Silence And Your Soul

Silence And Your Soul

Earth moves in a reckless haste filled with noise pollution making it difficult to be still and hear your self think. It is essential for your spiritual growth to seek some time for silence, no matter how busy you are. Silence is not to be shunned as empty space, never let the world steal the silence in your soul. You will find being still brings clearer purity that lies within your soul. This spiritual love that your heart has carries into the silence of your original state of being. This state contains the power to create harmony in all matters. 

Listen to the silence within, this is where the balance of your life is held. You will be empowered with the knowledge of your being that is filled with Universal Love. The secret is to find time to quiet the mind and listen to the beautiful love and light that lives within you. Take the time to listen and be quite. Your heart will find the peaceful power of the love that guides your life. 

Some are afraid of silence so much that they hurry from one event to the next in order to not have to spend a moment alone. That way they do not have to look at themselves in the mirror. Close your soul to sounds, whether it is noise, music or words. This will help to quite the inner chatter and clatter of your noisy heart. The purpose of slowing down is to have solitude. Solicitude will show you how to see and hear more clearly. Practicing silence, learn to control the tongue and listen. 

Your world of learning is one that requires patience, truth and faith in everything that you do. You are learning to unite through the acts of nature and mankind. When you face the truth that fear, anger, revenge and judgment must be stopped, it is then you will become strengthened. By becoming a leader maintaining a positive attitude of this knowledge you will find that others will do the same. The law of faith is needed to strengthen you and earth. There is a journey moving in all directions where people are working together. It is not a localized situation within one country or one nation. It is every where. They are walking in the light. It is their truth, it is their integrity, it is their clarity that they stand strong with this faith. Each day they see verification of what they have started. It teaches them that every action that is set forth with the proper direction will also have a positive learning experience. Silence And Your Soul

When you consciously recognize the truth your body can give you a signal. It can help you know when you are right in your perception of any situation. These body signals are natural, just let it happen. When the body recognizes something you think about, heard or perceived as truth it can respond with chills down the spine or other physical movement or feelings. Or it could be a soft wind in your hair, a bird bearing a message like the Red-Tailed Hawk. The body senses these things. Those who have developed a stronger connection with their body consciousness hold this self trust, they become aware of their natural signals. 

Try embracing being alone, in the quiet; enjoy the opportunity to become aware of earth and the Universal Presence. It is the one thing that can fill the infinite emptiness in any heart.
Solitude is the practice of being absent from other people and other things so that you can be present within your self. In solitude, you rest from your attempts to re-create the world in your image. Solitude forces you to face despair, yet it provides the only opportunity to discover the amazing power of earth and the universe’s presence.

Silence is the practice of quieting every voice, including your own inner and outer voices. Silence means being still so that you can hear the Voice that searches your heart and mind. Silence also means excusing ourselves from the voices of others. The world’s demands around you do not go away easily.

You hear countless requests and demands each day over the radio, on the television, and from people. Certainly some of these voices are important for you to hear-especially the voices of your family. However, there is one Voice that is above all necessary for you to hear. This is the reason you must develop habits of being unavailable to other people’s voices so you can learn to hear the Divine Voice.

Silence is also necessary to free yourself from the tendency to control. Silence frees you from the tyranny you hold over others with your words. When one is silent, it is much more difficult to manipulate and control people and their circumstances. Words are the weapons you lay down when you practice silence. Solitude and silence, when matched with attention, destroy the darkness – it then balances your life with light. Try to be silent for a few minutes several times a day. As you become quiet what do your hear? Let the noise go. After your time is up, reflect on what it was like to simply be quite.


  1. Take a deep breath and exhale. Take a second deep breath and as you exhale stretch your body.
  2. Visualize Pink. Blue, Turquoise, Orange, White, Gold and Silver flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. See yourself lying on earth’s soft green grass looking at the stars in the sky. The evening is filled with the sound of crickets. There is a soft breeze flowing over your body. 
  4. Feel the earth’s energy caressing your body’s heart and soul.
  5. Looking at the stars you realize how important you, earth and universe’s energy are. There is no noise in the universe. There is love and light filled with compassion and caring.
  6. Tell your body, mind and soul to stop the chatter; be silent. 
  7. Relax and feel the silence in and around you. It is nurturing, a feeling of love and blessings.
  8. This beautiful silence will help you to discover your dreams that you put into motion. The universe with all its love and wisdom will assist this motion.

Silence is intimately related to trust. It is important to be in silent for at least ten minutes at a time; you then will soon hear and reflect on what it is like to simply be still. It is beautiful energy for your heart and soul.

“A person who is under the discipline of silence is a person who can say what needs to be said when it needs to be said.” 


With love, Shirley

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