The Universal Law Of Vibration

The Universal Law Of Vibration

The Universal Law of vibration is simplicity of energy in the purest form. When you become aware of this flow and consciously align with this law you will consciously harmonize with this tremendous, unwavering power. It will make a life of lack, fear, anxiety and struggles to be filled with joy, satisfaction, peace, prosperity and fulfillment.

You must experience harmony and fulfillment in life to become aware consciously to harmonize your thoughts, intentions and actions. As events, conditions and circumstances are experienced then you will comprehend the vibrations of this great law. 

Universal Laws and principles govern every aspect of existence. The vibrations are inescapable, unwavering and are at work all the time regardless of your awareness. Their perfect, precise, consistent and unwavering operation makes no judgments or determination based on your color, creed, geographical location, education, gender or your religious preference. The only thing that determines how they work and what is created as a result of their operation is a matter of your individual choice and free will. 

Just as electricity or gravity make no distinctions or judgments as to who they work for, Universal Laws operate within the same precise vibration. It does not matter who you are the energy vibrates and operates in a very specific and predictable manner all the time. As a result through developing an awareness of how they work and aligning yourself through actions, thoughts and intentions then you can begin to attract and experience outcomes which many believe to be unreachable. Some people believe it is impossible and would consider it to be a miracle. You have the ability as well as the inalienable right of free will to consciously or unconsciously choose what your life experiences will consist of.The Universal Law Of Vibration

The Universal Law of Vibration is known as a Universal truth delivered to all without judgment. This energy vibrates and serves as a reflection device much like a mirror. It ensures what is received is always determined by what you project out. The movement vibration is created by atoms which broken down and analyzed consists of a proton which is at the center of an electron and constantly orbits the proton, creating a vibratory pattern of energy. Everything that exists, either physical or non-physical contains some variation of atoms and subatomic particles. The varying amounts of each of these put together, form various shapes of energies which determine form or rates of vibration. 

As an example, oxygen is something you use everyday and you realize how crucial it is to your survival, yet you are not able to experience it with touch, taste, smell, hearing or feeling. Just because you can not experience it with your senses certainly does not mean it is not there. The reason you are not able to sense it with your physical sensory perception is because the vibration is outside of your physical ability to do so. Like a dog whistle. Although humans are unable to hear the sound that comes from the whistle dogs can. Again the rate of vibration is beyond your human capacity to sense or experience that it truly exits. Another Law of Vibration that only a few are aware of is “unconscious to consciousness self. Conscious vibration consists of and is interconnected, providing vibratory pattern and is immediately received, with no concept of space or time when released into the universe. It does not require time to travel even millions of miles, it exists as an ever present consciousness that exists in the entire universe. Everything in your universe consists of vibration. When you experience something it helps you to develop an unshakable awareness of the incredible power of the simple truth known as the Universal Law Vibration. It will asset you in developing a strategy to replace the destructive and self sabotaging thoughts or self limiting beliefs that hold you that creates a bondage. 

Everything that exists must come from a source. The source of vibration comes from a higher power connecting with everything and everyone. Thoughts, words, sounds and lights are all vibrations. When you learn to become consciously aware of this truth, and learn to control what vibrations you are creating you will align and harmonize those vibrations you will consistently attract things you desire to experience.
The Universal Law Of VibrationLooking at the law of vibration from a spiritual sense is just like in nature a seed must first be sown before you can determine what the harvest will be. It will grow but only operate within the parameters of its intended purpose. If you plant thoughts of doubt or fear then you will produce only weeds that will take you over. Become consciously aware of your thoughts that you are planting every single day, learn to place conscious awareness as to the kind of quality of what you are projecting out into the field of infinite potentiality. Nurture your seeds with emotions that are conducive with and act as the fertilizer rather than the pre-emergent. You then will come to know what it means to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events conditions and circumstances which make up your life experiences.

Meditation is to be aware of what is going on in your body, feelings, mind, world and the universe. The most precious practice is to meditate everyday with a joyful mood. It will bring a smile to you.

Universal Law Of Vibration Meditation

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  2. Visualize pink and blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. See your Christ White Light flowing out your heart.
  4. There is a bridge in front of you. See yourself walking across this beautiful bridge.
  5. On the other side of the bridge you are walking bare footed through rose petals. Feel the softness while smelling the aroma of the heavenly roses.
  6. Continue to walk on to a waterfall with fire pits on each side. Feel the water mist and the heat from the fire.
  7. While standing there you see a silver beam of light from the universe flowing down engulfing you.
  8. This is the Universal Law Vibration energy connecting with earth and you. Feel this powerful energy penetrating your entire body. Emotionally you feel the energy rising and connecting to your higher self. 
  9. Allow yourself to take a universal journey through this great love.

This meditation assists you in entering the Universal Love and Laws. Immerse yourself in the presences of this great vibration of divine love. A change is inevitable for you are enhancing your higher awareness. 

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the “universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few people near us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” 

Albert Einstein 

With love, Shirley

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