Love Is The Key

Master Koot Hoomi

“You, the heavens and the universe are keys to the Universal Love. These three energies create a passionate dance that causes the reflections to vibrate a love scene. ‘Love is the key’ has been said time and time again, but it truly is the key so it cannot be helped that it is often repeated.”

All rates of speed, motion and energy, throughout creation, is one hundred percent relative to the observer. If you, the observer, have a relatively low rate of energy, then the rest of creation would appear to have a higher rate of energy. If you have a high rate of energy, then the rest of the universe will appear colorful and beautiful. All apparent motion through space is entirely dependent on reference to motion and energy.

Your perspective of how the Universal Oneness is observed is your key to how the whole system of this phenomenon comes about. In reality there is an everlasting, undivided, ever present Oneness in the universal existences being light and dark. Massive amounts of energy can be seen bursting out of the true nature of earth. Everything in the universe consists of multiple vibration rates of multidimensional oscillating fields which is all part of an infinitely complex design of perfectly balanced polarities. The more your illusions are dissolved, the less real the world of phenomena and opposite forces appears to be, until ultimately, all things will dissolve into a universally complete wholeness.Love Is The Key

Your spiritual journey on earth is an adventure into the unknown. You came here without a guide book and no clue as to what you are to experience. You are living on a spinning globe in the middle of vast mysterious, spiritual universe. You may not understand and yet you know you are here to accomplish something. Even though you are continuously looking for clues really you are searching for better understanding of your “Self” and the universe you live in. A voice deep within you whispers from your soul. Any negative debris in your heart and mind must be replaced with truth. It is time to let go of the false impressions about your self and get to know the beautiful soul you were created to be. Embrace your spiritual power and your divinity. Understand that you are creators of your own human experience. Your thoughts are the ingredients of your beliefs which determine your reality.

As your thinking becomes more focused and grounded in the truth of your divine uniqueness, the world around you heals at a faster rate. You are a part of the earth’s solution. In the midst of earth’s chaos the seeds of peaceful revolution are sprouting up everywhere. It is a quiet process that is seldom noticed, but it is there. All over earth spiritual seekers are learning from and supporting each other. Together they are weaving a new tapestry of life.
People are reaching toward a world inspired by their imaginations and kept alive within their hearts. How long it takes for this transformation to take place depends on how passionate they are about the possibility. Sometimes you may need to experience hate, greed or lust to cleanse it from your own heart. Be open to abundance, joy, integrity and peace in your own life and you will accelerate the transformation of the world. By recognizing this power of creativity you are designing your life, reinforcing the process for manifesting new solutions to old human problems. By aligning your self with love, you align your self with spiritual truth and the vibrational frequency of the universe. You become part of the process of creating a future that nourishes your heart, expands your mind and embrace your beautiful soul.Love Is The Key

Your body has cells that contain the entire history of the universe. This is your powerful library within your heart that you can learn from. The light creates geometrical shapes and forms that are collections of your experiences with the ability for you to manifest them as a language of geometric components. Love is what you experience when you go into light. You need the light which contains the information to love. It takes love and light for you to understand. It is through meditations that you can receive this wonderful information.”

Love Is The Key – MEDITATION:

  1. Take a deep breath and as you exhale stretch your body.
  2. Visualize Blue, Pink, Gold and your Christ White Light.
  3. Visualize a spiral vortex approaching you, it looks like a white tornado.
  4. Allow the white spiral to flow to your body.
  5. Feel yourself whirled up inside the white spiral.
  6. You are now in your universe that has a love frequency that you enjoy.
  7. Feel the vibrations of all things that exist.
  8. Close the meditation, feel your body, move your feet and hands. Take a deep breath and exhale.

“Say not, I have found the path of the soul. Say rather, I have met the soul walking upon my path.” By Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet.

With love, Shirley

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