Spiritual Helpers

Spiritual Helpers

The universe is filled with love, colors and tones. It is a beautiful energy where Spiritual Guides, Angels, Masters, Ascended Masters, etc all exist. They are the Intergalactic Liaisons and Indigenous of the Great Universe. They all work together in an effort to infuse earth and you with love, light and communications.
Spiritual guides are evolved beings, who have lived on Earth before. 

They have the wisdom and experience to teach, inspire and guide you along your journey through life. Their primary role is to aid you in the process of developmental growth. Their function is not to live your life nor is it to answer all our questions, they are not “all knowing.” They are exactly what the word implies, “guides,” who help you along the pathway of life.Spiritual Helpers

Guides communicate with you all the time. They speak to you in many ways. Sometimes it’s a very subtle voice in your head as a thought. They communicate to you through altered states of consciousness; through meditation, or in your dream state while sleeping. Everyone has a primary guide under whose care you are placed. You are assigned a guide long before you are physically born. They arrange to stay with you throughout your lifetime to assist your spiritual path. They are gentle, loving and have your best interests at heart. The greatest gift you can give your guides for their support is a simple, “Thank you and I love you.”Spiritual Helpers

Angels are spiritual beings, existing free of restriction to time or space. They are beings of light energy full of peace, harmony and joy. They are the most powerful and most evolved beings closest to the Higher Power.

Their level of higher frequency allows them to have the most unconditional love possible! Angels are all around every day and in every way, protecting and embracing you, working with your needs and expectations, never going far. When you need them, they are only a thought away.

Angelic beings are the messengers in charge of keeping one connected to the spiritual realm beyond Earth. They help you understand that you always have help, especially in times of difficulty, they never abandon you. They are here to help and support your spiritual path. Warning you with feelings of love, of peace, and directing you back to whom you really are a whole, perfect and loving being. The Angels help to open your hearts and minds to the knowledge that the power of love is the power of all. They are the universes gift to you, waiting patiently behind the veil as you open your minds to their existence and love.

Ascended Masters are spirit beings who had previously lived in earthy incarnations. They were people, (spirit in nature) who have already passed every human experience possible. They have released themselves of personal karma and crossed to a higher level of evolvement. They are Enlightened!Spiritual Helpers

Masters are rare beings who have realized there oneness with the Supreme Being, the highest Transcendental Consciousness. They not only realize their true self but also work selflessly to inspire humanity to seek the divinity within themselves.

They are able to expedite the progress of his/her disciples through their close connection to the Universe. The Masters teach the timeless spiritual truths in a variety of ways, their teachings reflecting the environment and period in the universal dimensions. Masters like KrishnaBuddha and Jesus Christ have led to the formation of religions dedicated to following the teachings of these avatars. Each spiritual master has offered their own unique path towards the highest truth, love and light. Although the outer forms may differ the ultimate realization is the same.

Ascended Masters achieve this state of higher frequency through much struggle, an intense amount of work and sometimes a deep sacrifice. The journey of a master is very long, and very much dedicated! They walked the plane teaching truth, wisdom and living in the light. They have earned the Universe’s Love and knowledge.

You exist in an intelligent environment and you live in a multitude of different dimensions. Universal intelligence is a description of the fabric of life as you know it. How you fit in the scheme of things is often regarded as a mystery. The secret to understanding the universal intelligence is to be aware and the art of subtle listening. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way to understand this and now appreciate the gentleness and power of universal intelligence.

How you understand your world function with this Universal energy starts in your perception and beliefs. Universal Love and Light encompasses the intelligence where all matter exists and communicates. It encompasses all genders and incorporates all expression of life. It is an expression of love and helps to create a peaceful planet. This energy provides balance, love and harmony that you can choose to constantly aspire to amidst the distractions of your life. 
You and earth are one in the same. When you understand your balance, love and truth you actually help earth’s energy. The universal conditions of strife created by wars, greed or hate are but a mundane reflection of the still greater changes and conflicts which occurred on the higher planes within the aura of earth. Age demands new methods of development fulfilling the ancient prophecy: “Behold, I make all things new!”
 Spiritual Helpers

Some wonder how to know their Guides. They can send you thoughts through your mind or visit you in a dream and appear in your meditations. Like all concepts in spiritual growth, intent is everything and if you desire to make contact with guidance, dedication and perseverance will enable you to do so. They are your very best friend. They will keep your secrets and share your pain and joy. They are your teachers, leading you down paths that will aid in defining your focus. They are your muse providing you with inspiration when you are searching for just the exact way to convey a creative or artistic idea. They will give you some hints as to what may occur if you continue on your current path. They will not make your decisions; they are not allowed to go against your free will. Getting to know your Guides and establishing communication with them is one of the most important things you can do to enhance your own intuitive ability.

Meditation for “Spiritual Helpers”

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize pink and blue colors flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. Allow your mind and body to relax as you flow your pink and blue colors.
  5. Watch your thoughts flow out like a stream of water.
  6. Realize your thoughts are separate from your body so let them flow. 
  7. You are walking in a forest. The smell of the forest and of wild flowers surrounds you, bathing you in an essence so sweet and so wild that your senses are reeling.
  8. You come to a body of water. It is part of an enchanted forest; this water is pure, clean and clear. It is cool and inviting. You sit on the edge of the bank and dip your cup into the sacred water and drink. You feel refreshed.
  9. You arise and continue moving on your path through these wondrous woods. You come to a clearing in the trees. The clearing is surrounded by stately oaks, their branches extended to protect you. The color of the wild flowers stands out strong against the green grass and the brown-black of the tree barks. Breathe deeply of the sweet air.
  10. Lie down on the soft green grass and look out through the clear opening into the sky. Hear the wonderful universal music softly playing.
  11. Your heart is ready to connect with your Guides. There is a light shimmering. Soft strands of rainbow colors streaming forth like a flower blossoming. As each petal of this light unfolds, you see there is something in that light. It’s your Guide.
  12. Know it is real. Allow the Guide to communicate with you. 
  13. Breathe deeply, relaxing and relive your experience. 

This meditation is connecting your within, earth and the universe. It is important to be aware of thoughts and be aware of any messages. Remember Guides communicate through your thoughts. Trust them and allow yourself to see the truth of this great work.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

Joseph Campbell.

With love, Shirley

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