Keep It Simple

In the great heavenly universe, the stars and the planets are endowed with souls of living Beings with an inconceivable love force. It is filled with a majestic flow of beauty, peace and harmony. These currents of free flowing energy are represented by life essences of each mysterious stellar and planetary existence’s. They radiate from the mighty waves of color and sound beyond the power of your senses. They influence every atom and particle which they contact working with earth on the spiritual level.Keep It Simple

One law of the Universe is Unity. The mysteries of life are hidden in the stars and certain Masters whose line of evolution has enabled them to sense and see the cosmic life currents in reality. Like an outpost they stand guard to halt the impact of powers of destruction before the energy arrives on earth. Occasionally for the evolution of earth and its people the vibrations of negative energies are permitted to play upon earth. That is what inevitably brings upheavals, wars and crises. It is the especial function of certain planets and their populace to destroy for the sake of rebuilding. 

During this period of transition the outcome of chaos will resolve itself into one of harmony. Through your meditation you can attain a union with this energy of harmony. Like the impersonal wind itself, working with your consciousness will impel you to express that which you have acquired with no difficulty. This ability is an aid to your ideal of attaining union with Universal Love through your personal desire. You will learn lessons about the physical plane and then self-conscious control of your intuition. 

When you are capable of controlling and transmuting your desires and emotions you will attain higher vibrations. The battle within human’s consciousness shifts its field of energy with every age. The problem before was to raise the emotional energy to spiritual energy by means of prayer. Instead the effort has been made to conquer desires and emotional balance through analysis. 

This is not easy to accomplish. It requires you to meditate for guidance and then your energy will be like electrical currents that run through you, over earth and out to the universe where the Masters work. They know there are eager souls who are guided by their intuition rather than thoughts.Keep It Simple

You are like a pioneer in the action of your independence to reach new dimensional and spiritual realms. The fire from your soul is the fuel for this trip; the filling station is the love you receive. To hear is to understand, to see is to perceive and it does allow the heart to flow with a pureness of new wisdom. In learning the techniques to enhance your master within, you will reach the Masters in the Universe filled with love, peace and tranquility. 

To know the feeling of intergalactic free flowing energy is to know the sense of awareness. It creates the unity of Oneness. At this point you then can radiate more divine love. There is a presence of love power wakening on earth that creates a knowing of the universal individual that you are. You are feeling this creative energy filled with light, love happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. With this conscious knowledge you will vibrate your own rainbow frequency filled with love reaching to your higher self and out to the universe. 

Earth’s future global awareness through the use of technology will allow you to become more aware of the Cosmos. Your mind will give into the global consciousness you will sense the wonders of the universal memory. The universal memory is a memory of your existence, your experiences and your evolution. It is a core of who you are and how you connect to the universe. All your cells hold this memory for it is written in your genetic code. It will take time for your body and brain to accept it. Keep It Simple

Earth is a tiny planet in comparison to the Universes. You are small in comparison to Earth. Yet the crystal make up of your being knows no size and is equal to the love generated atoms of every being on your planet. Try keeping it simple by sitting alone in the woods and just study the environment. 

Notice the patterns of the bark on the trees, the shape of the leaves, and look at the living earth all around you, the plants and animals for they are connected to you. You all are a part of the living system. Your atoms hold the essence of creation like Earth’s birth from stardust. 

Meditation for “Keep It Simple”

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly
  4. Visualize you are standing on top of a mountain feeling the soft grass on your bare feet
  5. Stand firmly while feeling the energy from earth as you raise your hands to the sky
  6. You are now connected with earth and the universe
  7. Visualize your colors flowing from your heart down through your feet into earth.
  8. Visualize your colors flowing from your heart up through your hands and out into the sky
  9. You are now connected with Father Sky and Mother Earth’s energy
  10. Feel the flow of this powerful energy through your entire body
  11. While feeling the pulsation of this powerful energy, send your thoughts of what you need in life. It can be health, wealth, etc. 
  12. After sending your thoughts out, flow your energy back into your head. You are bringing back into your heart, Mother Earth’s grounding energy and Father Sky’s manifesting energy.

“Just like a sunbeam can not separate itself from the sun, and a wave can not separate itself from the ocean, we can not separate ourselves from one another. We are all part of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.” 

By Marianne Williamson

With love, Shirley

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