Pearl Of Wisdom

Like a pearl in an oyster, wisdom needs time to grow. Being aware of your wisdom will cause your heartbeat to match the beat of the universes. Pearls of wisdom will re-awaken your consciousness, your true inner power and encourage the best for yourself. This will enable your “Self” empowerment to occur now. 

Knowledge is often confused with wisdom, but while knowledge may lead to wisdom it is not a guaranteed path without the element of emotion. Knowledge is a process of gathering facts and wisdom lies in their simplification. The path to true wisdom is lined with stepping-stones of knowledge leading to your goals. Knowledge can be seductive and tempting yet beneficial, it is important to remember that it is only one part of the recipe for wisdom. Do not focus too much on the acquisition of knowledge alone for without the other elements it is a frail reed against the storms of life. One of the best definitions of wisdom is one part knowledge, one part experience, and one part empathy. Wisdom includes insightful knowledge and good judgment.

Experience is an essential part of wisdom. While wisdom does not always come with years, the more living you pack into your years, the more likely you are to accumulate wisdom. Experience strengthens and sharpens the knowledge that you acquire. Often without experience you do not have the judgment necessary to apply your knowledge or the understanding that allows you to build on that knowledge and create new understandings. Furthermore, experience helps you focus on acquiring and expanding the knowledge you need to achieve wisdom and better understanding.
Empathy is the essential filter that allows you to make the best use of your wisdom and understanding. Without the ability to understand and care about others then you would not use your knowledge or your experience to the best results. Knowledge and experience without empathy can lead to harmful choices and actions. Knowledge and experience with empathy can lead to success and goodness. You must have a balance of your mind wisdom and your heart wisdom. Empathy is the key rather than sympathy, because while feeling for others can build a bridge across the divide of difference it is the understanding of others that creates a bond that can negate that difference. Knowledge is power, and how you use that power is wisdom. 

Those who seek their wisdom will not have fear. Those who seek the understanding of this path to wisdom will follow it for themselves. Earth will be a better place for those who journey. Each individual’s journey to wisdom and enlightenment can only improve the lives of all around them. The path to wisdom and enlightenment must touch on knowledge, experience and empathy in equal measure.

Wisdom is knowledge with experience which has been distilled through the heart over time. To know about something is merely to be aware of its existence. To experience that something is to become personally intimate with it. Allow that intimate knowledge to distill through the heart over time will extract the impurities of anger, fear, guilt, blame and prejudice. This process produces crystal clear messages of pureness filled with the qualities of compassion, understanding and acceptance. As you go through this learning process, bravely go with the intimate spirit drops of your heart’s love, it will form your Pearls of Wisdom.


  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize a rainbow flowing clockwise, all around your entire body.
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. Visualize yourself setting on a sandy beach watching the ocean’s wave’s roll in and out.
  5. You feel something hard and cold in your hand. Looking down you see an oyster shell.
  6. The longer you look at the shell the warmer it gets. It starts to glow; when it opens you see a bright glowing white pearl. 
  7. Keep looking at the pearl and watch it glow become brighter. 
  8. Now project any desires that you have inside the pearl. The more you project the bigger the pearl becomes.
  9. Visualize your rainbow colors flowing inside your pearl.
  10. Close your hand over the pearl and toss it up to the universe.

The pearl represents your wisdom. Through your wisdom you will create a manifestation of your desires using the energy of the Universal Love. There is a universal spirituality which can be expressed in many ways. These words of wisdom add to the ancient wisdom of the world. They are in harmony with many spiritual insights. Wisdom is the ability to apply this knowledge through experience, without having to think about what you are doing.

From within the silence and stillness of the mind and body comes remembering. Within the remembering comes the core of knowledge past. Within this learned knowledge lies the inherent knowing of the body which is stored as experience. Hers lays the source of spiritual wisdom. Beyond that lies the Absolute.

“There is wisdom of the head, and… wisdom of the heart.” A truly wise person has a balance of both wisdom of the head and wisdom of the heart.

Charles Dickens.

With love, Shirley

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