The Process To Your Future

The Process To Your Future

Your Future is what your goals project, the process has a beginning, an end and is completed by using your emotions. It is this process that creates changes, actions or functions to reach your future goals. When focusing on your goals it is necessary to realize there is a process. As you work towards your future your emotions may decide to go a different route causing events to take longer or they can cause them to not be completed. This is the reason it is important to understand the flow of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “Self”. If there are any negative thoughts in your process, your mood and interest in life drops. It makes you feel less powerful; you will not enjoy life, you definitely will not get what you want. When you have a positive process about yourself or others, your mood rises, you develop more interest in life and you get more powerful. You will have more certainty of yourself and your goals.

Positive processes create more truth. There is a magic way to tell when you are running on a positive process and getting more truth. Be happy about your body image, meditate to relax the emotions, keep your mind filled with positive affirmations and be aware of what is happing around you.

Success begins by knowing your future, at least how you want it to be. You must first know what the crop is going to be before you plant the seeds. Some do not have the specific goals because they do not take the time to write them down or focus daily on them. It is relatively easy to plant the seeds that bear the fruit you want – because you know what they will be. It is necessary to have a clear vision or you will put the cart before the horse. Everybody who is honest and has achieved any degree of success knows there is a certain amount of labor, a certain amount of work necessary to be successful. It does involve an effort of trust and faith.


“Physical Body”

The physical body is your vehicle for your soul. Emotion is the fuel for your vehicle, the mental state is your map giving you direction and spiritual beliefs become your truth.

Stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, they are the window to your soul and see if you like what the eyes are reflecting. Keep a body-image journal. This will make you aware of how your body images affect you daily. You will need to make three columns: Activators, beliefs and consequences. At least once a week write instances in which you feel distress about your body, noting the activator trigger. See how you interpret your response in terms of your emotions and behavior, this is the consequences. Before starting your diary start recognizing your activators by writing down ten episodes from your recent past. For instance; you could try on a bathing suit in a store that could activate your inner critic. It may express the belief “Nothing looks good one me.” The consequence is frustration and disgusted so you leave without buying anything and hit the donut shop to soothe your soul.

The Process To Your FutureWhenever you notice yourself harping on the body features you do not like, spend an equal amount of time complimenting yourself on those you do like. Your body is so much more than a vessel. By focusing on how your body functions, you can redefine your body image. Do something that gives you physical pleasure every day. It can be sports, walks, reading, listening to music etc. It is your choice of pleasure that stimulates your new body image.

“Your Emotions”

Finding appropriate ways for expressing your feelings is part of the healing process.
Do not resist your emotions because of fear or the consequences of expression. Some do not want to hurt others or themselves by honestly speaking the truth. It takes exploration and practice but there are safe ways to express these feelings.

Expressing your feelings to yourself is the first and most important step in speaking your truth. Keeping a journal allows you to vent these emotions in a safe and private place. In your journal, you can write what you want, without worrying about the effect your words have on others. You do not have to be concerned with the validity of your feelings. With feelings, there is no right or wrong way it just is. Use your journal to explore the meaning behind the feeling and to express the emotions. Other means to express your emotions is through art, dancing, exercise, etc.

One of the effective ways to deal with emotions is to transmute them. Emotions are energy moving through your consciousness.

Exercise: To Assist Transmuting Your Emotions

Find a quiet place and time to do this exercise.

  • Call forth the energy of the emotions you want to transmute.
  • Allow yourself to feel it in your body.
  • Thank it for the message it has brought to you.
  • In your mind’s eye, see what is involved with this situation then surround it with the white light.
  • Forgive anyone and yourself who has hurt you, surround them with white light.
  • Ask your Higher Self or God to take the energy of this emotion and transmute it into the white light.
  • Release the energy into the Universe.
  • Thank the Universe for what you have requested has been done.
  • If the old feelings come back to mind, remind yourself you have released this situation and its energy into Universe.
  • Record your experiences with this exercise in your journal.

