Embrace Your Talents

Your sage wisdom is something to behold. It tells your heart stories that are not forgotten, it is your truth, your fate and who you are. Life can be a treadmill of mundane details or it can be an inspiring adventure of uplifting experiences. Through the regular practice of meditation, you will start raising your frequency of consciousnessContinue reading “Embrace Your Talents”

Surroundings & Boundaries

Your surroundings are the areas around your physical or geographical vicinity. Your energy and matter move freely within those surroundings. A boundary is a limit or edge that defines you as separate from others. Your skin is a boundary, everything within your skin is the physical you. Other boundaries that extend beyond your skin are emotions, spirituality, sexuality andContinue reading “Surroundings & Boundaries”

Collective Consciousness

Every day, whether you are aware of it or not, you experience the effects of collective consciousness. Your moods and energies shift are affected by the moods and energies of others no matter how distant they are. You are all part of a Universal Whole. With the strong negativity projected in the world at thisContinue reading “Collective Consciousness”

Living With The Force

Universal Love has an energy force that can connect with your spiritual vibrational force. When the two connect you will receive a great power filled with self knowledge and self reliance. You will then realize the force is bestowed within you. In 180 A.D. Irenaeus, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Lyons France, attacked independent thinking as well asContinue reading “Living With The Force”

Spiritual Helpers

The universe is filled with love, colors and tones. It is a beautiful energy where Spiritual Guides, Angels, Masters, Ascended Masters, etc all exist. They are the Intergalactic Liaisons and Indigenous of the Great Universe. They all work together in an effort to infuse earth and you with love, light and communications.Spiritual guides are evolved beings,Continue reading “Spiritual Helpers”

The Sea Of Energy

Everything is made of Energy. When you familiarize yourself with this understanding you will know you are an energy center. The molecules of life force surround you and run through you constantly. It creates you to be a little world of your own with energy circles, links and colors running around and through you. You can change these energyContinue reading “The Sea Of Energy”

Pearl Of Wisdom

Like a pearl in an oyster, wisdom needs time to grow. Being aware of your wisdom will cause your heartbeat to match the beat of the universes. Pearls of wisdom will re-awaken your consciousness, your true inner power and encourage the best for yourself. This will enable your “Self” empowerment to occur now.  Knowledge is often confusedContinue reading “Pearl Of Wisdom”

The Rays Of Love

All energy rays proceed from the centre of your heart reaching out into the universe. It is a continual heart beat of love that pours out healing energy from a strong creative power. These rays create the rhythm of music inspire your mind. These Ray’s of love are a Universal frequency that delivers various colors. These colors canContinue reading “The Rays Of Love”