million years ago the birds were in the air. Mammals walked through the forest. Some of the mammals — the whales, porpoises, and dolphins — went back into the sea.

Finally, some two million years ago, the ascending forms of life culminated in the awakening human consciousness. Wandering food gatherers and hunters until some eight thousand years ago, then settled into village life. This life led you through the Neolithic period to the classical civilization which has flourished so brilliantly for the past five thousand years.Collective Consciousness

Some four hundred years ago, a new stage of scientific development took place which in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought about human technological dominance of the earth out of which you had emerged. This stage can be interpreted as the earth awakening to consciousness of itself in its human mode of being. The story of this awakening consciousness is the most dramatic aspect of earth.

Much more needs to be known about the conditions that permit a destructive situation to arise between people and earth. There is a new attitude that is being adopted towards earth. This involves a new spiritual and even mystical communion with the earth, a true aesthetic of earth’s sensitivity.

Knowing you are part of the collective energy, you are conscious of it. Use that awareness by living mindfully. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions, because they are a part of the collective power within you and earth. Pay attention to all that surrounds you, because everything else is part of the collective as well. Meditation draws you further into awareness, into collective consciousness. So does mindfulness and prayer.Collective Consciousness

The collective consciousness challenge is an energetic experiment. For one week, consciously allow yourself to feel connected to all things. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions, and all that surrounds you. Set aside some quiet time, and envision yourself as a part of the collective, affecting – and being affected by – all things. This is a prime opportunity to project your positive will, and attract the boundless like-minded energy at your disposal. Your thought of love, or peace, or change will find its way to other similar thoughts, so keep in mind that this energy affects everything – not just you. And remember, energy never dies – it’s the first rule of physics. The more positive energy you put out there, the more positive things you will receive.

Meditation for “Collective Consciousness” 

Chose a position in which you feel most comfortable and take a moment to relax your body. If your mind starts to wonder focus on your breathing then go back to your meditation. When you have completed your meditation, open your eyes and be quite for a few minutes. Your goal is simply to listen or to watch your thoughts without effort. This energy will help you, earth and the universe. 

  1. Focus on your breath, feel your breath flowing in and out naturally. Gradually let your breaths lengthen and become deeper.
  2. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Remove your attention from any distractions of the day and continue to focus on your breath and colors.
  4. As your thoughts and emotions pass through your mind, acknowledge them and let them go. 
  5. Visualize pink, blue, emerald green and gold flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  6. Now see yourself smiling. That smile will make you look and feeling peace and compassion.
  7. Take that smile within and see it flowing over every part of your body, from your head through your heart, arms, and legs and all the way down to your toes. See your happy peaceful smile grow bigger over your heart. 
  8. As your smile grows your colors becomes brighter.
  9. Feel the warmth and brightness as it suffuses and relaxes your mind and body.
  10. Visualize your happy warm smile filled with love flowing from your heart, covering earth and out into the universe.
  11. You are now connected with the “Collective Consciousness” energy source.
  12. Feel the warmth and brightness of the powerful experience.

“Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act”. 

By D Dass

With love, Shirley

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