“Your Mental Thoughts”

Look at your life as a garden. A gardener has to plot, plan and prepare for a good crop. Whether you are a beginner or an avid gardener you must start with the basics by covering the essentials that you need to know. You are in a wilderness within until you begin to discipline yourself then you can turn your soul’s wilderness into a beautiful garden. The term wilderness is the state of chaos, loneliness and unhappiness which is the soul before it is awakened. You can not reach your goals by over working your mind. You must endeavor to have positive thoughts, feel within yourself the warmth of love, gentleness, patience and peace. When this occurs the vision of your goals allows you to see the rare beauty of flowers, trees, birds and life on earth, it is this beginning that creates love and beauty.

You must have specific goals so it is wise to take the time to write then down. This helps you to remember your life’s purpose. Do not allow yourself to drift away from engaging your strength and talents to fulfill your dreams. Do not become a part of the cultural phenomenon where you work at places you do not like, to buy stuff you do not need. Happiness is the key to mental processing, it comes from within. The manifestation process of mental thoughts is the secret of success it is a sequence, each step sets the stage in your consciousness. When you tune into the presence within and take on the spiritual vibration you will choose that which is your heart’s desires.

Exercise: To assist Your Mental Thoughts

  • Close your eyes and become relaxed.
  • Take three deep breaths to clear your mind.
  • Let go of all pressing thoughts and concerns.
  • Be aware of your breathing, breathe in peace; breathe out tension. Breathe the Christ White light; and breathe out all negative energy.
  • With your mental and emotional nature, begin to sense your feelings of the Universal Love that is around and within you.
  • Feel this great Universal light and love.
  • Let this joyful energy fill your consciousness, feel the dynamic power as your mental and emotional natures begin to pulsate to this vibration.
  • In your mind see a TV screen with the words “I choose” then fill in your desires. Imagine you are writing, on the inner tablet of your mind, your choices.
  • After you have completed these mentally written desires say to yourself “I accept the fulfillment of these desires now. With all my mind, with all my heart, with all my soul, I accept this fulfillment now. I accept all the good that the Universal Love has for me now.”
Your Spiritual Level

“Your Spiritual Level”

You must open your heart and mind to your spiritual nature. At the time of birth your soul is guided into your body where it lives in the heart. There is a powerful universal energy that is a part of your being. This energy connects your physical, emotional and mental well being; harmonizing the vibration for your “Oneness.” From the evolutionary perspective, it is the DNA of your physical form that holds the memories of who you are, as well as the potential of what you become. Enlightenment is the neurophysiological process where the mind is linked to the heart connecting with the dimensions of your soul. Eventually your body becomes a clear, perfect reflection for the intent of your spirit and soul that was incarnated fully within your body. It is your process.

Your spiritual journey is interpreting the precious meaning of your unique life by recognizing your “Oneness.” Spirituality is the inner joy of life for a higher frequency of consciousness. It is a multi-dimensional, evolutionary context you are a vast ocean of awareness seeking to find a reflection of yourself. You can call this atman, soul, essence, Spirit, being, monad or divine spark for you are a powerful spiritual being. Recognizing this allows your spiritual energy to flow manifesting your intuition to greatness. Becoming aware of this will fine tune the flow of your future processing efforts so you can love yourself. For that is the truth to the wholeness of who you are.

Spiritual Meditation: 

  • Take a deep breath let it out slowly.
  • Visualize pink and blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  • Feel your body relaxing.
  • Visualize emerald green and gold, this will lighten your spiritual being.
  • This power initiates miracles from your spirit and heart.
  • Visualize your heart center glowing with divine light that radiates like the sun.

Feel the warmth of your great love.
“Imagine what your life would look like if you had the ability to fulfill all your life dreams. What would you do? For I tell you, that you already have the ability in your life, since day one.”

With love, Shirley

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