The Special You

There is a special something that everyone wants; “Self-confidence”. Confidence is defined as “trust in” and “reliance upon”. When you have self-confidence, you trust and rely upon yourself. You know you have the ability to become, achieve and acquire whatever you want. That knowledge radiates through you, giving you an attractiveness that far exceeds perfect features andContinue reading “The Special You”

Universal Harmony

All heart’s flow into the Divine Ocean of the Universal Harmony and all different creeds and expressions merge in this Divine Source. This great energy includes you and all souls with a great eternal power known as Universal Harmony. As the sun gives light, heat and life sustenance to the whole world without any reservations and qualificationsContinue reading “Universal Harmony”

Emotional Light

The Universal Enlightened Energy is trying to encourage earth, its people and nations to come together to help each other. Earth is trying, through acts of nature, to get your attention. It is time you need to realize what influences one nation can have on all nations. Everyone’s emotions have a connection; these thoughts form waves thatContinue reading “Emotional Light”

Keep It Simple

In the great heavenly universe, the stars and the planets are endowed with souls of living Beings with an inconceivable love force. It is filled with a majestic flow of beauty, peace and harmony. These currents of free flowing energy are represented by life essences of each mysterious stellar and planetary existence’s. They radiate from the mighty wavesContinue reading “Keep It Simple”

“Earth Has Help” The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood, also known as The Brotherhood of Light, is a Spiritual Order of Hierarchy and an organization of Ascended Masters united to assist Earth. This magnificent sea of “cosmic consciousness” of the brotherhood is something so great and wonderful that there is nothing else in your world like it. It can only be feltContinue reading ““Earth Has Help” The Great White Brotherhood”

It’s The Path of Evolution

The journey for your self development and soul awakening requires a deep hunger with the perseverance to know Universal Love and Truth. You must have an openness to receive teachings and healings from your heart without interference from the mind.  When you let go of your negative ego that desires greed, jealousy, hate etc. the love energy inContinue reading “It’s The Path of Evolution”

It’s Time To Wake Up

Some feel spiritualism is imbued with unsatisfactory experiences, yet it is becoming a great potent factor in learning about “Self”. Some desire to lift the curtain which veils the future and the desire to communicate with their Guides. Once you began to quiet your mind, you will discover that there were many moments in life which lentContinue reading “It’s Time To Wake Up”