You Are The Future

Earth is in the process of an evolutionary change that will effect your life in many ways. It will create a desire for you to become more aware of the galactic civilizations interacting positively with the many star systems in new galaxies and the universe. It is your true destiny to change from a society based on fear and competition, to one based on love, peace and harmony. The current chaos is merely part of the quickening change. 

The universe is held together by means of vortices within vortices of centripetal energy with the association of electromagnetic fields. They are like whirlpools within larger whirlpools that create spiral energies to rise in natural space time orbits. Earth orbits the sun once a year and its solar system as a whole also travels an orbit in the galaxy. There are many star systems in the cyclic motion just as there are numerous planets orbiting the Sun. The Pleiades that is encircled by the photon belt is a part of earth’s solar system. This belt consists of many photon bands emanating from the center of the galaxy and associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.You Are The Future

Earth’s solar system takes many years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. It is one of several star systems in a massive orbit. Now envision overall a doughnut shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems. Earth has been in trouble from the damage incurred by its civilization. The real truth has been hidden and now it is time to remember who you really are. In doing so you will discover that you are a great being of universal knowledge filled with wisdom and love. 

Earth is a living planet and has a consciousness of its own. The Divine Plan which you follow, knowingly or unknowingly, calls for earth to ascend from the reality you know as the Dimensions. 

· 1st Dimension is The Universe

· 2nd Dimension is Earth

· 3rd Dimension represents the times of the animal kingdom, materialistic; people who are unaware of their spirituality while living in this kingdom. 

· 4th Dimension is an energy frequency where people who open their hearts to unconditional love and self awareness are in this dimension. This is the resonating frequency creating people to remember past lives and the truth about who they are.

· 5th Dimension is an energy creating people to forgive themselves and others and transmute fear and negativity, life will be lived on a solid spiritual foundation. They will begin to have an understanding of “Oneness.”You Are The Future

Earth is shifting into the frequency of the 5th dimension. This energy does create tremendous changes through a living life force. It will bring forth the realization that you are ascending to a Higher State of Consciousness. Those whose chakras have been blocked and sluggish will feel an increase of higher energies that are dawning. The energy has to be processed through the chakras so that your vibration will increase at every level, physical, emotional, mental, love and spiritual. A dysfunctional chakra opening to higher energies is like a door hinge that has dried and become stuck or squeaky from miss use or non-use over a period of time. If you try to force the door then the hinge would break. That is why it is important to meditate and relax with colors and love.

Welcome the change. Allow your self to flow within the experience of life rather than become attached to a concept, a thought or a belief system. As you do this everything will start shifting, all of your previous paradigms and belief systems will get stronger.

You are moving from the field of duality where you see everything as opposites, up and down, right or wrong, into a new connection – your higher self. This new connection allows you to see more of your true self.

This a time of change and not a time for fear. Fear clouds good judgment and causes blocks between your inner intuitions. These earth changes will not kill you, it changes all the time. When you remove yourself from the mainstream media you begin to learn what really is happening in the world. Do your own research about the world, it will help you to realize fear is not an issue. Let it pass, it is not worth your time and energy. Instead re-discover your spirituality. 

Your consciousness affects everything. Realize that your thoughts, words and actions of today create what the world will be tomorrow. Practice your spirituality with great joy. Joy changes and lightens the hearts of those around you. During troubling times there is no better healing energy to saturate earth.You Are The Future

The Mayan’s unlimited philosophy in this fifth world was completed in 1987. The sixth world starts in 2012. You are currently “between two worlds”. This means the real truth will be revealed. It is also the time for you to work through any blockages to better understand your self. The sixth world is actually a blank. This means it is up to you, as co-creators, to start creating the new world and civilization you want now. There is to be new technology way beyond as you know it now. It is not time that is speeding up, it is the frequency. 

Meditation for “You Are The Future”

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Visualize a purple energy surrounding your body. 
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly
  4. Visualize pink and blue colors flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  5. Visualize emerald green, blue turquoise, gold and white flowing inside your body.
  6. Visualize a bright Gold X over your heart
  7. Flow all the colors out through your heart’s golden X out to the Universe
  8. Allow your colors and heart beat with the Universal Love heart beat.
  9. Feel this wonderful and powerful energy flowing in and out your body.
  10. Visualize a pair of silver scissors and cut through the energy connected with you and the Universe. Allow your energy to flow back into your heart and the other end to flow back to the universe.
  11. See your Golden X over your heart vibrating a bright beam of light.

There is a change in the universe making your awareness subtle but mighty. Using the colors in meditation will help. Believe it and it will happen. See it and you will know. It is all in the power of Universal Love. You shall join forces for the unity of love.

With love, Shirley

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