Lighten Up

Imagine your life as a movie. You are the writer, producer, director and actor. Everyone else is extras and any part of the world you visit is the scenery. From birth to until now, you will be filled with learning experiences made up of ordinary activities. Sharing the movie of your life and what you have learned is a valuable tool for self evaluation. It is important to view your life experiences and to feel them so you remember the lessons learned. This will help you face future adversity and empower you with wisdom.

When you chose to tell others about your “movie” they may or may not believe what you say, if they have not experienced a similar situation, they might not relate. However, that does not mean your “movie” is not valid, important or relevant. Your life and spiritual experiences will always be with you, no one can ever take them away. They are your experiences. They are what you have chosen to learn in this life time.Lighten Up

You and the Universe are one. The Love between the two is the most powerful force there is. Within your soul there is a sacred flame illuminating the way to your wisdom’s portal. It is concealed within all things and radiates through your soul as a brilliant power. When you truly seek this guiding light, it will glean upon your life’s path with peace, love and harmony. 

Life begins with the first breath. At this time your spirit guides your soul into the chosen body allowing you to become a sentient being. This energy programs past lives in your subconscious. The soul then goes into the heart. The spirit becomes your emotions. Emotional love is one of the greatest of all your emotions. It is not an outside love like you have for your spouse; it is the love you have for yourself. If you do not love yourself first, how can you love anyone else? Love for yourself is not conceited; rather it is an understanding that your body is your vehicle to get through life’s lessons. It is a must to take care of your body; the body is your vehicle for this life time. You must do more than keep it clean on the outside. Diet and exercise are great for a good looking fit body, but you must also keep your internal self clean.

The premise behind “Lighten Up” is to show what transpires within your individual self when you are presented with a single or even a series of negative problems. During the course of this investigation, you will be able to see how your internal mechanics deal with these so called stressful situations. What if you could avoid these situations altogether, or at the very least, understand why they do not need to cause you problems? What if you could address the issues in your daily life from an almost precognitive understanding of how your total self really works? Would you then have the ability to change a potentially negative situation to one of having positive results? Lighten Up helps you develop these abilities if you are willing to put the techniques to work in your daily life.Lighten Up

You study and listen to other people who may or may not have a piece of the puzzles for your life. You have to make connections mentally, emotionally, physical and spiritually while searching for your truth. As individuals, you have certain valuable inner resources. This allows you to face situations through your own uniqueness. When you connect these internal resources within, you will begin to take the first steps of responsibility for your own actions. These connections can be made through the infinite resources of the universe and earth.

This, in turn, connects you to a love and strength that no negative energy can withstand. Sooner or later the negativity withdraws, defeated by your higher source and balances with the positive. There is no right or wrong, life just is. It is time to start this fascinating travel through your own magnificent discovery of your self. By doing this work you will find your true unique identity is without any burden making you lighter.

Meditation for “Lighten Up”

  1. Stretch your body, relax and take three deep breaths
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body from your toes to the top of your head. Pink and blue are balancing colors to start the process
  3. Visualize Turquoise flowing inside your entire body
  4. See your heart filled with the colors of the Rainbow
  5. Outside your body see a funnel flowing from the universe
  6. The universal funnel connects with your heart’s Rainbow
  7. With the connection of the universe to your heart say or send thoughts out
  8. God Is My Source & Love Is My Light
  9. Next say or send thoughts out for what it is you desire in life
  10. Allow this energy you have manifested to flow into your heart and out into a light sphere.
  11. Close the meditation in the Name of The Divine Order, Christ White Light and the Holy Spirit.

Lighten Up

This meditation will create a calm, focused energy that will tickly your fancy. You will become more charming and exciting to your self and others. The earth and the universe will playfully give blessings in return. “Just “Man was born to be rich, or grows rich by the use of his faculties, by the union of thought and nature.” 


With love, Shirley

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